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There is something really refreshing about watching anime in a movie theatre. All the more so when it is a really good movie and a total joy to watch. That thankfully was the case with Boku no Hero Academia: Heroes Rising. This is a time when a title was pretty on point. They completely allowed the 1-A class to utterly dominate the screen and thrive in spectacular fashion. It was a movie that really felt like a step forward for the cast on their personal journeys. A big thing I’ve always been hyped about is the potential for this cast to steadily start making their mark on the world. It’s a tough thing to balance since they are still first years at their school. But, they have gone through a lot and have the potential to be spectacular heroes.

The Deku and Bakugo rivalry/friendship has always been an interesting thing to watch in action. Since it did start off with Bakugo being a literal bully. So they had a rather extreme starting point and the journey from there has been interesting to watch. It mostly has required a lot of growth from Bakugo. And in this movie they really got to show off their potential as individuals and as a team. I can’t say it is the first time I really could appreciate their potential as rivals, but this was one of the first times it truly resonated with me. The hero that wants to save people first and winning is the secondary part of that. And the hero that wants to win and saving people is the result of that. This time they got to show how well those qualities can coexist.

There’s no denying the action that involved these two was spectacular. It mostly avoided doing things that they couldn’t do in the main story. There wasn’t the magical arm brace that Deku got in the previous movie that was so effective that going back to the main story without one of those felt off. Here they were mostly just using skills that they either have or I expect them to develop before this current season is over. There was of course the whole giving One for All to Bakugo that was kind of insane. But that is something that Deku could do. Just not something he’d ever want to do unless there was no other choice. So I feel like this adventure still fits within the canon of the story even it probably isn’t canon. The action was a blast and these two were a true joy to watch.

One things I truly loved was how the movie tried to use the full class as much as it could. Like any anime movie or action series, you have the main villain and lackeys. But often they can get pretty simple in how they use them. It would have been easy to have Todoroki fight one guy, Bakugo another guy, and side-line most of the cast. Instead, every single villain had a team element to it. The wolf guy required a huge group to fight multiple times. The main villain Nine, required a massive cooperative effort to face. Even Slice who had the smallest team facing her, still had two people. The Mummy guy did mostly result in Bakugo taking him down, but he fighting in a group for that. This movie realized it had this big group and used them. They are all future heroes.

The fight against Chimera was a blast in both occasions. This guy was truly monstrous and overwhelming. He was incredibly tough to handle initially. But even when backup in the form of Todoroki and others appeared he was still able to fight them off pretty easily. It was a pretty intense situation with little room for the cast to breathe. And even when they got to the final round he was almost too much to handle. It took absolutely everything that team had to bring him down. Todoroki may have gotten the finishing blow, but everyone contributed. Tsuyu, Iida, and Kirishima all did their part in reaching the goal.

While the fight against Slice was the smallest, it still had some nice moments. A great effort made by Mina and Tokoyami to get the job done. The teams had to be split as thin as possible and it was understandable that they put the main focus on Chimera and Nine who had already shown to be monstrous. That left a lot of dangerous work for just two people. But they did their absolute best. It got dicey and Mina took the biggest hits in that fight. That just made it all the more satisfying when that woman got smoked by Dark Shadow.

The fight against Nine was a beautiful gauntlet. Everyone there did everything in their power. A lot of the combo moves from Ochaco and Sero were seen in the license exam, but it was still extremely effective. They worked their hardest and totally went Plus Ultra in this one. Ochaco pushing herself to the point of puking because it was just that important to give their all. Aoyama and Momo were a titanic pair in splitting the villains in the first place. And the list goes on to the point that I could give every single student some credit. Some of them took harder hits than others. The struggle against Nine also had a great shipping moment with Deku getting pissed about Ochaco getting hurt. A very small scene that they didn’t overplay, but it was appreciated XD.

And again the various fights between Deku and Bakugo versus Nine were spectacular. It was a great chance to see what they both are capable of right now. And because there was a total lack of the pro heroes on the scene, these characters had the chance to fully grab hold of the spotlight. Whether it was Deku trying to use 20% or Bakugo unleashing some of his biggest attacks, they both had chances to shine here. It was a good chance to show off their strength and their brains. Both are pretty smart fighters when they want to be.

I do feel bad about not focusing so much on the kids since they are important to all this. Katsuma is basically the big target of the movie. His quirk is desperately needed by Nine and all this hell is unleashed to try and get it. Mahoro of course is focused on her family above all else. Because Katsuma has a desire to be a hero, she’s not much of a fan of them. Seeing that career path as something that is a danger for her brother. I’m not surprised though that the brother gravitates towards Deku while the sister becomes more of a fan of Bakugo. Feels like a fitting split really. The brother wants to be a hero and can resonate with Deku in a lot of ways. While for the sister…well becoming a fan of the ‘bad boy’ of the class just isn’t a shock.

This movie was all kinds of fun. The early portion was enjoyable with the cast just helping people out and being pretty down to earth heroes. This is the kind of work most of them probably will get into. It was nice seeing them get to know the people and building connections. They manage to capture both the down to earth stuff and yet it still turns into a spectacular action movie by the end.

I definitely enjoyed it a fair amount more than the first Boku no Hero movie. I think they managed to better utilize the characters and truly make a film that feels like young heroes starting their rise to glory. Seeing this movie on the big screen was a total joy. It was a good looking movie, a fun movie, and Boku no Hero Academia at its finest. While the fourth season has had some ups and downs, they managed to find exactly what works in this series when it came to the movie. I was honestly just happy to see the main cast doing things together which outside of the latest episodes hasn’t been a big thing in Season 4. Heroes Rising was a fun movie and one I’m glad I got to see.

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