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So, we’ve finally made it to the first of the adult Precure series. Will admit that I was more of a fan of the Mahou Tsukai series and will probably have more detailed thoughts on that one when we get there. But I do think this first episode managed to lay the foundations for what could be an interesting series and struggle for the main cast. The tone set here was an interesting one. Where they go with it and how positively things turn out by the end we shall have to wait and see. I think there’s room for both seeing how things don’t always work perfectly, but also showing the importance of struggle.

Pretty tough kid

I’m sure for some Nozomi’s actions could be seen as annoying or too much. In the end (so far) she couldn’t stop Rumi from having to transfer or overcome the difficulties in her path. But that doesn’t mean it was wrong to try or that it was futile. It could be seen as mature and adult to just accept that Rumi’s dreams were dead and wish her the best in her new school. And yet Rumi found the determination to keep chasing her dreams and make a club at her new school because Nozomi didn’t give up. She gave the girl hope and that failure was turned into determination to keep fighting for what was truly important. Whether Rumi stayed at that school or not wasn’t the main thing. It was whether Rumi could or wanted to keep chasing what she wanted.

That could easily be the point for the show. Sometimes you can’t overcome things. Some difficulties are too much. But trying to do something has value and can create something positive in its wake. We’ll have to see in terms of how things work out going forward. Maybe Rumi’s father will get the support he needs. His business might struggle or fail, but maybe it won’t be a total loss. Right now, he’s utterly fallen into despair and has simply given up on everything. Maybe he can’t save his business, but if things go right he might still save his marriage.

Probably not good news

The setup for this season has interesting potential to me. People having given up could be what is drawing danger to them. In some ways it makes me think of Persona 3. There were quite a few scenes of people seeing something wrong, thinking for a second, but shrugging and throwing up their hands. Whether it’s a big issue like the environment or simply something basic like dropping some garbage. People in general are leaning towards giving up and calling it acceptance of things beyond their control. I might be getting carried away. But it makes me think of people just not trying because it looks uncool to. Even just the guy with his garbage. Turning and chasing after that bag might look silly. So instead of that he just shrugs and lets the wind blow his garbage around.

I know the environmental stuff might be a bit much for people. But I’m fine with it here because it ties into that main theme. People can’t do all that much on their own, but people in this show aren’t trying at all.

Could see her snapping soon

I’m sure the whole main cast will be revealed to be struggling in some way. Makes sense that life isn’t always going to be easy. Curious how they’ll have the characters lean on the optimism they had from when they used to be Precure and fuel their drives to move ahead. I’m not that worried about Nozomi since in a sense Rumi kind of saved her. Even if Nozomi couldn’t change her transfer, Rumi let her know that she was happy to have Nozomi in her corner and caring about her. Rin is clearly struggling with her designs not being accepted and that’s a difficult thing to overcome. I’ll be curious what approach is taken with her in that sense.

Will we get adult Precure here?

One big question with this sort of thing is whether the main cast will transform or not. I feel like they probably will even if the OP/ED isn’t revealing that. They noted the missing transformation devices. That could be simply to explain why they won’t transform, but it feels like a setup for them to get those back. Plus we do have monsters that are showing up. While resolving issues and cutting off the source of the negative emotions creating them might be fine, I feel like some good magical girl action would be appropriate. It’s not like adult magical girls aren’t a thing. If Precure are needed then let’s get them out there! Not that it’s completely unacceptable to just have a show focusing on the characters just being adults…that wouldn’t be my first choice.

Doesn’t seem too friendly

I thought this was a solid start. It showed that the main cast are still themselves. Just because they grew up doesn’t mean they should be 100% different people. If they can maintain this level then I’d be interested in seeing more series looking to the future of previous Precure heroines. There’s fun stuff to do with that and some serious stories that can be told. I almost certainly won’t be covering this one. I’ve got enough Precure on my plate this year! But there was enough in this first episode that I had to talk about it.

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