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While this episode did feel more rushed than the previous one, I still enjoyed quite a bit of what it did. We actually got a much better understanding of what happened in the past and how it relates to the present than I expected from the second episode in the series. It was quite interesting seeing how Anos worked things out with the classic hero and what decisions were made. Part of me figured he’d just kill the guy and that would be that. But instead they actually cut a deal that worked out for all parties. Rather than a war of annihilation, why not just take a more peaceful route and separate the species? There is of course a downside that it is discarding the chance for these races to work things out. But, it is fair to say they weren’t on the road to that.

I almost wish we could have spent a bit more time on Misha here. Since the fight in this one was focused on Anos we still haven’t quite seen what she’s capable of. The OP isn’t quite the same as showing her doing something XD. Of course plenty of big things thrown around in this episode. Misha apparently being some sort of magical entity created by Sasha’s family? It would explain why they have her uniform and status treated quite differently from Sasha herself. All sorts of questions of course of why they created Misha instead of just…having another child. And makes you wonder why they are sending her off to school and everything while clearly distancing themselves from her. I hope we can focus a bit on Misha and get into her head more.

While Sasha’s character was definitely going from one extreme to another, there was actually quite a bit that I liked about her. She showed the kind of sense and courage that those idiot brothers from the last episode just didn’t have. Yes, she was outclassed here. But so far, everyone on the planet is outclassed by Anos. When things went bad she pulled herself together, pulled her team together, and gave everything they had. It obviously wasn’t enough. But, I do respect that she tried everything she could muster. While overconfident to start, she didn’t completely fall apart when it became apparent that she had underestimated her opponent. It makes her a worthy individual to join the main cast and Anos’ team. May not have to really worry about Anos ever being rattled by a situation, but having someone who can step up in a crisis like Sasha isn’t bad.

Now of course we would have to cover the rather rapid development of her going full dere. I would agree with Anos of course that her demonic eyes actually are beautiful. The effects they went with showing the magic in them in contrast to the eyes themselves actually creates a nice appearance. But regardless of a well-timed compliment, she really did fall in a hurry. Maybe she felt pressured to be more open with confirming that Misha has feelings for Anos. But, can’t say I expected either of these girls to escalate things to a kiss in the second episode! Geeze, that girl knows how to step up. Even if she couldn’t admit the actual reason for it. Maybe she’s in a particular hurry though? Her ‘fate’ might be something rather troublesome.

We may get to a point when Anos being so darn powerful won’t be entertaining. But, so far so good there. I just like his overall calmness and personality. He truly seems entertained when his opponents can rise to the occasion and live up to his hopes. While he fired a rather weak spell to counteract the best his opponents could offer, it was still a show of respect. He brought a sufficient level of power to fight back and let them see a degree of what he was capable of. Just making sure that he responded to a level that wasn’t going to kill them. Of course killing doesn’t matter so much to him when he can resurrect them. But, that in part was a show of respect. There wasn’t a need to go overboard and kill them when they had stepped and faced him with pride.

It wasn’t as smoothly paced as the first episode. That one was moving quickly, but it didn’t feel like it. This one felt more abrupt in how things moved along. But honestly I feel that was mostly an issue in the part after the match. I can get they would want to end on a point of talking about fate and a big first kiss. But, I do think it would have been fine to take more time with it. At least we did learn more about this world’s history and how information was flawed compared to the truth that Anos himself experienced. Either that information was intentionally altered or just warped naturally over time. Either way, I did still enjoy the episode. I’m still not sure if I’ll pick it up, but I did want to give all the possibilities a couple episodes before making a decision.

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