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This episode just shows how easily anger and negative emotions can spread. Neither Inasa nor Todoroki are bad guys at their core, but ended up in such a bad situation in this episode because of their negative feelings towards Endeavor. The anger and jealousy Endeavor had towards All Might poisoned the relationships he has with everyone. It’s the reason his family exists at all. A family born from his desire to surpass All Might by any means necessary. That poison damaged Todoroki for years in terms of the mental and physical abuse he dealt with. And that poison in its own way spread to Inasa as well. But I don’t feel as bad for Inasa as Todoroki. All Inasa had to deal with was reality slapping him in his face. Your idols aren’t always great people. That sucks, but is hardly comparable to having an abusive father.

I feel bad for Todoroki since he’s probably going to fail this test because of this. This other guy brings his anger towards Endeavor and Todoroki into this exam and ruins it for the both of them. Now yes Todoroki if he fails still has to own that. You are sometimes going to deal with people who hate you. Whether they have good reasons to or not that can happen. Todorki couldn’t afford to let this guy mess with his head because in reality the consequences would be severe. Of course even pros aren’t immune to that. Look at All Might’s past with All For One as a perfect example. He let that guy get into his head in the past and suffered that crippling injury that he had to start the show. But in a test you can’t afford to mess up like that.

While you can’t change the past, I’m glad Todorki and Inasa tried to cover for their errors. With a test like this where you lose points and can’t really gain them, you can’t make up for errors. There is no miracle move if you’ve already lost too many points to pass. However, they still did the right thing and made sure others didn’t pay for their mistakes. Locking down Gang Orca for as long as they did was excellent. They took the biggest player out of it for a long period of time and that bought enough time for Deku to cover for them later. It shows their heroic qualities even if it doesn’t save them during this test.

Credit to Deku for being able to bounce around that fight and deal with the craziness going on. He was trying to play it smart and help the people that needed evacuating. But with those two clashing so hard he had to jump back and make sure they didn’t kill anyone. Good on him for both being able to protect people and jumping in to cover Todoroki at the end. Even if he couldn’t hold him for long it was the right thing to do to get in there. And I’m glad he also managed to do it without using his arms. There will be pressure and dangerous situations, but he has to be smart about it. Deku’s arms are really unsteady right now and he has to wait for them to regain some durability and mature. Kicking is his best choice right now.

Really the test was pretty fun to follow as a whole. People were dealing with the situation as best they could and being smart about their activities. As more people were saved that allowed for more students to jump into the fight and help hold the line. They couldn’t have people leaving too quickly and had to time it right. But that’s also how an emergency would go. You need enough people fighting to save people, but not forgetting those in danger. Very much like the situation All Might faced with the latest big fight. He dealt with the villain, but the assistance of others in rescuing civilians did help quite a bit. It’s a balancing act. Props to the students for keeping their heads and helping out as best they could where they were best suited to be.

Now the question comes down to who passed and who failed. I’m sure Deku is fine. He may have struggled at points in the second test with handling people in danger, but he didn’t make any huge mistakes either. His actions on the front line and getting Todoroki/Inasa back on track should hopefully get him a pass. The bigger problem is for Todoroki. I can’t imagine he’s passing with such a huge mistake. Todoroki probably also knows he’s not passing this one. Overall I’d say Class A was smart in how they handled things and should mostly pass this. No one outside of Todoroki made any ungodly mistakes. But we’ll find out next week…I think.

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