Hey everyone! If you remember Notaku, it was a little project myself and Guardian Enzo over at Lost in Anime did a couple of years ago. Notaku was intended to be a YouTube Channel about Anime & Manga, and while the initial success was not all that bad, frustrations with YouTube as a content platform itself led us to ultimately give up on the project.

Yet, as you can imagine, I still see a notable lack of the sort of Anime related content that I want to see online, whether its YouTube videos, or more recently podcasts. To that end, earlier this year, after years of talking about restarting Notaku, we decided to give the thing another go, reviving it this time as a podcast.

Each week, the both of us talk about Anime in depth, sharing what we’re currently watching, covering the latest Anime News, discussing a topic of the week, and then rounding it off with listener questions. The hosting duties are alternated between myself and Guardian Enzo each week, so you get different flavors and styles to how the podcast actually goes. Its fun stuff, and its a more Radio Talk show style discussion of Anime in a way that I don’t think any other podcast does.

To date, we’ve done 7 episodes, so I’m finally posting about it here. Why the delay? Well a part of me wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to record and edit a podcast weekly. As the first few episodes went live, I focused more and more on just getting each episode out on time. And if you know me, you know that I’m not the most consistent when it comes to releasing any type of content. So now, with 7 episodes under our belt, I’m happy to say that Notaku is fully back, and will be available every Tuesday (bar some weird issue). I’ll post all the episodes here with links, but generally you can find this second incarnation of Notaku in a few places:

AnchorFM: This is the Hub that basically links to all the various Podcast services that we’re available on (Some of which are listed below).

YouTube: The old youtube channel now houses the latest episodes as videos (audio over a static background)

Spotify: You can subscribe and listen to Notaku via spotify!

Apple Podcasts: You can also subscribe and listen to Notaku on Apple Podcasts/ITunes e.t.c.

Overcast: Another popular podcast service where Notaku is available

Castbox: Also another popular podcast service where you can listen and subscribe to Notaku

RSS Feed: For those of you who prefer to use classic RSS feeds, that is also available!

Finally, I’ll just list the seven episodes we’ve posted thus far, which you can listen to at your pleasure and leisure:


Fall 2020 Anime Season Preview – Episode 07

The Fall 2020 Anime Season is almost here! To get you and themselves prepared for all the new shows coming up this season, Setsuken and Guardian Enzo preview every upcoming show that may be worth a look or watch, but not before fitting in a few tidbits of major Anime News!


Anchor FM


Gatekeepers to Mediocrity – Episode 6

Guardian Enzo and Setsuken are back solving (or at least calling out) the problems facing anime. This time we talk about a few non-anime things we’re watching, and a new feature to our news segment, and discuss whether “gatekeepers” exist in the anime fandom (and what role they play). Plus a manga recommendation, a little off-the-cuff-poetry, and a question about series we loved in spite of the visuals.


Anchor FM


Anime Series: Unfinished Tales – Episode 05

Setsuken and Guardian Enzo are at it once again. This week’s episode of Notaku Anime Chat covers the latest Anime news featuring a ton of Light novel and anime announcements alongside a look at the New York Times Best selling Graphic Novels list. The duo then dives into what Anime series they wish they could see a continuation, before capping it all off with some really intriguing listener questions. Another must watch episode if we do say ourselves!


Anchor FM


Manga that need an Anime Series – Episode 04

On the latest episode of the Notaku Anime Chat, Guardian Enzo and Setsuken throw out a bunch of manga that would make for great Anime. And there’s of course, a good chunk of news to go through, with everything from Crunchyroll’s new payment tiers to remembering a legend in Satoshi Kon.


Anchor FM


Podcasting From Another World – Episode 03

On the third episode of the Notaku Anime Chat, Setsuken and Guardian Enzo dive deep into the whole Isekai craze (complete with a ton of recommendations), while of course, giving a run down of the latest anime news, series announcements and capping it all off with some listener questions.


Anchor FM


Older not wiser – Episode 02

On the latest episode of the Notaku Anime Chat, Guardian Enzo and Setsuken cover some startling news about the Act-Age Manga, take a tour of the various ins and outs going on in the Anime Industry, dive deep into the larger trend of the industry as a whole, Add a new segment and top it all off with some listener questions.


Anchor FM


Once Again – Episode 01

Notaku Anime Chat returns after 4 years, this time as a podcast! Setsuken and Guardian Enzo pick up from where they left off and introduce a new, better and more powerful show. And with COVID currently ravaging both everyone’s lives and the Anime Industry as a whole, the duo tries their best to make sense of the chaos.


Anchor FM

So yes, Like, Watch, Listen, Subscribe and feel to let me know in the comments each week (I’ll post new episodes as they come out as their own posts). Feedback, as with everything I do, is much appreciated!

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