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Another really solid episode for Dynazenon this week. The focus remains pretty firmly on Yomogi and Yume. But at the same time they are steadily dropping little pieces of information for other characters. Koyomi’s potential date with Yomogi’s boss is interesting along with some reveals about the Kaiju Eugenicists. People who are apparently not creating kaiju so much as they are taking advantage of them appearing. I’m still not sure about their actual goals. They want a world where kaiju are necessary? Not really sure how causing devastation and killing people is going to result in that. I guess if the world gets more chaotic the desires that create kaiju would become even more commonplace? Hard to say, but at the very least these guys aren’t taking any obvious steps to target the main characters in vulnerable positions.

He powered through this fight

I do like the growing bond between Yume and Yomogi though. It’s nice seeing him grow more interested in her and there being something the other way as well. At the very least he’s being considered a kind of spark that has led to Yume changing and seeking out information about her sister. Though she is still mostly taking on this challenge alone. Unfortunately for her she ended up catching Yomogi’s cold. Something that was bound to happen with her visiting him and giving him multiple rides in her mech. Manages to make being sick look cute which is something XD.

Of course Yomogi’s attempt to explain that he wants to learn more about Yume was cut off by a sneeze. Although it is kind of fitting since he’s the one who got her sick here. And really getting sick himself was due to being both clumsy and easily distracted. It’s completely fair for his boss to note what is going on because he’s fallen hard for this girl. Which isn’t a shock really since she’s a good looking character and they share this whole fighting kaiju thing.

Action pose!

The question raised in this episode by Gauma is a good one. Can just about anyone pilot Dynazenon? Could they just recruit any random person off the street to pilot in their place? It kind of goes back to Yomogi’s feeling of putting this in the hands of someone more important or the government itself. If anyone can pilot then certainly getting trained soldiers to do it might make more sense. At the very least Chise is qualified. Now that made sense to me anyways since Dynazenon seemed to be reaching out for her and/or Koyomi in the opening episode. She didn’t have an easy time to be sure. But she was basically going in cold without any more training than she’d get from watching the others. She tried her best and that’s fair.

But it remains to be seen if the cast are special or whether they were just at the right place at the right time. Gauma believes they must be special and they must be kaiju users. But I find it hard to see Dynazenon as anything more than a giant mech. One with probably some kind of will, but a machine first and foremost. Obviously Dynazenon is important to Gauma considering who gave it to him. He wants there to be a special reason for all this.

This group is strange

The kaiju situation is rather interesting. The Kaiju Eugenicists aren’t creating the kaiju, but they are taking advantage of the ones that show up. In some ways I feel bad for the kaiju. They are troublesome in some ways when they appear, but they aren’t causing devastation everywhere on their own. It is only when the Kaiju Eugenicists take action and control these creatures that they become truly dangerous. Their goals are hard to read. They want to create a world where kaiju are needed. But I don’t get that right now. How is what they are doing creating such a world? All they are doing is creating destruction and chaos. Does that chaos somehow spur the creation of more kaiju? And what do these guys even get out of such a world? Sure they get more things to control, but there has to be more than that right?

So yeah, this was another good episode. I’m curious to see how things will play out with the various plotlines. You have Koyomi’s potential date (or chance to catch up) with Yomogi’s boss. There is also Yume’s continued efforts to learn about and understand her sister. That should be plenty interesting itself. Yume’s sister is a real mystery still and I like the idea I’ve seen around that she was the reincarnation of the person Gauma is looking for. Although that would certainly suck for him. This show has been really consistent. Every episode has been good and I’m looking forward to the next one.

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