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Well this was definitely one of the more emotional episodes of the season. A true display of Lemillion and what he stands for. It was a dangerous and desperate gamble to go after Eri by himself. Which we could see considering how many of his elites he was keeping nearby to secure a retreat. It was an insane move and incredible effort to push past that much in order to even reach Eri. We really got to see on display the efforts he’d made throughout his life and how far he was willing to go. He fought off numerous enemies, fought the boss of this whole situation, and yet still reached the girl in the end. Of course we can see how he pushed himself too far. He took on too much and thus wasn’t able to KO the guys he was up against.

The situation was determined by how much Lemillion had to deal with here. If he’d had any support he could have more securely knocked out everyone that Chisaki had with him. But that wasn’t on the table and we can’t rewrite history. Things could have been worse if no one was there to slow down Chisaki. And if this is the end of his journey as a hero then that was one epic way to go down. He put everything he had into this and used every skill at his disposal. This was someone who definitely at least worthy to take on One for All. He isn’t going to, but he definitely showed his quality. I do hope they don’t create some awkward pressure on Deku to pass on One for All in order to save the hero future of Lemillion.

The action was top notch and the threat definitely kept the hype going. I actually liked a smart and effective use of the cape here. Take that Incredibles! Every time things looked a bit uneasy, we still got to see Mirio doing whatever he could and rising above it. Chisaki’s terrifying power didn’t much matter if he couldn’t touch him. Heck, even after his quirk took a hit we still saw Lemillion going all in and avoiding death while still doing damage. He was losing since of course, but he was actually holding up and hanging in there. If anyone can argue you can still be a hero regardless of quirks it might be him. And I liked seeing him truly step up to be Eri’s hero. I thought this would just be about Deku, but that’s not really the case.

Obviously the issue of the future hangs above all this. What will happen to Mirio? Is that stuff truly complete and his quirk destroyed? Can it be restored or fixed? Is he done for good and that’s the end of his journey as a hero? Or heck does he continue on and become a full blown hero that has nothing but skills, support items, and guts on his side? Could see it ending in any number of ways. It’s possible they’ve set things for say Sun Eater to fill that void for the sake of his friend. Weirdly all of this is going on with the third of the Big 3 outside the mansion. There is still way too many useful people being left hanging around instead of getting into the action. Presumably there was a point for Tsuyu and Ochaco to be part of this arc right?

Regardless, we are now set for a big showdown. There is still the threat level of Toga and Twice of course. Those two are still causing havoc and are very dangerous. If they get their hands on those remaining bullets it would be nightmarish. For the time being Overhaul is the major threat. This guy is absolutely nuts and dangerous. We have now confirmed Eri isn’t his kid, but that’s terrifying in any number of ways. Where did she come from? Whether she was kidnapped or somehow created through some terrifying use of Overhaul’s quirk I don’t know. But there’s bound to be more tragedy behind this. Deku is ready to go, Nighteye is ready, Eraser Head is on the case, and they’ve got some support. Most of the lackeys are down, but not necessarily unconscious.

This was a pretty big episode and one of the best this season of Boku no Hero has had. If this is the end for Lemillion at least he was awesome throughout. If it isn’t, then I’m still happy since there’s more you can do with this guy in the future. For now it is a pretty somber end to an exciting episode. That was always the threat these quirk killer bullets represented. I did somewhat expect them more to come into play against Nighteye so they couldn’t foresee what the future had in store with All Might. That may still be a play we get, but right now it’s about the situation with Mirio.

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