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I stumbled upon the manga for this show a while ago, so I knew what to expect going in. But seeing this thing animated just took it to another level. They had such fun both with the comedic and the pure love parts of this. Harems can be a bit “eh” at times since there’s usually one obvious main girl and the rest are just fodder to draw people in. But this really nailed the first episode and getting across that the girls are going to be valued here. There isn’t the mission of finding his true soul mate within a huge mass of possible soulmates. They are all legitimate. Each of them are going to honestly be in love with him and he’s going to honestly be in love with them. It isn’t just some powerful draw for the girls. He’s feeling that too.

This should be easy…

This is one harem situation where I can feel for the protagonist a bit. He’s not a bad guy. Like “Friend A” stated, he’s got decent looks, is athletic, and is generally liked by those around him. If not for the universe basically turning the “nope” switch on every girl around him he would have gotten a girlfriend without too much trouble. Maybe not on the first one…since seriously that guy started going for it when he was young. But he wouldn’t have had any real trouble for long.

And now he’s got a completely different kind of problem! It’s not even “well now he’s a harem protagonist” but he has to be one or else these girls are going to die! He must actually build a colossal harem beyond all measure or else that’s game over for a lot of innocent girls. Those girls didn’t do anything to deserve their lives being put in jeopardy. Good on Rentaro for doing what he can. Obviously can try to avoid a permanent harem situation later. For now he needs to save lives and get girlfriends.

I do honestly like this guy

And yet despite him basically having to get 100 girlfriends, I can do nothing but cheer the man on! I mean come on! This guy beat himself to a bloody pulp for even considering trying the secret two-timing option. And he was only slightly less hard on himself for thinking he’d gotten those girls hurt in the hallway. This is one awesome human being. He didn’t ask for this situation. But he’s going in at full speed and with an honest approach. Even though he knows this is beyond ridiculous and insane…he’s still going to do it. Because the feelings for those girls are legitimate. He can’t look at their pure feelings and treat them with anything less than the respect they deserve.

Rentaro is just legit serious and earnest. He spent hours searching for two of those four leaf clovers for the sake of that crazy double confession! No wonder these two utterly went along with it. Not only are they biased by being in love with him, but that was an earnest gesture. Even more so because he did it because he thought they’d be happy about a romantic gesture like that.

I hope these two aren’t neglected

The question of course is whether the story can maintain itself as it tries to keep adding girls. The show has to take its time with this. Since we don’t want to get swamped and it has to make sure not to neglect the girls already there. Episode 1 handled things just fine. I like that they did manage to set up the stakes, the scenario, and still give a couple good confessions along the way. I’m curious if they’ll run immediately to the next girl (which they might have to considering the premise) or if they’ll let this double girlfriend situation play out for a bit longer. It’d be kind of nice for Hanazono and Inda to get to enjoy this bliss for a bit. But that might not happen.

These two have some great expressions

Might as well talk about our first two girlfriends here! Honestly the show really ramped up the cute when these two started to get focus. It really leaned into it and made clear how hard and fast these two fell in love. It wasn’t just them of course, but their reactions were just priceless! And both of them really leaned into their respective traits right away. But what I enjoyed was how earnest they were in their own ways. The moment these two heard about the four-leaf clover jinx they were racing to find some. They didn’t succeed (which allowed Rentaro’s counter move), but they were not fooling around. Hours were spent searching!

All of this is tough on a tsundere!

I’m always a fan of tsundere characters so Inda is probably my favourite girl so far. They play it both for laughs and yet let her have honest moments too. This is a tsundere that managed to actually confess her feelings! That’s not easily done by a character within this category. I mean sure she was pressured by the fact that Hanazono confessed and she had to either respond or give up. But her feelings are so strong that she couldn’t back out. I did enjoy that. But she’s also one of the more sensible characters in this trio. So, she could handle reacting to Rentaro’s crazy double confession and not make it nearly so easy as her personal desires wanted it to be. She even went out to buy a mountain of drinks to pay back Rentaro for giving her one earlier.

Putting the budget into the right places here

Hanazono is a blast herself. She’s definitely the more cunning of the two girls. But she also freaks out when things play into her hands because she’s still just a good girl that’s seriously in love. The title isn’t messing around here. But she is the first to try the “faked injury” move and she was very aggressive in going for the indirect kiss! And thanks to her both confessing and agreeing to the two-timing, things didn’t get bogged down. She’s decisive which helps in a premise like this. And it doesn’t hurt that Hanazono is just cute.

This God set him up for trouble

This show is going to be a ride. That God really messed things up. I’m not even sure if there is a solution besides Rentaro just honestly responding to the love of 100 girls! If he doesn’t do it then the girl he doesn’t end up with will die. This show could be a massacre if this guy wasn’t a legit hero that should be able to do this. I do kind of feel for the girls since they are swept up in this, but they all are. At least they are all legitimately in love. This show is going to be fun. It has the right level of sincerity in terms of the characters feelings, but it has more than enough comedy to make this concept easy to handle. I can’t wait to see how things go and how many girlfriends he’ll have by the end of the season!

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