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Not a bad thing to take a breather after the intense showdown that involved Stain the past few weeks. There is an entire class of characters that we’ve gotten to know a little, but little chance to actually see how their internships are playing out. They had the options of either focusing heavily on one character or spreading it out for everyone. Both have their pros and cons, but I’m fine with them mostly giving ‘Froppy’ the main focus for this episode. We still got another quick series of scenes showing how the other characters are handling their internships. There are certainly a variety of experiences these kids are getting the chance to go through. One would hope that most of these students will gain something useful going forward. Sadly I don’t think Momo will be one of them…basically her internship has involved being a sidekick to an idol.

I think the person who is gaining some of the best experience out of this is Ochaco. She chose this internship specifically to improve herself and be able to handle more situations. And she is gaining the exact kind of combat lessons that she wanted. We only got to see her lesson on dealing with knife wielding attackers, but can imagine she’ll gain a lot of experience by the end of it. And frankly as we’ve seen…bladed weaponry is still a thing. She’s building up a base of experience that she can further improve later. Considering some students probably don’t feel like they made a good pick for their internship, it is nice to see someone satisfied with their choice.

At the same time, I do think some of these experiences are useful. Bakugo does need to confront his weaknesses. Best Jeanist does have fair points. It is a good thing for heroes to build up a connection with the community and the public in general. Having a sense of trust is useful in a crisis. There is value in having people know who you are and feel like they can trust you. Bakugo just doesn’t understand this concept yet. Even a scumbag like Endeavor understands the value in being sociable in public and with civilians. Bakugo’s focus is very narrow. It is important to stop criminals and fight well. But that isn’t the entirety of their jobs as heroes. While Bakugo may dislike this internship, hopefully he takes some lessons away from it.

It was interesting to see the various experiences though. Jiro seems to be having a pretty good internship. She got to help out with some hostage rescuing and gain experience without facing too much danger. Of course all these internships have some risk, but hers went pretty smoothly. And it is nice that she was able to work with a pro able to make full use of her quirk. Things went far better for Jiro than say Momo. Sure she didn’t face any danger during her internship, but I’m not sure she learned anything useful either. I guess if she or Itsuka want to become a celebrity this could be a useful experience?

I guess one can say Tsuyu’s experience was a mixed bag. It started out pretty boring and uneventful. One wouldn’t exactly expect a hero internship to just involve manual labor and cleaning up a ship. Though I suppose that is a fair responsibility since she chose an internship at sea. Someone has to do those jobs so things can move smoothly. If nothing else Tsuyu did learn some good lessons along the way during this internship. The value of trust was apparent in this episode. If everyone didn’t have faith in each other then the villains would have gotten away. Trusting Selkie to get himself out of that situation allowed them to track down the villains. Then trusting once again allowed him to move in to support Tsuyu and Sirius. It was a risky situation, but one that worked out in the end.

This did show more of how some internships were supposed to go. Jiro was relatively safe during her internship. Although there was always a chance that wouldn’t go according to plan and she might have to defend herself. The same was true for Tsuyu here. Selkie kept her away from the scene initially in case the unexpected happened. And then she and Sirius went to track down and locate the villains. But things didn’t go according to plan and they were forced to face a villain. But even then it wasn’t nearly the extreme situation Deku and company faced. Tsuyu mostly avoided direct combat (until the end). She did her job in reporting in and trusting that backup would arrive to help. And nothing wrong with showing how she isn’t ready for outright fighting villains. There is a difference between the thugs Tomura picked up before and serious villains.

Overall it was a decent episode. It was a bit of a breather after the intensity we’d had going for the last while. Tsuyu isn’t my favorite character, but nothing wrong with following her around a bit. She hasn’t had much focus this season and giving her the chance to do something was a nice move. While I wouldn’t have minded spending another episode focusing on other internship situations, it looks like we’re getting back to school with the next episode. Considering how the preview framed it…I’m pretty excited to see it. This was an enjoyable episode, but getting some serious background information with All Might is an exciting opportunity.

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  • GreyLurker

    Have to say I don’t think Momo’s intership is doing much for the confidence damage she took in the tournament. She really needed something that gave her a chance to put her powers to practical use.

    ah…that’s it, the three heroes that are solo in the opening, They all had issues with their performance in the school festival. Ojiro because of the whole mind control thing, Momo beacuse she didn’t really get to do anything and Bakugo because he felt cheated out of his decisive win.

    Froppy’s internship wasn’t as exciting as Deku’s but she certainly had a good experience. Boss Innsmouth (ha…good one) was a nasty character. I like how she was the only one charmed by Selkie’s cute act. DEspite the complaints of his team seems it still pays off.

    • FlareKnight

      Yeah it would be tough to have an internship as exciting as Deku did! Although in general he had a pretty busy one from his One for All training and then everything that happened with Stain. Good for Froppy that she gained some lessons along the way. Heck she might still end up back there after graduation since she does actually find Selkie’s act cute. At least he has one fan.

      Poor Momo. They don’t play it up too much how this ties into her frustration over the tournament, but you can tell how it isn’t helping. She needed an internship where she could get out there and feel useful. Honestly, she needed something like Jiro’s internship; just being helpful support for a Pro Hero in the field. What is she going to pick up from this internship? That if nothing else she can rely on her looks?

      Nice catch with the opening sequence.

  • Eli

    MHA’s first ever completely anime original episode (not counting OVAs), and it went pretty well! Of course even if it is anime original, Horikoshi was still pretty involved.

    “And frankly as we’ve seen…bladed weaponry is still a thing.”
    I wound up mentioning last week about Japan having stricter gun control laws, so when guns are harder to obtain, knives become a popular alternate among crooks. If Uraraka winds up facing a criminal, unless they have a quirk that’s specifically combat oriented they’d probably most likely use a knife, unless they’re like Stain and trained beforehand to use a more powerful weapon like a sword.

    Momo’s definitely disappointed, but sometimes that just happens to people choosing something that winds up not being so helpful to their career. At the very least this is just a week long internship. There are people who spend years and thousands of dollars studying in college just to get a degree that doesn’t help them at all getting a job.

    • FlareKnight

      While Japan’s gun control laws are interesting….I tend not to worry as much about it when it comes to this kind of fictionalized setting. The existence of crazy superpowers could easily result in massive changes to laws. People might start caring less about gun violence when someone can light them on fire at a moment’s notice. But in general we can presume less gun crime being involved.

      Plus I wasn’t even referring to guns…We’re in a universe with superpowers. One would presume most criminals to be using superpowers to commit crimes not necessarily knives. Unless they are like Stain and bladed weaponry ties pretty directly into their quirks.

      There’s no doubt that people can make bad choices. But this is a pretty big thing for Momo’s current character arc. She already suffered a feeling of failure in the athletics competition and now even her decision-making failed her. At this point she wanted an experience that she could take action with and feel like she’s still on the right path to becoming a hero. This didn’t give anything like that.

  • Killsqu4d

    This is how you do filler! I didn’t even read the manga and I knew from last episodes preview that this screamed FILLER. But it was enjoyable none the less