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The show really handled the aftermath of the Stain battle well. This isn’t just a villain that appeared, was defeated, and is gone from memory. The impact of this fight on the characters is big, but also the world itself. One thing that Boku no Hero has done really well is establishing the world. This is a world that developed and grew with the emergence of superpowers and heroes. It isn’t just our world with superpowers, but our world if society had evolved and changed because of these powers emerging. The scary thing isn’t just Stain himself, but what he represents and triggers. I’d be surprised if many really feel the same as he does. It is doubtful that many of the emerging villains want a revival of classic heroism. But that almost doesn’t matter. People will empathize with his desire to destroy the present society.

It is impressive just how badly Tomura misread how things would unfold. It is true that this likely is a positive for his League of Villains, but not one they desired. In some ways it will probably piss off Tomura that the likely growth of his organization will depend on the actions of someone he wanted to erase from the public consciousness. For the immediate future Stain will be the face of villainy. Regardless of Tomura’s feelings, the League of Villains can take advantage of this. Presuming the league’s leader doesn’t do something stupid like turn away anyone that is showing up because of Stain. That is something that I could see happening considering how childish Tomura is.

What I am curious about is the name drops in this episode. If this All for One guy is behind the league of villains, that does make them a scarier organization. We finally get the identity (sort of) of the guy who inflicted that kind of injury to All Might. Anyone that is capable of that is utterly terrifying. We haven’t really seen what All Might could do in his prime. But anyone that could fight him that evenly and end the fight with inflicting massive injuries is a huge threat. It sounds like All Might got some shots in himself, but clearly not enough to stop him for good. I can understand All Might being angry at this news. He isn’t at his best any longer and Deku is on a slow road to replacing him. Hopefully this All for One person isn’t in a hurry.

The world building also is shown in how the heroes have to respond to what happened. The good guys basically being stuck between two choices. They could either acknowledge what these kids did or cover it up and let Endeavor take the credit. It does show the frustrating side of bureaucracy. There is no doubt rules are important. We’ve seen that from how this arc played out. Iida snapped and went rogue which lead to further problems. And yet if they followed the rules exactly then the people who actually stopped the Hero Killer and saved lives would suffer punishment. These kids stepped up and avoided further loss of life. But the rules would say they should have simply reported it in and walked away. General rules are important, but I wish exceptions were easier to apply. Such is how the world works though.

In the end they took the best result possible. They’ll let Endeavor get the credit and shovel everything under the rug. Although if Stain ever speaks out about who actually fought him that could be problematic. Still by keeping them from getting any credit they avoid any punishment. That being something I’d call crazy since they already had to suffer through fighting a psychotic serial killer. The physical and mental scars should be enough. Regardless at least they avoid any public punishment. It isn’t as if they got involved to get public praise anyways so losing that isn’t a major issue. Of course it does give some credence to Stain’s point of view. Individuals who actually did something heroic for no personal gain risk having society punish them for doing so. While someone as utterly flawed as Endeavor gets the public credit. Life isn’t fair….as we certainly know.

The important thing was stopping Stain from killing more people. They stopped Stain along with saving Iida and Native. But, there were downsides in Iiida suffering that serious hand injury. Although if the story wants to that can be fixed through surgery down the road. On top of that Iida’s strength is his legs and those got through this just fine. He will have some lifestyle problems adapting to that hand issue, but it shouldn’t impact his road to becoming a hero. I did get a good laugh as well from Todoroki’s “hand crusher” curse XD. Who will be his next victim? Still, he can’t really blame himself for either situation. Deku messed up his hand on his own and Iida’s injuries were mostly his own fault as well. It’s just a weird coincidence and nothing more. Though maybe Bakugo should watch out going forward…

I am glad that they will be spending time looking at the other students. This is the kind of situation you can go anime-original without a problem. Though I am surprised the anime is outright saying “yeah this is totally original.” A manga does need a fair amount of focus and moving the story forward to keep reader interest. While the anime can easily slow down and spend time with the other kids. Frankly this is a great chance to focus on students we don’t know too much about or haven’t seen as much this season. I’m curious where some students ended up and how their experience went. We’ve seen some useful mentorships (like Gran Torino) to unpleasant ones for the student (like with Bakugo). So next week should be a fun episode.

On a side note, I did get a good chuckle from Ochaco and Gunhead’s conversation. But I did enjoy the contrast between that and Deku’s side of it. Ochaco had the cute embarrassment you’d expect. Clearly she’s developing romantic feelings for Deku and the boyfriend line would startle her. But then you go to Deku who is also freaking out because he’s talking to a girl on the phone XD. While romance is almost never a focus in these kinds of shows…I don’t find it hard to see these two getting together down the road somewhere.

