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So we’ve finally given Mikoto a chance to take the role of main character back. Not that the other episodes weren’t great focusing on other characters. Because in all honesty they were really good at doing that. But it would be a bit awkward if the title character’s biggest moment in this Indian Poker incident was a silly episode about going after the Bust Upper card. Thankfully things are moving along. Even if it is a bit of a mixed bag since I still don’t love the Mikoto and Misaki duo. All the more so since they still can’t seem to let go of the breast envy thing. Did the writers just realize that the first two seasons had very little chest size jokes and felt it was time to cram as many of them in as humanly possible?

Ignoring that we did get a situation where Mikoto would naturally want to involve herself. Certainly the potential for that soul generation experiment to be recreated is out there. While I’m not sure about the exact usage for creating souls and/or sticking them into robotic bodies, there’s no doubt crazy scientists in that city would chase after it. A lot of innocent people and children would get dragged into it as a result. That’s enough reason for Mikoto to stand up and throw herself into this situation. Nothing all that unusual either for her to go solo. At least she is talking to Kuroko before she goes off to do something legally dubious XD.

This experiment was pretty darn messed up. Although it is pretty out there when you consider that the girl in question was seemingly ok with the main part of the experiment. Kuriba just went along with it. I suppose if you want to confirm how people can handle cybernetics and how far you can go with it…that’s the kind of experiment to take part in. But…wow that’s a scary setup. Also I’m not sure what they did on the brain side of things. Did one have an artificial brain and one kept the real brain? In that case…how did she retain memories from her other life? I suppose that leads to the question of souls. But even then it seems like we’re talking about two souls that didn’t unify when the body was put back together. I suppose figuring out the science of this universe is too risky anyways.

No surprise if the cyborg is pretty upset. Finding out that you aren’t who you think you are is scary anyways. All the more sad since she can’t recall anything before her creation. Kuriba’s mother and life before all this is basically unavailable to her. An ouch moment for those thugs that seemingly got wrecked and possibly turned into skin for her body. I wonder what that girl is even going to try and do. Of course she’ll get attacked by the Scavengers, but that’s not the major thing here. What does Doppelganger want to do? A classic kill the original and take her place move? Regain some of the biological parts she used to have and feel more human as a result? I don’t know. But, I can’t imagine it will be passive.

Now we’re set for a good conflict. Mikoto is on the move and will clash with that Doppelganger eventually. How things will go I’m not sure since we don’t know her motives or desires. We can expect some flashy action with that group of girls going after her first. But, I think it is safe to say they won’t get much done. The hurdle is lower even if Mikoto gets involved compared to fighting Accelerator. But that doesn’t mean they’ll stand a chance against Mikoto or Doppelganger. And if they fail hard enough it really might be the end for them. Not as shocking since unless you watched the Accelerator anime recently you probably don’t know much about them. Next episode should be fun anyways just to see all these factions clashing.

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