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It’s a good feeling coming back to Overlord again. The first season was a total surprise for me. Easily could have been a basic trapped in another world or video game situation. Instead what we got was an interesting show that had some laughs, had some drama, and could get rather dark at times. The MC really was a key aspect to this show working. This wasn’t someone just being dropped into another world. Rather Ains is put into this situation within a non-human game character body. It’s still him in there, but he’s basically walking around as a Lich entity. The situation he finds himself in is even more problematic because some magical effect restrains his emotions. He can willingly do some horrible things or make scary decisions. If his emotions rise too high he’ll be forcibly be brought back to neutral.

This episode had a lot of exposition in it. It introduced us to various new characters, got a larger view of the situation, and learned about the political factions involved. A lot of things were brought up in this episode that I just don’t have a full grasp of yet. What was up with the apparently crazy powerful girl at the start? I’d say she’s a bit weird, but we’ve got characters like Albedo and Shalltear. So a crazy female character who apparently wants to have a child with a crazy powerful entity isn’t that unusual. No idea how powerful she really is. While that guy said Shalltear wasn’t as powerful as her…what does he really know? So far we haven’t seen anyone who can truly compete with the main cast in terms of power combat ability.

I also have no idea what is up with the dragon talking to this Rigrit person. They seem to know about Yggdrasil which is a pretty important point. At the very least they may have the kind of information that Ains has been after. There is a lot of weirdness going on though. It appears that dragon was once a person (or at least person-sized) and fought Shalltear. It also appears this happened quite a distance in the past. I really have no idea if my memories of Season 1 are hazy, but I don’t recall that. Maybe this person was also an NPC from Yggdrasil, but showed up in this new world a few centuries ago? Since it appears the focus is going to be with the lizardmen for a time, I guess we’ll just have to wait on answers. But at the very least things are getting interesting.

As a whole things seem to be progressing smoothly in the story. They are moving ahead from the close call they had with Shalltear last season. Clearly Shalltear is struggling to deal with her guilt over that event. I can understand Ains not wanting to go too far with her. They were caught offguard by the existence of world items. Part of the blame does go with Ains for not taking into consideration that enemies might have access to them. They’d had such an easy time with the threat levels of this world that he may have gotten cocky. But in the end that doesn’t matter much to Shalltear. Similar to Albedo she has an intense affection for Ains and the reality of her actions had to hit hard. For some it is better to inflict a punishment than offer unconditional forgiveness. That can close the case.

It should be interesting to see how things unfold with the lizard men. We know from last season that the overall plan is to massacre them and make higher level undead soldiers. I’m sure they are going to do a good job making me feel bad about that though. The ones we met seem like decent guys. There is clearly a political structure with the one guy being an outcast for traveling the world and learning new things. Props to him for making a fish farm of all things. Too bad those fish won’t save them from being wiped out.

Welcome back Albedo

This made for a solid first episode. It wasn’t quite as impactful as the first season which had a lot of surprise factors. But they did a good job keeping me engaged. I was actually surprised to hear the ED song coming in since I didn’t know the episode was about to end XD. If nothing else, I was interested in these events. There are a lot of balls being juggled to start the season. I expect this to be a really good show. The first season was great and nothing in this episode has me worried about future events. It certainly is a potential show I could pick up for this coming season, but I have to see what else is out there too. There are other shows I’m really excited to see.

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  • GreyLurker

    Someone on another forums explained a bit about Shaltear and the Dragon. Remember in season 1, when Ainz went to go see her and she was already in her Valkirie armor. He commented on how she must have run into a powerful foe. Apparently the Dragon is that foe. He had sensed her take down the people trying to mind control her and went to investigate.

    • FlareKnight

      Well that seems simpler than the idea that immediately came to mind XD.

      Although I actually went back to check and Shalltear only activated that armor after her duel with Ains started. She wasn’t wearing it when he and Albedo first checked on her and she wasn’t wearing it when Ains went to fight her himself. But to be fair that isn’t a big deal since she wasn’t wearing that armor in the flashback this episode either. He did talk about how there seemed to be a fight and she was left without orders, but that’s about it.

      • GreyLurker

        I’m kind of curious if they are going to be running several stories in parallel here. It seems like we have several things going on at once.

        It was a good set up episode though, did a great job of establishing the current situation and showing us the movers and shakers.
        That Dragon knows a lot that’s for damn sure. Not just about Yggdrasil but also about Guild items.

        and then there is the Rubix Cube. created by gods from 600 years ago

  • I actually did the odd thing, and finished the first season right as this episode aired. For some reason or the other, I did not watch the last two episodes of Overlord season 1, and when I heard that season 2 was coming, just waited to finish it off.

    So, for me, the dots connected a lot nicer because I had just seen the Shaltear fight before I dove into this season premiere.

    The Dragon thing, Sort of made sense to me, mostly because it put into perspective some questions that Ains/Momonga had had when he had been battling Shaltear. The question of who exactly was powerful enough to injure Shaltear and put her in the state that she was in, was basically revealed to have been the Dragon himself.

    Which, is interesting, and makes sense, because I just couldn’t believe that a bunch of soldiers were able to bring Shaltear under their control.

    As for the new characters? I dunno, I’m lukewarm on them. None of them seem all that interesting, and honestly, I want to see another player come face to face with Momonga/Ains. What I liked about the whole Shaltear fight at the end of the first season, was how it actually put Ains in a bad situation.

    I do like the twist with the Lizard village though. I love how the show basically made us empathize with the Lizards before they get annihilated, so it’ll be interesting to see if Ains is able to continue his good guy balancing act with being all the powerful Ains ul Gown.

    • FlareKnight

      Strangely I thought the scene we saw where Shalltear got brainwashed made a reasonable amount of sense. She got carried away and a bit sloppy. Charging right into that group and being delayed just enough for the mind control world item to kick in. It was an effective item, but they couldn’t do more than put her into that state Ains found her in. After all the woman who was using the mind control item was brutally injured in Shalltear’s last ditch attack. So the best that group could do was carry their wounded and leave. It was kind of a lose/lose. Ains ran into all that trouble because the world item worked. But the other side lost too since they suffered serious losses and the brainwashing was incomplete.

      I do agree with the desire to see a challenge to Ains and his forces. They are so powerful that the only real threat they’ve had to face was themselves. And even then they would have had an easy time if they knew it was safe to just rush Shalltear down with their full forces. The uncertainty and need for caution (combined with Ains not wanting to see the other Guardians fight Shalltear) allowed for one heck of an epic showdown.

      It will make for a tougher time if these lizards just get wiped out. They did a nice job making them easy to empathize with. Just a group living their lives until basically an unknown force singles them out for oblivion.The tightrope that Ains has to walk is still there. All the harder for him to walk because being in that form has a clear impact on his morality. It’s harder for him to care or feel bad about doing some dark things.