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At this point Sora and Mashiro should be looking forward less to going to school and more to their eventual marriage. This whole episode was basically hammering home that these two can’t go half a day without seeing each other XD. It’s kind of amazing how obsessed these two are already. No wonder Sora was on the verge of freaking out over Mashiro fighting. If anything happened to Mashiro, then Sora might shut down. It is certainly adorable how this ship is just setting sail as hard as it can this early on. But it’s also kind of amazing how these two can’t function without each other anymore. Not sure what they are going to do when Sora goes home.

At least the double transformation was nice enough

I will say the fight this week was the first that felt completely unnecessary. The “monster of the week” element is a standard in the franchise. So, I get why fights are considered a necessity for each episode. But this is a case where they could have just skipped that. They practically did. The fight took about 3 minutes including transformation sequences and monster summoning. It’s just kind of amusing how quickly they threw that fight in and immediately cleared it out. Every week doesn’t need a climactic battle. But it would be nice to make them a bit relevant if the fights are absolutely required.

Yoyo has her ways

The situation in this episode was straight forward all things considered. Mashiro must go back to school and Sora is basically an illegal visitor from another dimension. I did appreciate that Sora was so locked into spending time with Mashiro that she never stopped to consider that she wouldn’t be allowed to hang out at the school with her. This could have been an issue with a bit of difficulty to resolve. Sora isn’t exactly from around there after all…But the biggest issue really was whether Sora was willing to admit to wanting to go.

It makes sense that Yoyo could find a way to make that happen. She herself isn’t from Earth after all. If she’s managed to make a life for herself there, then she must have resources and the ability to forge documentation. At the very least, doing enough to get Sora into a school shouldn’t be considered beyond her means. It also appears like Mashiro’s family is rich. So, if nothing else money does talk.

Have to respect her willingness to apologize

Sora is just a very earnest and honest girl. There’s a reason she’s grown into one of my favourite girls of the winter 2023 cast. It was a nice bit of continuity from last week to have her apologize for what she said to Yoyo last week. Of course, it wasn’t that big a deal and was understandable considering how stressed out she was. But nothing wrong with being responsible and apologizing when you feel like you’ve taken things too far.

If the superhero thing doesn’t work out for Sora, I have to say she’s got a future going for her anyways. The girl managed to clean an entire house, train, study, and take care of Ellee in a couple of hours! I don’t think most people could manage even the house thing across the entirety of a day. Heroes are built differently I suppose.

A hero in her own right

Props to Ageha for being a sweet and helpful character. I can’t exactly comment on the power of make-up and the explanation given here. But it sounded good. It seemed like an almost sweet way to look at make-up. It certainly gave Sora an extra bit of confidence. Sometimes all a person needs is a bit of a push and they can accomplish what they set out to do. And in this case all Sora needed was the will to talk to Mashiro about how she felt. While saying she wants to spend more time with Mashiro would be a bit embarrassing it wasn’t quite on the level of proposing marriage…yet.

Just let these two marry already

This episode wasn’t quite as impactful as the previous one. In a sense it was just a simple story about the two leads missing each other when they couldn’t spend all their time together. But that’s all resolved now since they can absolutely spend 90% of their time together. It’s a bit of a shame since Yoyo is losing the world’s greatest house cleaner, but it’s probably going to work out just fine. Fingers crossed that Sora’s expected first day at school will make for a fun episode. This one was still fun, but it didn’t quite feel like that much happened.

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