Score: B+

Talk about a really satisfying conclusion. It’s kind of nice to have a series show up for a single season, tell a good story, and wrap up in a satisfying way. So, I must give credit to this series for that. Makes it easy to say goodbye since it didn’t let me down at any point. Excellent job done by Tsundere Akuyaku Reijou Liselotte to Jikkyou no Endou-kun to Kaisetsu no Kobayashi-san. Once again, I’m reminded why I didn’t use the full title for these episode posts!

At least this guy did one good thing

This all really worked out for almost everyone. The only one losing here was the evil god Kuon. That guy is going to have a long time to appreciate his punishment. Downside to being an immortal god is that eternal confinement is an option. Not sure about the optimism of him ever changing. One would think that confinement would either drive him truly insane or make him even more evil. That world may be in a bad spot if Lirenna ever lets him out to see how things are going and he manages to deceive her. But for the near future that doesn’t seem likely. He’s not getting out of there while the main cast are all alive anyways.

And he fully deserved what he got. Killing people, trying to steal bodies, kidnapping, etc. The guy just never learned to respect the wishes of others. It’s entirely possible he could have won over at least one version of Eve across history. But if his approach was constantly killing anyone she liked, trying to force her to be his, and just being an absolute jerk…it’s no wonder. I do like the reveal that he saved the life of the actor Kuon when he was a kid. At best it shows that he does have goodness in there somewhere. Even if he wanted a pawn, it was still a gift. Without that intervention this guy wouldn’t have his life, much less anything else he has now. Now he’s got his whole life ahead of him and plenty of chances to be happy.

Glad we got this confession

Everyone else is looking pretty darn happy anyways. Finally got the confessions for Kobayashi and Endo. It was saved to the end though. The only negative I’d have is that after the confession they didn’t really have many moments to interact as a couple. But they somewhat got that for a few episodes during the show with people calling them a dumb couple, so I guess it’s ok. At least they did get that moment before the show ran out of time.

I was curious what was eating at Kobayashi that kept her from confessing in her own right. But I guess it was a simple thing in the end. There was some level of jealousy towards her gorgeous older sister and a lack of confidence in herself. Because she rated her sister so highly there was a level of fear that even someone, she liked would fall for them. Neither she nor Endo having the courage to confess it just let negative thoughts pile up under the surface. And that was easy for an evil god to take advantage of.

Not what I expected, but I’m good with it

Part of me expected that the fantasy cast would leave their world and fight Kuon on Earth. But I guess it makes sense that they didn’t. For one…Kuon is inhabiting the body of an innocent. So, a full-blown battle would be kind of messed up since they’d have to attack someone that did nothing wrong. So, it works to have it be a more indirect form of help. A kind of sweet reward for good deeds. Kobayashi cared so much about saving Liese so in return she got saved right back. And having it be through a doll she made herself due to her fangirl love just makes it even more perfect. Liese had all the desire in the world to help those that saved her, and she pulled it off. Nice job managing to piss off Kuon so that he ruined his own barrier and secured his defeat.

Glad they got to meet

On the positive side the show did find a way to surprise me the other way. I didn’t expect to see Kobayashi and Endo visit the fantasy world to attend Liese and Sieg’s wedding. That was sweet. And it makes sense. Lirenna is a goddess at the end of the day. Give her enough time and it makes sense that she could find a way to transport people from one world to another. It would have been if they couldn’t meet again. But I like having these characters that have worked alongside one another for this whole journey to finally get to meet in person. Of course, Kobayashi was mostly crying but it was still good XD.

Not a bad tsundere

Final Thoughts

This show caught me by surprise in a good way. It wasn’t a show with a large budget. The action and visuals were average to below average. But the characters, story, and overall journey was really satisfying. I appreciated that it let the heroine of the “game” still be a good person and an important part of the story. The focus was saving Lieselotte and they made sure that she was a character that you’d want to see saved. A very enjoyable tsundere that was constantly undercut by those around her knowing that she was one.

Glad their stories ended on a good note

It really helped that the main couples of the show were all likeable. Whether the focus was on Sieg x Liese, Baldur x Fiene, or Endo x Kobayashi it was fine. The ships were fun, and I enjoyed seeing them build up these relationships bit by bit. The mystery was also something that kept me invested. I enjoyed trying to figure out what was going on.

And I think the show is correct that it reached an extremely happy ending. Sometimes a dramatic or tragic ending can land extremely well. But I do appreciate just being able to walk away from a story with a smile on my face. And I’m glad the characters can end this show in a happy position. One pair is already married, and the others will certainly be on their way to what I expect to be happy futures.

Let’s see what Spring can offer!

Some shows just turn out to be purely positive experiences. This show didn’t blow me away. But it did let me smile for just about every week I was watching it. The whole “villainess is the heroine” concept has been coming up quite a bit the past year or so. But this one might have worked out the best for me personally. Hopefully Spring brings shows that will entertain as much as this one did.

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