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We are reaching a point in the Precure season where everything just grinds to a halt. Which is weird since honestly instead of episodes like these the show could do something like…develop the villains some more! We’re halfway through the show here and the main boss has only really been heard a couple times. She hasn’t really done anything since she tried to kill Kabaton for his failures. Instead, we’ve got an episode where the cast are basically being forced to walk a mile in another’s shoes…after being kidnapped! That thing has been useful to this point. But I’d seriously consider smashing the thing after getting out of there! I won’t say this episode was a complete waste of time since it tried to develop the cast a little. But…it was mostly a waste of time.

Forget Ellee, this is basically her fault!

Seriously Yoyo!? What is up with your lack of device security here? Put a facial recognition or password lock on that thing. That thing is advanced enough to have something like that! That woman’s lack of child safety is a serious question mark this week! And she doesn’t even have a way to get anyone out of there if they accidentally get sucked inside!? What if the villains attacked while they were training and they couldn’t get out in time!? Lock that thing up if you don’t happen to need it. It’s actively a hazard!

My expression while watching this episode

Obviously, I’m taking this episode way too seriously. But I don’t think it’s a good one. Oh sure, Ageha can study to prep for those hyper specific questions. Ummm…no. Have the people making this show ever had to study for a serious exam? She’d need days to prepare for a test this ridiculous like the exact distance the Wright Brothers traveled on their first flight. Even days might not be enough considering the trivia for airplanes is kind of massive! I’m sure she totally read over 30 books in an hour or two! Probably less considering she read and finished her quiz before Mashiro could climb some stairs!

Honestly the only fun part of this whole chaotic situation…was Sora freaking out the stupid pig with her insane make-up work. I think she had the best chance of turning this situation around. Just frustrate and exhaust the pig so much that she decides it’s probably a good move to put everyone in the training they chose!

I wish they turned this character into bacon…

I love that the fight shows that they could have just transformed. Threaten to choke out the pig and I’m sure the door will open! Dark thoughts aside, Mashiro could have probably just transformed to clear hers. If the pig complains, remind it that she didn’t choose to take any training or take that specific training.

Plus, the fight was incredibly forced and bad. They just spammed their finishers. A weak finish to what they were trying to express as a team building episode. They weren’t fighting as a team. Just spamming attacks as individuals. I respect not wasting the budget on a fight in an episode like this. But honestly just skip the fight. It’s a reminder that Ellee really should be kidnapped at this point because the main cast spent hours being kidnapped themselves by their own magical tool!

Would have been a shame if the villains took advantage of this situation!

Can’t help being hard on this episode. Easily the worst episode of the series so far. You could feel the writers were utterly out of ideas here. You don’t need an episode with the characters trying to learn from their respective partner. They already have that in various episodes of the show. I remember hearing that the lack of villain focus was due to focus groups or polls taken ahead of this series. In that case…bad on those people. When you can’t develop your villains at all you end up with episodes like this. Because there’s only so much to do with the main cast in a 50+ episode series. But hey…next week have a child fashion show. Maybe that’ll turn out ok?

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