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This show really does manage to surprise me at times. The last thing I was looking for in this episode was a reveal about Ellee’s origins. I mostly figured the origin was that her parents brought her into the world and raised her with the knowledge that she might have some legendary power. Instead…it was kind of a different story. Honestly I would have loved for Mashiro or Ageha to ask if people were actually born in Skyland or if they all just popped into existence like Ellee did XD. I mean it is another world, that seems entirely possible.

I want answers!

The silliest thing that I thought about in this episode was the reasoning for why similar foods in both words are almost named the same. I smell a conspiracy here! Someone must be copying the foods from one world and just slightly changing the name so no one comes after them over inter-dimensional copyright! We already know from Yoyo that it’s possible to go from one world to another. So I think it’s entirely possible someone has been copying recipes. Obviously, the real reason is the writers just messing around, but it would be funny if the story went there at some point. If one legendary chef in Skyland is said to have invented most of the recipes in existence…I’m going to consider my theory confirmed!

Forget the stork, babies now get delivered by stars

I honestly didn’t expect for Ellee’s origins to be quite like this. A Princess being able to create Precure and having powers that the Undergu Empire wants seemed entirely reasonable. Even the hair colour thing wasn’t a huge deal since anime hair colours can be all over the place anyways. Instead, we get information that the King and Queen only gained Ellee a relatively short time ago. Thankfully the Kingdom didn’t question the royal family suddenly having an heir! Some mysterious being just dropped this baby into their laps and asked them to keep an eye on her for a bit.

It does raise some interesting questions about what Ellee is and what she’ll become. Since there’s no reason to presume, she’s even a normal human. Possibly she’ll get aged up and join the team as the 5th Cure? This girl was dropped into a royal family, and they even knew that she’d be targeted eventually. Just who is this person? It’s kind of funny that so many major factors in this story are utterly mysterious and only known by their voice. The leader of the Undergu Empire falls into that category and same goes with whoever dropped Ellee off with the Royal Family.


It seems the next Mashiro story element is going to connect to the distance she feels from her own family. A lot of focus was about family here, but Mashiro just seemed a bit off during all of it. She obviously has a good overall relationship with her parents and they care about her. But we haven’t ever seen them in the same room as her and this show has presumably been taking place over a few months. Even if their careers involve keeping them away from home I’m kind of surprised they haven’t paid her a visit. She’s living in a town that’s regularly attacked by monsters! Where’s the urgency in making sure she’s fine?

Mashiro had a few challenges in general. She had a tough time getting on that…creature. The classic issue of animals sensing fear and stress. No wonder that thing tried to back away with the aura she was giving off. I get it though. Climbing on top of a mysterious creature wouldn’t be everyone’s thing. Ageha…is a bit too hyped up to let nerves get to her. And that just left Tsubasa and Sora who both aren’t the types to think twice about this. I suppose there’s a potential issue for Tsubasa since it’s basically a bird riding a bird. But he didn’t seem to let that get to him! Kind of funny how everyone just kind of left Mashiro behind XD. Thankfully she figured it out.

Nice chance for family bonding

I’m not surprised that this episode didn’t have a fight. It didn’t really have much time for one and I’m pretty sure Battamonda is crying himself to sleep right now XD. He’s bound to get pushed into his last stand soon if not just straight up get replaced after he was humiliated. But for this episode…a poor cloud ended up paying the price for getting in the way of the Precure! I can’t believe they used their finisher on a poor cloud! Cloud was just doing its thing and getting ready to spread moisture. Then the precure just decide to utterly obliterate it!

It was certainly cute seeing them do some sky writing to make Ellee even happier. Thankfully the girl is old enough to understand what needs to be done. I might be getting ahead of myself and maybe she’ll freak out when they try to go back to Earth. But for now things are looking ok. I guess we’ll see though if she will be able to peacefully return to her parents when this is all over.

Sora is truly back

This was just a good and relaxing episode even with the Ellee backstory. Sora got a chance to chat with Shalala and feels back to her old self. It is good for her to be reminded about her new family and how they’ll be the ones that help support her on the path to become her type of hero. There was so much stress with Sora and she deserves a break. That goofy smile just shining bright after nearly looking broken just a couple episodes ago. Battamonda got close to getting what he wanted, but thankfully he failed. The only question going forward for me is whether we’ll see Battamonda again at all? Everyone utterly dismissed him and he might not have the will to keep going. Regardless of what happens to that guy I look forward to seeing where this all goes.

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