On July 30th it was announced both through Twitter and at Otakon that Symphogear XV would receive an English subtitled Blu-ray release. There was no official release date given as part of this announcement.

This has been one amazing 10th anniversary!

This release brings the final Symphogear season to the hands of the global audience. It will have all 13 episodes of XV along with: the Zesshōshinai OVAs, clean OP/ED, and a lot of extras. Discotek releases for Symphogear go above the expected with premiere event for each season and more. This will be another very packed Blu-Ray with a lot of extras that will only add to the value of this release.

The complete series is almost here!

It isn’t even déjà vu at this point. The announcement for AXZ came just a little more than 2 months ago! In just February of this year I and other fans were just waiting and hoping for GX to get announced. And it wasn’t clear when that was going to happen. And now about 5 months from that point in time we now have the last 3 seasons of Symphogear set to release on Blu-Ray! That’s incredible.

It might sound silly to say, but having the entirety of Symphogear on my shelf is something I’d just given up on. Back when XV started airing it felt like a franchise that would never that kind of treatment. Of course as it aired Discotek announced their license of season 1 which began the journey. But before that point I just didn’t think it would happen. There’s no telling exactly when they’ll release XV, but it is coming. This is just a huge moment for fans of this franchise and an amazing opportunity for people to give it a chance. This has been one heck of a good way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Symphogear season 1!

Sources: Twitter

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