Score: B+

It makes sense with the introduction of Butterfly that a team up episode with Wing was going to follow up. They are the secondary duo of this series and there’s no time like the present to get to them having their own combo finishing move. I’ll give the show some credit in that I didn’t see that finishing move coming XD. Honestly though, this episode made me feel a lot better about these two overall. The previous attempt to focus on them didn’t leave me feeling overly positive about the potential once Ageha did end up becoming a Precure. Thankfully this episode balanced things between them a great deal better and they should make a nice team.

Sometimes you need help

My biggest issue last time was Ageha relying way too much on people knowing what she was thinking and being too much about Tsubasa needing to understand her better. This one still had him learning to understand her better, but it was framed much better. It wasn’t him being pushed into it, but instead noticing things on his own time. I like that he paid attention both to her working late in the night and took the step to confront her a bit the next day. Working hard is a good thing, but if she’s passing out on the table then that’s a bad sign. Sleeping at a desk may be a cliché image for someone working hard, but you don’t get good rest that way!

The big thing was for Ageha to take help when it is offered. It is understandable to want to do as much as possible on her own. She’s got a helpful personality and finds enjoyment in taking care of others. But whether it’s in a fight or just in her regular life it is important to know when to ask for help. Otherwise, situations like passing out in a kitchen after working all night will continue to happen. Tsubasa had to push things a bit, but he got the message across. And Ageha cluing in allowed her to quickly adapt when the fighting got a bit serious.

Not a bad finisher

I’ll say the newest power-up merchandise got my attention here. Normally there isn’t much for me to say about these things, but this case is a bit different. I like the idea that depending on colour combinations that Butterfly can dish out a variety of buffs. They basically have a team support at this point! Butterfly already was on top of things defensively with her barriers. Now she has a nice ability to power up her allies and that will probably happen in different ways. This makes them even more overwhelming. I also had a good laugh at Wing turning truly superhuman and just flinging that enemy around without issue.

On the other hand…I’m not totally sure about the finisher. My biggest thing might be the issue of time. That’s a long series of events that needs to happen for Butterfly to finish enemies off. She’s got to pull out that tool, mix up the colours, and then the attack gets going. I just feel as if that finisher could get a bit bothersome after a while if they can’t speed it up a bit. Say what you want about Sky and Prism’s combo attack, but it doesn’t take very long. It’s easy to empathize with Wing a bit since that finisher went from looking cool to basically being a Chocobo drop summon from Final Fantasy. It’s a goofy move that does suit them though.

Picture says it all…

It’s honestly impressive how much more pathetic Battamonda ends up looking. There’s no question that Kabaton had pathetic flaws, but this guy just keeps looking more pathetic as time goes on. He openly admits things like targeting the characters while they are separated. If said in the right way then you could give him credit for being tactical. But Ageha easily gets to the heart of the matter with this guy. Battamonda has lost confidence about being able to win against the 4 Precure. He was having trouble with just three of them and now he’s got even more to deal with. It must sting even more since one of them just cuts through all his nonsense.

Splitting up the opponents is a good strategy. If he was more confident himself then he wouldn’t be shaken up by Butterfly calling him out on it. And he does need to use better tactics or he’s the one that will get killed by his boss! In his shoes though I would have been baffled at Wing and Butterfly struggling to protect that mural. Haven’t they noticed that everything goes back to normal after a fight in this series? Who cares if he knocks over the mural? It’ll be fixed so long as they win the fight. I get that it’s kind of sad considering they put work into it, but it’s not worth losing the fight!

I have more faith in these two now

Interesting how the show seems to be defining the connection between Tsubasa and Ageha. With him considering her looking over him to be on the same level as his parents. It does show that he needs to work things out with his family a bit. Odds are the result will be him learning to accept that he is still a kid to a degree and that it’s ok to have people taking care of him sometimes. I do think some balance is good and I hope that Tsubasa finds that for himself. Looking out for himself is fine, but he doesn’t need to take it too far. Ageha should provide a nice option for helping him learn that lesson. If nothing else they are basically a duo now and they’ll have more opportunities to help each other develop.

Ellee remains a fun character

This was a solid episode honestly. I was worried that this duo just wouldn’t work for me. But this episode helped them get established in a way that I can appreciate. I didn’t think the mural painting would have a connection to a future magical tool. But hey, it works. Fingers crossed that the show just keeps moving along in a good way. They are about halfway to filling up the mirror, Ellee is continuing to become more talkative and I can’t imagine that Battamonda has that much leash left. He hasn’t been chewed out yet as far as we can tell, but it’s only a matter of time.

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