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This show might have taken a week off, but it came right back with the same kind of emotional moments that have defined the show to this point. It didn’t skip a beat and continued to develop the situation around Aqua in a way that I probably should have expected, but I didn’t think to. It’s obvious that Akane’s ability to profile and breakdown Ai’s personality is something that Aqua can’t let go of. Of course, part of me would have expected him to maintain that connection through more normal ways…like asking to keep in touch! At least he hasn’t gone to the level of trying or being able to try and pretend that he’s actively interested in dating Akane. Just keeping his real reasoning a secret was the most he could manage here.

That was tough for Kana to see

I’ve got to say this episode was a real ride for Kana. She had a kind of low point in seeing Akane making her moves at the start of the episode. Then she was picked up a bit by Aqua asking her to cut class with him and having a great time. All of that only to get utterly cut down emotionally in seeing how the final episode of that show played out. Even if logically, it can be interpreted that Aqua was just putting on a performance…that’s a hard thing to watch. And it will be even harder since for the time being Akane and Aqua will play at being a couple in public. If Aqua doesn’t explain things to Kana directly or through Ruby who can pass the truth along…it’ll be brutal for her to get through the next few days.

And it’s a shame since that scene of throwing the baseball around was good. It both bolstered Kana’s feelings and helped Aqua process his own thoughts. Plus, it was just entertaining seeing how bad Kana was at the start, but slowly getting better as she kept throwing it back and forth. Nothing quite picked up her mood than Aqua admitting to having a preference for older girls. Even though her mood immediately dropped when realizing that Akane also fell into that very broad category. So, it wasn’t like she could feel that special or superior about it. If nothing else though, it was nice seeing these two interact without it being about Aqua’s murder plot.

At least she had a great time here

In that sense Kana should still feel confident. I get why she doesn’t feel like that right now though. Akane has a tactical use for Aqua. He can see ways to use her for his darker objective. That’s sad to say, but that kind of perspective is probably going to keep him from seeing her in a romantic light for quite a while. He knows what he wants from her and Akane is conscious that Aqua isn’t at present romantically interested in her. That’s going to ice the romance for a while. And it’s possible that Akane being able to get into character like that might make Aqua keep up his guard since it really is effective on him. I don’t want to say that Akane will bring out the darkness in Aqua. But I do think her being useful in his plans will turn his thoughts dark at times.

So that is why I think Kana is in the better position despite not being the one publicly dating Aqua. That scene of skipping class shows how comfortable he is with her. Kana doesn’t directly contribute to his revenge scheme. Her role in that ended when he got into contact with that Producer who knew Ai. At most he can “use her” to keep his sister safe as an idol. But skipping class with her has nothing to do with that. His idea of what to do while skipping class is a bit odd, but it was fine. And he can show off his frustrations a bit like throwing that ball hard when she threw out the chuunibyou line. It also says something that talking with Kana helped him define his feelings towards Akane as non-romantic. She’s hurting now, but I think she’s in a good spot.

Interesting place for Akane to be right now

I am still glad for Akane that the show wrapped up in a positive way. Aqua didn’t really react negatively to her showing off her talents. It was rather effective. Although it was effective since it helped bring out the mixed-up feelings he has towards Ai. No question that Akane has developed feelings for Aqua, but that must make it all the harder to realize that he’s not presently seeing her that way. It is something she can aim to change for the future, but for now that’s a strange place to be. She’ll have more chances to hang around him since they are “dating” but that will be tinged with the knowledge of where things currently stand. Still, this is way better than her getting harassed online and being driven into a dark corner.

Ruby’s group is starting to take shape

How Mem-cho would end up joining Ruby’s idol group was honestly uncertain to me. The OP spelled it out for sure, but there was no obvious track forward there. That show seemed ready to end without anyone really seeking to invite her to join the group either. Thankfully the conversation at the end of the episode did build up to that. I’ll wait to see what Aqua’s thoughts truly are, but this seems like just a pure invitation. Mem-cho talked about having wanted to be an idol and was certainly familiar with Ai despite how many years ago she died. So, it was kind of nice to give her an invitation that would let the girl fulfill a dream she’s had. It is possible he just wants to keep access to her social media talents in case he needs them again though.

Didn’t think they’d end up together

This episode was a ride! Even had a little surprise like Yuki and Nobu ending up dating. A fitting end to that reality TV show. The “real couple” of the show is a fake while Yuki turned down Nobu on the show, but they have started dating. It does fit Yuki though. She’s all about manipulating the situation around her and getting the best results for her publicly. Making herself appear available publicly probably has good career value and maximizes the role she had in the show. While she can treat her first romance with honesty, but secretly from the public eye. I am looking forward to next week though. If only because how Aqua phrases things to Ruby and Kana could really spark some strong reactions. And he’s got reason to talk to both with the invitation of Mem-cho to B Komachi. It’ll be an episode worth seeing!

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