Score: A-

This show is ridiculously fun. Emphasis should go on the ridiculous part though. It can be fun when a show just goes all out and has fun with its own concept. All the characters are pretty darn weird and for me at least it works. Mitama is a goofball God, Yukito is supporting her but doesn’t worship her, Roy is…Roy, and the list goes on. I think if they held back that it wouldn’t work nearly so well. If nothing else I think this show will be a purely fun one to follow each week. Just seeing how much absolute madness can be unleashed in 20 minutes should be worth it.

Yeah, this is pretty bad

The biggest weakness for the show is the CG. It’s awful. It’s so much worse than the art around it that I must wonder if it’s intentional. Of course, I also wonder why they are even using CG for some creatures at all since it doesn’t seem as if much is going into it. Whether we’re talking about the monster last week or Chilchil this week. They just don’t look right. In some ways it almost works. They are so bad that they kind of feed into the ridiculousness of the series in some way. Hopefully they can improve that as the show goes along, but I’m not going to expect anything there. I could see that being a big deal for people. But so far, the amount of CG isn’t excessive, so I don’t expect it to bother my enjoyment of the show.

The non-believer making a religion

I don’t even know where to start. Everyone in this show is crazy! But I guess I might as well start with Mitama. She showed some crazy power last week and I guess the momentary connection with Earth allowed her to unleash some amazing powers. At least it’s a good thing that her power lasted long enough to bring back Yukito and the villagers. It does show divine morality that she didn’t really intend or care about reviving anyone besides him. But maybe there an influence in that Yukito’s wish wasn’t for his life to be saved, but for the lives of Alural and her sister to be saved.

The big thing is that her power is tied to followers. Which Yukito…still hilariously isn’t. I presume the moment he becomes one her power will skyrocket since he’s that important to her. For now though she’s managed to make it to 3 followers. That amount is apparently enough to revive the dead or bring them back from whatever abyss Mitama sent them to last week. She’s got Roy…just wow Roy. Alural and Siluril are a nice pair to have as well. And they’ve seen divine power at this point. I guess being revived didn’t gain Mitama any points since they were too dead to notice being revived. Even more impressive with Alural since she initially was pretty against Mitama. That God is a kind of love rival for her after all.

This is one of the more dignified moments for him this week…

I might as well talk about Roy! Now there’s a crazy guy if I’ve seen one. He didn’t even need any supernatural sights or miracles. He just utterly achieved an awakening to having Mitama treat him like worthless trash XD! Going well beyond an average masochist. Having Alural and Siluril also looking down on him after that just further cemented his new awakening. He’ll be a total worshiper of Mitama going forward. Credit to him though, it was his perverted worship that gave her the power to save Chilchil. I’m not sure how many more fantasies of his that we’ll see going forward, but they could be pretty darn dramatic. This guy has fallen hard!

Nobody better give her an axe!

I’m still really enjoying Alural. The girl is absolutely in love and it’s a cute thing to witness. Just a bit dangerous since she will go to absolute extremes in her own right. She was ready to take an axe to her own breasts based on the claim that Yukito liked smaller ones! Even his fervent claims that he likes big ones wasn’t immediately enough! Mitama’s power is scary in terms of influence. She has no problem messing with people to try and keep Yukito as much for herself as she can. But at least she isn’t an awful God. She did thank Alural for caring about Yukito and at least appreciated how much better that made this life for Yukito compared to before. Alural is a bit nuts, but she’s a girl that I give full support to when it comes to ending up with Yukito by the end.

Welcome back to the show…

This episode was just a good bit of fun. There’s a major challenge in establishing a religion and the concept of gods in a world that has never had either. I don’t think Yukito should give his father that much credit since he was able to work with a common understanding of religion when starting his muscle sect. It’s still probably not that easy to do I suppose. The episode established the threat level. They have potential power with Mitama, but only if they can get legitimate believers. Once she reaches maximum power, they probably won’t have anyone left to fight (since everyone should be a follower by then). But for the time being it’s a tricky road ahead. Especially for that Bertrand person. Bertrand came back…just a big different from before!

I’m having fun with this show. No idea if I’ll cover it past this episode. But I’m glad it didn’t stumble after episode 1.

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