Score: B

So, this episode felt like one part team-building and one part focusing on developing Mashiro some more. I’m good with that idea. The important thing is to keep spending time on the characters we have since obviously the next Cure will join the team sooner than later. Once you have four main characters to develop (and probably introduce other enemy generals) it might get a bit tough to balance the main characters. For that very reason, I’m fine with how they managed to give both Mashiro and Tsubasa good moments in this episode.

Prism is doing her best!

The focus really is on Mashiro’s pure kindness being her greatest strength. Beyond that though, this episode did seem to point towards a direction for her dreams. It does seem as if cooking is something that really is a growing passion for her. She managed to connect initially with Sora in part thanks to that and this whole episode had cooking be a major way she was reaching out to Tsubasa. Why not have her explore cooking even more in the future?

Mashiro can grit her teeth and hang in there even when things are tough. But it’s only right for her friends to step in and defend her when things get tough. Mashiro is kind to those around her, but she doesn’t necessarily have a high opinion of herself. It’s not that difficult to shake her up by hitting those emotional weak points. But whether we’re talking about Sky or Wing, she’s got backup. That’s not even counting Ageha who wasn’t in this episode. Some people do need a bit of help to see in what ways they shine. Seems fitting in a way for Cure Prism to be that type.

Mashiro was serious about getting the flavour right

Tsubasa’s “yakitai” situation wasn’t anything too complicated, but it had a nice message to it. What he was seeking wasn’t necessarily a specific flavour but that feeling he had while sharing the meal with his family. Every taiyaki they made was delicious, but it wasn’t the same. Rather than continuing to endlessly chase it though, I can appreciate saying that the flavour they have right now is also special. I would have been fine with the idea that they just couldn’t quite nail it since finding ingredients on Earth that perfectly compare to another world would be impossible. This was probably a nicer way to handle it!

The guy…kind of put effort into that disguise

It was a lot nicer than how the main cast are handling Kabaton. This was another time when they really were just telling him to shut up while they have a moment XD. He really does vary between being a legitimate threat and just a massive annoyance. Even Sora is starting to smarten up and didn’t fall for his utterly weak disguise. Or maybe she was just so focused on the moment that she would have said that to a normally pushy salesperson. The fight was more involved than the last time they treated Kabaton like a worthless extra, but it remains entertaining when he just is aggressively ignored.

Wing can look cool

I’m feeling good about where the show is right now. Tsubasa has been integrated well into the main cast. It probably won’t take a huge step forward until the fourth Cure joins the team. But there’s still plenty of room to develop the main 3 Cures if they want to do that. It probably won’t take that long though for the next member to officially join the team. I do hope they find time for another Sora focused episode since while she’s been involved, I think they could give her a bit more focus.

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