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This episode may have moved things along, but it was a lot of fun. They went from starting things out classic-style in the adventuring guild only to end this episode with wrecking the town. That place is just gone. And no doubt that most of the blame will just go toward Makoto…or rather what the people thought Makoto was when he walked towards the town in the previous episode. It’s going to get a bit nuts if he really becomes a major target. There has to be an actual demon lord or something of that nature that required Makoto’s summoning in the first place. But he could certainly end up a target on that level if he’s not careful.

These two…

I’d say the blame mostly goes to Tomoe and Mio going overboard. But Makoto is to blame as well. If he wanted to be safe about it he should have left one of them to watch the girl and gone to supervise things. He had to have known that those two were extremely powerful loose cannons. It was pretty likely that things would turn into a total disaster. But I get why he did it. His head wasn’t on straight and yet again we see the consequences of Makoto’s temper. He saw Hasegawa’s face and was thinking with his anger than rationality.

What surprised me was that it wasn’t actually her. Unless she’s seriously faking it, that’s just a coincidence. The isekai in this situation is more like teleportation into another dimension and not the reincarnation kind. So this girl having a sister and a life makes clear that she just happens to look the same. Which is probably a good thing. That girl didn’t deserve to not only get shot down but isekai’d into a setting like this. Not that Toa deserved what happened to her either. That’s just a horrible turn of events. Her parents get killed, she tries to do her best to support her sister, and ends up a magical test subject. All while her sister is being tormented and promised the return of a sister that would be broken by the time she got to her. That’s just cruelty and those guys deserved what they got.

More than deserved

And boy did all those people get…punished for their actions. That town was just wrecked by the end of the episode. Even early on things ended pretty terribly. I guess the idea that Tomoe and Mio faked their levels was how everyone convinced themselves it wasn’t suicide to attack them. But those assassins just…didn’t end up in a good state. Even trying to hold back lead to Tomoe killing most of the attackers and the last one got pretty well tormented because of how pissed off Makoto was about Toa’s appearance. The fight later was equally brutal. Just with Mio joining the fight. I did enjoy how she was slapping the ‘strongest adventurer’ of that town because she was pissed off at him insulting Makoto’s appearance. Making sure she’d leave him looking as horrible as he claimed Makoto looked. Presuming he survived his landing…

I do wonder how things will play out from here on. It might be a bit too much for the people rescued to be taken into the demiplane and exposed to…well a whole civilization of monsters. Not that they aren’t good people, but it might be a bit too shocking. Yet, I’m not sure if they’ll go any other way. They could escort them to another human town and hope they’ll be ok. But unless they are raiding the previous town before leaving those people would still be poor and liable to end up in another bad situation. Just because this was the town on the borders of that world doesn’t mean it was far worse than the other human towns. The others might have equally distasteful activities. Doesn’t seem anyways like this Goddess cares what humans do to each other.

This episode was honestly really enjoyable. I loved the over the top nature of what Tomoe and Mio are capable of. And I like the cuter moments we saw. Mio was really envious at Tomoe having seen Makoto’s memories and how well she knew him. Even if she’s a very odd…individual she is extremely interested in Makoto. And it isn’t just about absorbing mana. Though I’m sure she does appreciate any chance for that she could get. I also liked how Makoto handled things with Rinon and how he took good care of her. Even if she was being pushed hard to steal he only held contempt for those tormenting her. And Rinon herself showed her good qualities. Even if she was promised her sister back…she couldn’t just steal from someone that was taking such good care of her. I can’t wait to see how things play out from here.

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