Score: A+

Oh boy, they really went all out this time! Ending the season on a double episode was pretty perfect. That just let them stick the landing and leave people smiling with a pretty great final episode for season 3. Of course, it isn’t the end of the story and thankfully that was already announced. Thanks to that we can just enjoy this episode and look forward to what is coming up. I’m glad also that they went ahead and made the finale one big episode. It would have been quite the tough wait to end things half way through this and wait another whole week for the conclusion.

He did his best here.

I have to give full props to Miyuki. Sure, his sense of style and fashion has been rather stunted. But this finale showed how absolutely amazing he can be when he’s got planning time. Especially in season 1, Miyuki was often the character reacting to circumstances. His hands are so full that he doesn’t have time to do more than react to the plans Kaguya has. Even if he tries to be clever (like with the sharing an umbrella part) it usually is only something he thinks of that day. In this case he really planned things out to deliver the best impact that he possibly could. Heck, I didn’t think he was the one suggesting the fire. I kind of figured that was Miko. But that still works nicely.

And in a lot of ways, it was a good thing that he did. Nerves were going to be hard on both of these two. Having such a beautifully over the top method of showing his feelings allowed Kaguya to get swept up in the moment. She didn’t have to over think things and at points she stopped thinking at all. Not that I felt like she was masterfully manipulated here. But rather I think it was just a good way to show Kaguya something. And I’ve got to say he used his once in a lifetime request quite well. Kaguya used it last season to get him to run for President again. He used it to get her to leave the country with him! Nicely done sir.

Well she kind of confessed…

It is kind of funny how this does still somehow end without a formal verbal confession from these two. Thankfully they were so overt that there’s no doubt about their feelings. But yeah, both sides are still set to try and get a verbal admittance of love from the other. Not that you couldn’t argue that Kaguya did verbalize her romantic interests…through that kiss. But in all seriousness, we didn’t quite get that and I was a bit surprised there. But at least things took monumental steps forward. And for now, that’ll be enough for me. Both of them showed how deeply they cared and there’s no longer a serious doubt in either of their minds. Something that wasn’t necessarily true before this festival started. Even if they felt pretty confident…they needed more than what they had.

I will say the push to have Kaguya go to school with him was a powerful card. It was kind of a clever move to make use of the rights to letters of recommendation like that. Since it would be fair for the principal to deny his request. Miyuki won those elections and therefore he only gained the right for himself. Even more than that, the principal could have said he couldn’t write any letters of recommendation without Kaguya’s approval. Since even if Miyuki wanted to give that right away then it was up to Kaguya to decide how she wanted to use it. But thankfully the principal played along with Miyuki’s whims XD.

I love her expression not matching her thoughts

There were so many times during the anime that I’ve thought about how much love is going into it. But this was another ‘episode’ where I thought that. The visuals with the hearts were really nice. I’m sure within that universe quite a few people scored successful confessions during that moment! That one scene needed to land for this finale to work and they didn’t disappoint there. But the whole episode had nice moments and little touches. This is obviously a job for a lot of people involved in it and that goes for anime in general. But it is just nice when you can feel how much time and effort is going into making a show the best it can be.

She had a nice time

Ishigami had a pretty solid episode. He almost figured out what he’d done. Of course, the guy was completely out of the loop when it came to the heart thing. So even just seeing the play didn’t quite clue him in. But that’s fine. Tsubame got his confession and now is thinking it over. The only potential “oops” moment could be if he actually tries to confess before March and give the impression that he changed his mind on waiting for her answer. It is hilarious how he keeps giving this great impression to Tsubame of a patient and cool guy. But he just doesn’t know that he’s already confessed. I can’t wait for the next season to see how this plays out for him.

