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Sometimes all you need is some good and silly fun. And this show about a guy and his massive brocon sister seems like it will be exactly that. They aren’t going to rewrite the isekai genre here, but it does serve as a nice excuse for his sister getting to be so extreme that she’d get into trouble back on Earth. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the setting allows for some truly ridiculous stuff. Maya is absolutely broken and watching her punch out dragons and obliterate anyone that troubles her brother is kind of great. It’s not going to be an overly deep show, but I feel like it will be plenty entertaining.

He can fake being a badass pretty well

Part of what worked for me here is that Asahi still has a pretty important role to play in the story. He came up with the strategy to deal with that drunken adventurer and can handle the acting required for being the one to take credit for what happens. The scene of handling the drunk wouldn’t so easily work out if he couldn’t draw the attention of the crowd and play the hero role. Even against the goblins he was putting up a pretty good act. He gave them apt warning and they were the ones that waltzed towards their own deaths.

Not as if Asahi wants to be the one taking all the credit, but going back on it now would be trouble. I don’t think anyone on that planet can handle his sister. But unless he plans on ruling the whole country, then it’s better not to create a scenario where they are an enemy of the state. In some ways it works out better anyways since Maya isn’t interested in praise for herself anyways unless it comes from her brother. Having him get praised for things is just a win in her book. And since she doesn’t really care about anyone besides her brother that leaves him with the massive responsibility to have Maya use her powers in the best ways possible.

Maya has some desires!

Holy smokes this girl is obsessed with him though. I can only imagine the flashback is just the tip of the iceberg for how freaked out she was about her brother being comatose. That she smashed her own head into the wall so hard that she lost consciousness as well is believable for her. I think even if they could go home that she wouldn’t immediately take it. This world may have little getting in the way of her dedicating all her being towards Asahi. At this rate one of Asahi’s “I’ll do anything if you help” will lead to some lines being crossed. That’s presuming the first one didn’t lead to some lines being crossed…

It does make me wonder if the timing of her arriving in that world was coincidental or if Asahi really did somehow summon her. I just think it would be a bit odd for both to end up in that world, but for Asahi to have nothing going for him. But if his power was bringing his sister who did qualify for OP powers…then that would kind of work. Maybe her smacking her head into the wall wouldn’t have done anything if he hadn’t also called for her. It might just be me trying to make Asahi a bit more essential here, but I think it makes sense.

Possibly the Demon Lord?

I presume the woman seen at the end of the episode was the Demon Lord. It would make sense that the only possible rival for Maya in this world would be such a person. I’m curious to see if her focus will simply be on Maya as a physical rival or if for some reason that she’ll start targeting Asahi. That would be something to get Maya fired up over. She’ll need to be some kind of threat since otherwise I’m not sure what else the story can do. If it’s just Maya nuking anyone that insults Asahi the show could get repetitive in a hurry. In that sense I’m curious what possible supporting cast the show will have. They probably won’t know the truth since Asahi seems determined to keep things quiet. But you never know.

The other side characters were ok so far. The pawn shop lady seemed nice enough. She did somewhat drag Asahi into that trouble near the end of the episode, but only because she believed he could handle it. And the same goes for the receptionist girl. A nice girl overall, but one that does also believe Asahi to be more capable than he is. At least she warned him about the consequences, so he didn’t immediately reveal that his sister was the one with all the power.

I see myself enjoying this one

This was fun overall. Asahi is a goofball, but that’s not bad. He did have a solid approach to selling off a phone that will run out of battery anyways and get himself established in that world. And he is keeping focused on not letting his secret get revealed and risk his life in the process. He does have a problem of running his mouth about isekai tropes, but once his sister arrived that seemed to be less common. I don’t expect this show to be deep or complicated. But something about Asahi keeping his wild sister from going too far should be fun. It’s nice and silly. Just a good show for relaxing.

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