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We are just in the middle of an apocalypse right now with this series. A primordial goddess has arrived to wreck everything and incredible efforts are constantly being needed to gain every inch against her. Absolutely everyone is giving everything they have here. And it barely has been enough. Even the additional help that has arrived late in this episode is a miraculous gain that they very well needed. They are completely set to try and bring oblivion to Tiamat and end this crisis. But that will no doubt be a rather difficult task to accomplish.

I know they are moving along quickly here, but I’m still having a blast. They are keeping the pace moving because…Tiamat is. She’s forcing the clock to move and there just isn’t time to settle in and embrace the sacrifices being made. We’ve basically left the sacrifice of Benkei in the dust here since they just have no time to waste on regrets. I would have loved more time spent with Ana or letting Gilgamesh/Kingu hold back Tiamat for even longer. But, I think it will worked just fine. Every effort and difficult struggle is just buying small moments here and there. So much effort being made for every inch. But they are steadily heading towards the conclusion.

There’s a lot that is worth mentioning in this episode. Of course the appearance as Ana in the form of Gorgon was pretty darn big. It isn’t the kind of return you honestly would have expected. And how she managed it is less certain. But it is possible to speculate. After all, Ana and Gorgon are the same person, just with some pretty incredible differences. No doubt she wasn’t just fighting to defeat Gorgon by the end of that fight. So it makes some sense that she could embrace the side of herself that she didn’t care for if it meant helping the people she did care about. I do wish she had more time to talk with Fujimaru and Mash without playing up the ‘role’ of Gorgon. But I understand her feelings. She went out there, did her best, and helped her friends out.

Of course the return of Merlin was pretty timely. Of course he just pulls a total ridiculous move of leaving his tower in Avalon temporarily to go help out in his physical form. But to be fair, the main cast did need the help. With Tiamat creating total havoc in the underworld, they needed some assistance to balance things out a bit. Plus, Merlin is just a fun character so there’s nothing wrong with having that guy around.

His return was somewhat stolen in terms of impact by the Grand Assassin making his move. The first Hassan making all kinds of noise. Of course his appearance would be a bit more sensible if another singularity had been adapted first…but that’s how it goes. The guy is pretty darn awesome regardless. Seeing that old man turning out to be such a powerful servant definitely allows things to make sense now. Someone that powerful could effectively do as he pleased and even ‘attack’ Ereshkigal within the underworld without too much trouble. This guy is absolutely the trump card against Tiamat.

Credit to be given to Gilgamesh and Kingu. Both did their own part in dealing with this crazy enemy. Gilgamesh certainly making his best showing as a character in this arc. The real guy stepping up and even tanking a hit for Fujimaru. A smart move anyways since it shows how threatening Tiamat considered the guy to be. Chaldea in general is a major threat and the ability to recruit these goddesses has given Tiamat nothing but headaches. Not a bad effort either in seeing Gilgamesh giving his all even after suffering a mortal wound. While I definitely hate certain incarnations of the character, I can definitely respect this guy at this point in his life.

Props to Kingu for doing something helpful. He has been a major pain for the main cast all the way through this. So I’m not exactly going to mourn the guy as he reached his limit in trying to hold Tiamat still. But I have no problem appreciating what he accomplished and how darn over the top it was. They spent a fair amount of time in this one letting him get some payback hits on the Lahmu and really giving his attack against Tiamat some impact. It may not have been a long-lasting move, but it was a pretty important one.

My condolences to Ereshkigal who had to put up with all kinds of craziness in this one. Tiamat drops into the underworld and is all kinds of trouble when arriving there. She did get to unleash some good attacks and make Tiamat feel some pain. But, even she couldn’t easily deal with this Beast. Her underworld is still the stage for the final battle though. So I’m sure Ereshkigal will get some moments to shine and be adorably cute at the same time.

Overall I had a lot of fun with this episode. It moved quickly and I wouldn’t have minded more time spent on a few different scenes. But, overall I had a lot of fun. We got to see huge attacks from Ana, Kingu, Ishtar, Gilgamesh, etc. So many characters getting their chance to let Tiamat feel some pain. The tragedy and horror of her approach is still pretty crazy. And we’re not quite done with her yet. But at least they have a Grand Assassin on the scene. When facing a being that doesn’t know death, this might be the most important helper they could have asked for.

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