All the more so since it does feel like they are setting up more with Miko. Having her friend stepping back a bit and being less overprotective of her. Thus, opening up chances like we saw between her and Ishigami. She was thrown off for a second with the heart. But surprisingly they didn’t play that up for misunderstanding with him explaining why he was giving it to her. And then Yu showed her the video and managed to score a nice little win there again. But that goes both ways. This time Miko held off from being rude and honestly thanked him. She took the short straw herself and was missing out on seeing the one thing she wanted to see. But she wasn’t alone.

How will all this turn out?

Not sure which way I want things to go with Ishigami. Tsubame is really sweet and I’m enjoying seeing her slowly fall for Yu. It could honestly turn into a pretty sweet little romance. All the more so since things are already good with Ishigami. He’s already in love with this girl. All he needs is to recognize that she knows he’s in love with her and get an answer at some point in the next few months. But that alone makes me curious to see what they’ll do with Iino. You don’t set as much up as they have and not do anything with it. So, there has to be massive shifts coming between these two and there’s only a few months before Tsubame gives her answer. Little steps were made here, but a lot more has to be coming.

This one surprised me

One little scene that interested me was the bit between Maki and Kashiwagi. Honestly to this point I hadn’t gotten much of a feeling that Kashiwagi cared that much about Maki. It just felt like things were so intense with her and Tsubasa that her friend was just a nice extra to have in her life. I would have loved a bit more in that moment just to get an idea how Maki took this. Kashiwagi put her first in that moment, but is Maki happy with that? Is there friendship going to recover? Since honestly Maki has shown to be rather upset for a while now. Could Maki be upset that Kashiwagi wasn’t prioritizing the guy that Maki likes? Who knows. But I’m sure we’ll get more from them both in a fourth season.

Final Thoughts

I loved this season

This season was quite a ride honestly. We went from Kaguya and Miyuki not having confessed to them both showing massively open expressions of love for each other. Kaguya herself before this season couldn’t even honestly admit that she liked Miyuki. They were just messing around with text messages when this season started! Now they are openly in love with each other. There’s still a wish to have the other person verbally confess, but that’s pretty minor in the bigger picture. We didn’t really know Maki at all before this season. Ishigami and Miko were pretty brutal with each other when this season started up too. But now we’ve got the hints of a romance that could blossom there. Honestly things really took off for Ishigami and Tsubame this season too. I’d say the title was pretty on point.

Poor Chika got played

There were just a lot of great little moments though. Maki went from a background character before this season to one of my favourites. I just feel bad for that girl. She is basically what Kaguya could have been if Miyuki was taken by another girl. And I wish the story would give her a hand. I don’t need her to end up with that Tsubasa guy. That doesn’t really matter. What I’d like to see before the show is over is just to see her legitimately happy. Not just being happy for her friends, but either finding her own romance or just happily moving on.

Another character that got to shine this season was Hayasaka. She really got the chance to express herself, build up a friendship with Miyuki, rap, etc. I think seeing Kaguya’s relationship starting to blossom might push her to seek out her own happiness a bit more. If Kaguya can continue maturing enough that she can handle things herself then that could free Hayasaka to live up her school life a bit more. That honestly might happen anyways with Kaguya set to clash hard with her father.

Until next time!

Kaguya-sama has been a really steady show for me over the past few years. I’m not unaware that people have voiced reactions to what we’re eventually going to get to wrap this franchise up. But I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what happens here. There is plenty of potential for drama since Kaguya has to deal with her family (which is not a minor thing), qualify to even get into Stanford, verbally confess to Miyuki, etc. She alone still has plenty to deal with. And there’s a whole cast that they can mess around with for another season. I don’t even know if a season 4 is enough or if they’ll need a season 5. I guess we’ll find out.

Whatever happens though, I’m happy to have gone on this journey with everyone reading. There’s no question I’ll be back to talk about another season of this show. It’s such a steady and strong franchise that I just never have to worry about that. I’m going to miss it, but I’m glad it’s been such a good season. Here’s hoping the franchise can end on as strong a note as this episode did.

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