The Macross series, which is known for its Valkyrie VF mecha action, its love triangle subplots, and most importantly, its use of music as a key story element, will celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2022.

We are pleased to announce that 543 songs from across the series, from 1992’s Super Dimensional Fortress Macross II OVA to the latest Macross Delta movie recently released in Japan, will be available worldwide* from November 21! (*With the exception of mainland China)

Which Macross song is your favorite? Which holds the most memories?

Please check them out!

Music from the following series & movies will be released:

■Super Dimension Fortress MACROSS II







■MACROSS Frontier

■MACROSS Frontier The False Songstress

■MACROSS Frontier The Wings of Goodbye

■MACROSS FB7 Listen to my song!

■MACROSS 30 -Voices across the Galaxy-


■MACROSSΔ Passionate Walküre


■MACROSS Frontier Labyrinth of Time

Release Date & Time: 0:00 on November 21, 2021 (JST)

Countries: Worldwide (with the exception of mainland China)

Songs: Please see here for the full list



– iTunes Store


– Apple Music

– Amazon Music Unlimited

– Spotify

– YouTube Music

You can find a special Macross playlist here!

And here are playlists from two members of Walküre!

MikumoΔJUNNA’s Best Selection

FreyjaΔMinori Suzuki’s Best Selection



MACROSS YouTube channel:


FlareKnight’s Thoughts:

The Macross franchise has always stood out for me. It brings together the kind of fun mixture of music and action that you don’t get very often. A science fiction franchise with great space battles and yet also fits in great music. The power of song is a true element to the franchise instead of just part of the background. So it is great news that back in late November the music of the franchise has really been unleashed upon the global community. And it is because I enjoy the franchise so much that I did want to share the news with anyone that happened to miss other mentions of it.

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