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  • GreyLurker

    Stain is drawing out some scary looking folks to the LoV. THe first time round Tomura basically grabbed as many low rent thugs as he could and tried to crush the school with numbers. These new villains seem very different. At least one of them seems to be directly following Stain (Lizard guy in the Stain cosplay) but others like the girl with the crazy hair are clearly killers.
    The implications of All for One are pretty terrifying. First just because of the name you have to assume some connection to One for All. The key hint being that the Nomu’s have multiple Quirks, to a point that their higher brain functions get shut down. He still has three of those things in storage too and presumably is making more.

    • FlareKnight

      Yeah, Stain looks to be quite the signal to some dangerous people. I mean the brief flashes give the impression of people far more dangerous than the grunts that the League of Villains assembled last season. It’s an interesting path the show is taking here. It feels like we’re sticking with one evil organization, but actually watching it grow and mature. By the end of all this the League of Villains could be quite the scary group. At the very least some of these guys are real killers.

      And yeah the implications of All for one are pretty extreme. Does this person possess every quirk imaginable? Does he have more than one quirk? Maybe he has one really insane quirk that values being called All for One. Who knows. We’ve seen some crazy quirks already. Mind Control or even the Copy quirk. But if this guy is some major threat that even All Might barely survived against…who knows what that person is capable of. Hopefully we find out a bit more before this season ends.

  • Eli

    I wonder if this vision for how quirks are regulated are based off of Japan’s real life restrictions with things like their gun control, which is a lot more strict than how other countries like America treat gun control.

    While the rules about quirks could be pretty bad if someone was in a situation where they needed to defend themselves or someone right there with them, I imagine it’s to not create some precedent where unlicensed people feel they can act recklessly and be a hero. An untrained vigilante might be helpful, but they can also make things even worse, like even acting when in situations where they didn’t need to and interfering with official hero work. And just like villains can be influenced like with Stain (and apparently get attracted to an organization that Stain didn’t even like), would-be heroes might get the wrong idea hearing that some unlicensed student heroes taking down a major villain and the police made an exception for that situation, and think they could do something similar and wouldn’t even have to worry about legal repercussions.

    The anime original episode has me curious. Many fans do like to see the stuff with the other students expanded on, like the fights during the Sports Festival being covered instead of just summarized. Though this also makes me wonder how the pacing will go for the remaining episodes and at which exact point the season will end on.

    • FlareKnight

      I am curious how things will wrap up for this season. A big showdown with Stain would have made for a similar stopping point to last season. But instead we’ve clearly got episodes to go. In the end one positive is that they can use these episodes to pace things out and get to whatever natural stopping point they have envisioned.

      It’s a complicated issue no doubt. It makes sense that they don’t want people just charging into things recklessly. And there is a point to having heroes be part of an official structure. Can probably draw the similarity to things like gun control. Though no doubt it also draws an interesting comparison to standard views on superheroes. Stain’s call is basically for the kinds of heroes we are familiar with. The ones taking action for no benefit of their own and gaining no monetary compensation for it. Of course this system does cover a major problem which is the poor hero that does need to eat and have a roof over their head.

      I just think that people ideally shouldn’t be punished for good acts. I do think the worst result would have been going public and then openly punishing them. Not doing so frankly is more for the established system than anything else. The heat the police and official organizations would come under could be pretty high. As I don’t think a culture that idealizes heroes this much would appreciate punishing kids for saving lives. I do think it could encourage acts outside the laws. Both for the reasons that people might think they can handle things they can’t and also because people might think that the established system is flawed. That if good people are punished for doing good then something is wrong with the system and it shouldn’t be followed.

      In the end it’s simpler to just shovel the truth under the rug. Sadly the villains are able to be much more open and honest about their thoughts and beliefs than the heroes. Not an ideal situation, but in an ideal world people like Stain wouldn’t be murdering people in the first place. I do think this is really the only reasonable thing they could have done. When you make heroics part of a larger government system there are going to be costs. Some of those being rules that in general prevent bad acts, but can catch people doing good things. Just the way it goes.

    • GreyLurker

      I figure they know exactly where they want to end the season and a filler episode or two will make certain of it. The OP shows something where various students are paired up so my guess is that is a sign of the final arc for the season.

      • Eli

        I kind of get what’s going to be covered, it’s just at what point exactly following the main events of that arc will it end at.

  • Killsqu4d

    Todoroki is the GOAT. I loved this episode