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This is turning into a really entertaining competition. I guess when the competitors have super abilities they can do some pretty crazy things for each event. A normal obstacle race ended up having giant robots, minefields, and huge pitfalls. Though I’m hoping the pitfall area had some kind of net at the bottom so you know…people wouldn’t die. Regardless this was a really entertaining episode and one that made you feel like this show is starting to pick up momentum. It was pretty fun just watching the characters deal with the various obstacles thrown in their path. While Deku took the spotlight at the end it allowed new and old characters to shine a little bit. We have a better idea of what some of the new characters are capable of, but also how the main cast will handle these events.

The big thing was Deku’s big move at the end. That he pulled that off without using a quirk kind of throws water on the general studies group or B class. You don’t need an amazing quirk to succeed in that event if you are using everything you have available. It’s nice to see the growth Deku has gone through at this stage. When he first ran into those robots he couldn’t get a single take down and was overwhelmed. But now he’s able to think and defeat the normal level enemies. He may have considered his picking up of that metal plate luck, but in the end it worked out. If he didn’t use his head and realize that thing might be useful then he wouldn’t have had a chance. Not as if other people didn’t ignore that thing when they could have used it later.

It was purely fun though to see him just rocket past everyone. Todoroki and Bakugou were just going at it and battling for the top. But then you have Deku just launch himself past them and create a three-man race. It wasn’t a perfect plan, but Deku also showed his tenacity. He did everything possible to take the lead and then hold it. He deserves acknowledgment by the public and his classmates. This guy isn’t just something from the middle of the pack; he’s a contender to win the whole thing. He wasn’t at the front until the very end, but that’s the point when he took the lead. This does put a bounty on his head for the cavalry race, but that’s what happens when you sit at the top.

It is impressive how many outside of Class A finished near the top though. Aizawa made a fair point this episode in how that attack on the USJ changed these guys. They got a sense of the pro world by facing dangerous threats and protecting their own lives. That has taken away a lot of the hesitation in this kind of school event where the threat level is far lower. Though that doesn’t mean they’ll automatically do better. There are a lot of factors involved in how people finished. Someone like Momo only finished 17th in the race. She had a recommendation like Todoroki, but this particular event didn’t play out to her strengths. Though maybe it just didn’t help that she was carrying around someone like Mineta…

The Cavalry Battle will be an interesting one to see. Deku has a big bullseye on him and everyone will be gunning for him. But at the same time if he’s worth so much on his own then he probably doesn’t have to do a lot to make it through to the next event. It is an interesting contrast to the race. This event is all about team composition while the race was individual efforts in various circumstances. Right after all these people had to race against each other they have to change gears and assemble a strong team. Though hard to say how easy that will be; may come down to personal relationships, tactics, and point value.

As a whole this was just a really entertaining episode. There wasn’t much going on outside of just seeing how the characters dealt with the various obstacles in the race. But the entertainment factor was really there. You can definitely see why this sort of event has basically replaced the Olympics for these people. It’s just fun watching people with powerful abilities deal with various obstacles. There are a few people who stood out and are likely to be big factors for the next round. The inventor girl showed how tech really can even out the playing field. There is a reason why costume designs actually matter for these characters. And one can expect the creepy guy who hasn’t really done anything to make an impact sooner or later. I can’t wait for the next episode.

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  • Killsqu8d

    Uh oh my boy just made enemies! Can’t wait til next episode!

    • FlareKnight

      Yeah. Though that’s what happens when you want to go to the top. In a sense a good lesson to learn early. All Might has probably had guys wanting to take his spot as #1 hero ever since he grabbed it.

      • Killsqu8d

        And villains

  • Clinton

    5th place was also a recommend student. Though it’s not known who the second recommended student in class b is. 4th place Ibara was one of the people who scored well in the test in the first season getting an equal number of combat and rescue points.

    • FlareKnight

      Certainly props to the girl from the support group for rising and moving forward. She took advantage of the part of the course that particularly suited the gadgets she invented and gets to move ahead as a result.

      Not sure I want to give props to the creepy guy….since he’s pretty creepy.

  • GreyLurker

    I can’t believe Minata is still in this, that sneaky little bugger dosen’t look like much but that power of his is strangely versatile

    • FlareKnight

      Hard to believe Mineta is still in it. He is a good example of making the most of what you have. He did a good job early making creative use of his quirk and then later on making sure he could finish decently.

      A creepy guy who I certainly wouldn’t want to hang around. But you can’t deny that he deserves to be here and makes good use of his quirk.

      • GreyLurker

        and he is in Class A. Somehow he managed to avoid ending up in General Studies. Because lets face it. When it comes to capturing people his quirk is pretty top notch and he has clearly learned to use it for a whole lot of different things. It’s just one of those wierd little powers that turns out to be super flexible.

        he’s like one of the stranger Legion of Superheroes characters

  • Omar Salman

    Truly an entertaining episode! All the characters dealing with various obstacles while also involved in a race was really good to see. Bakugo and Todoroki continued to display their awesome skills as they stood on top while other people including those from the other classes also showed how they could use their own strengths magnificently in different situations. At the end though, the best part for me was how Midoriya simply outdid everyone else by using some intelligence and perseverance. The way he used the Metal sheet that he had carried with him from the first obstacle to use the land mines to his advantage and simply fly past everyone including Bakugo and Todoroki was simply incredible. And at the end too when he lost momentum that move he made to ensure that he stayed in the lead was brilliant and showed his tenacity as you mentioned. The moments after he came up on top, including the ones featuring All Might’s analysis of Midoriya were pretty good too.
    The end of the episode made the next round really interesting too now that Midoriya is a target for all others because of his high points. Its getting quite intense.