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I’ll admit to not expecting a new enemy to show up right now. Since Battamonda wasn’t finished off I mostly expected him to just show up ready to get his revenge again. But a new enemy does help set things up for the next phase in the story. And it does feel like a new phase is starting up with the main cast fully up to date on Ellee being this “child of destiny.” For me that phrase hasn’t really landed since there’s no clear understanding of what her destiny is. Sure, I didn’t expect her to be dropped off by some mysterious light in the sky, but Ellee has always been a bit unusual. The girl can create Precure!

They seem a bit frazzled

Going to admit I had a moment early on of “what is wrong with you people?” regarding Sora, Tsubasa and Mashiro. A few days ago they thought she was a royal Princess that was going to rule a whole nation and had the ability to create magical girls. They didn’t have any problem feeding her normal food then. Being a “child of Destiny” is certainly bigger (I guess), but I don’t think that should spark any huge changes. The horse is out of the stable already on not treating her like she’s special.

I will say it made a bit more sense having them freak out a bit with her actively talking to animals. Admittedly Tsubasa already does that with birds, but even I’d be freaking out a bit after Ellee pulled off that Lion King moment! Too bad they couldn’t use the music from that classic film for this. But I respect that they really did seem to want to go for it. That’s the kind of moment that makes clear that they are taking care of a baby beyond all others.

This was sweet

The ending of the episode might have been the best part. This episode was focusing quite a bit on the trials of being parents and how these kids are now feeling the level of responsibility. But it ended with showing that they are doing just fine. She is watching and learning from them. That can be a scary thing since they aren’t perfect. But clearly she’s learned important lessons. It was a sweet thing having her step up to protect that rabbit and try to comfort it. Then we saw her showing the lessons she learned from Mashiro and help a kid that was a bit scared.

This episode really shows how Ellee is one of the best “baby characters” in the whole franchise. We’re really seeing her grow from being an innocent kid, to a somewhat selfish Princess, and finally into a friendly kid. I don’t know what will happen in the end for this show. But I do think that Ellee’s growth will be central to all of it. The Precure are guiding her towards a better future. I suppose there’s still the chance that Elllee herself becomes a Precure, but until/unless that happens I’ll be happy to see her end the show as a better little kid.

He’s not wrong about Kabaton but…

I’m not so sure about Minoton after his debut. I definitely think he isn’t quite as interesting as Kabaton or Battamonda. I’m also not sure what happened to Battamonda as I don’t recall him getting killed off by his boss. But maybe he’ll show up in an episode or two. Minoton has that classic feel of an honorable warrior that just wants a challenge. That type has shown up on occasion in the Precure franchise so it works. Although I still find it funny that he’s working out and eager to face the Precure…just to summon a Ranborg to do his fighting for him XD.

My biggest issue with him is that his goals don’t really match his personality. He can talk all he wants about dealing with Ellee after defeating the Precure in combat. But he’s still a big brave warrior…that is going to kidnap a baby. That was fine with Kabaton with all the flaws Minoton noted himself. And it worked fine for Battamonda since he’s scum. But Minoton is so honorable that he’ll fight his own creation to keep it from running down a baby and rabbit, but he’s still going to kidnap a baby after he wins. It could be interesting to have his hypocrisy thrown in his face. If someone plans on calling him out for that then I’m good with it. But someone needs to do that since his character is just a bit off otherwise.

Elee is the Lion King!

This was a mostly nice trip to the zoo honestly. I’m not entirely sure why a zoo made a T-Rex statue its mascot, but it did allow for a solid fight. Maybe the person running the zoo was a huge fan of Jurassic Park? If nothing else this episode showed that the people in charge are paying attention to the overall story. It was a great chance to let Ellee continue her character growth. Ellee is full of mysterious powers, but the important thing is for the cast to just take care of her. Things should settle down though with a new enemy general making their move and the huge situation with Sora having been taken care of. Can get in some small character moments in until the next major incident happens.

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