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This episode really highlighted what makes Megumin and Konosuba shine. She is a wonderfully flawed character. There are good aspects to Megumin. We’ve seen her support Yunyun at times and she is a good big sister. But she can absolutely be a troll, mess with people, and be pretty selfish at times. She absolutely is perfect as part of the main Konosuba cast. Moments like her gleefully accepting easy levels for attacking a monster that can’t move are pure Megumin. That crazy explosion girl is a blast in so many ways. She truly loves explosion magic, but that’s the only thing she can be honest about.

Poor Yunyun has highs and lows this episode

Megumin can be extremely tsundere when it comes to Yunyun. She often does go out of her way to help her out, hang out with her, or back her up when she’s in a tough situation. We see that plenty of times in this episode. It was nice that she went shopping with Yunyun (picking out a dagger trinket for her) and she helped shake things up when classmates were trying to get Yunyun to attack the rabbit instead of doing it themselves. And she seemed ready to invite Yunyun into a group with her before Yunyun got invited into a different group first. Megumin does a lot when Yunyun is a factor and not simply because Yunyun asks to spend time with her.

Of course the tsun side of it makes Megumin a bit of a terror at the same time. She was so embarrassed over the dagger thing that she created this extreme “challenge” versus Yunyun to distract from that. It says a lot about where Megumin’s mind goes that she risks getting her hand stabbed said distraction. This girl really can’t stand Yunyun openly appreciating her! And she can take things a bit too far. Poor Dodonko paid her price for pushing Yunyun to take on the poor rabbit monster. Was going to get to experience Megumin making her attack the monster instead.

This face while trying to make Yunyun play a dangerous game

In a lot of ways Megumin really does deserve to be part of the Konosuba cast and especially to team up with Kazuma. That guy is also a bundle of flaws, but in that sense it works. All the main cast in Konosuba have major flaws that make any suffering deserved. Obviously, the rest of the cast won’t appear here, so Megumin gets to reflect that truth on her own. Her smug attitude about getting to beat up a frozen monster for easy levels made her get attacked by that monster so deserved. She did still win the fight, but any levels gained were obtained through brutal combat.

Arue is just cool and collected

One thing the show does need to work on is giving the various classmates chances to differentiate themselves. The only schoolgirls that stand out so far are Megumin, Yunyun, and Arue. This is only the second episode of course. The girls are expressive enough (especially when afraid), but they are going to be a major part of the show. It would make sense to keep giving them more chances to stand out. I’m not going to criticize the show too hard about it. Megumin is a star and Yunyun also helps carry the show. So long as these two keep getting chances to shine, I think the show will be just fine.

Was about to be lunch here…

I can’t avoid giving notice to the grand appearance of Megumin’s “familiar.” This is one time I’ll let the show be and see if they name it within the show itself. But there’s no question that little one left quite the impact on the show and cast. Komekko nearly robbed the world of that cuteness with her plan to eat it! Credit to the kid though for managing to get a hold of that thing and even make it give up. Hopefully she is a bit more cautious about biting various creatures in the future. At least it overall won since the moment Megumin took it in… things were all positive. Megumin’s classmates are huge fans, the teacher gave into Megumin’s passion, and they even…tried to name it. I’m not sure that Megumin plans on letting that name stick!

These guys are crazy!

The Crimson Demons remain a clan of absolute goofballs. They are basically all Arch Wizards with the magic to prove it. They really did handle an attack on their village without much trouble. Part of the problem of course was them stupidly petrifying monsters and using them for decorations in the village. That just bit them hard. Not too hard though since they really could just annihilate those monsters….and potentially part of their own town without trouble. I suppose they deserve credit for being able to rebuild their town in less than a night. A lot of impressive magic on display.

Not sure what I should say about Bukkorori…Truly this guy is all kinds of weird. I fully respect the girls for looking at him in disgust and just leaving him in that pit. There’s being in love, being a stalker, and being…Bukkorori. He’s one heck of a stalker with extreme plans for getting the chance to hold Soketto’s hands. I really hope that girl keeps her guard up though. Who knows where that crazy man’s mind will go next…

Hopefully these girls get more chances to stand out

Nothing can compare to Explosion magic for Megumin though. That girl just has pure love for explosions and the magic itself left a mark on her heart. A first experience can be life defining and that’s really the case here. I fully expect Megumin to learn Explosion magic before the show is over. Though I’m curious how far they’ll get without letting her unleash her first real explosion spell. For now, though I’m just having a good time with this show. There’s just a good level of fun at play here. I can’t wait to see what trouble starts up next time.

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