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With this the intentions of the Ainsworths have come to light. Illya is also in a pretty bad situation right now. She is in the position of having to choose between her friend and the world. Even if Illya does choose to save Miyu she is stuck facing off against Angelica, Rin, and Luvia. Right now Illya is outnumbered and outgunned. The cards left behind at the school being the most effective weapons she has. Illya has to put the world and her friend on a scale and make a choice. Even if she could wrestle with that question, she doesn’t have the time. I can’t imagine Angelica is going to take a nap or let Illya leave. Angelica will likely treat indecision as the same as choosing to save Miyu.


I almost have to start at the end with this one. While we don’t have all the facts here, we have enough to understand what the Ainsworths aim to do. Certainly from a general point of view, you could consider them heroes of justice. A term that certainly has been used quite often by a different Fate-verse character. They are trying to use the Holy Grail to save the world. It certainly sounds like a glorious and very good thing when you break it down like that. Of course it’s the specifics that makes it a bit less simple.

Gil tries to force the conversation against Kuro that the key is that Miyu is the Holy Grail, not a person. While Kuro is pretty focused on Miyu being both. I guess for his argument about what the Ainsworths are doing it makes sense. Though I tend to agree with Kuro that while they are holding the Holy Grail, they also did kidnap a child. It’s a messed up thing. When you look at it from the wider point of view what is kidnapping against world salvation? That is the question that Kuro and the others will have to wrestle with. How do you balance the life of one person against the world?


They all have to deal with this. This more than anything explains why Miyu isn’t willing to just escape. Miyu knows better than anyone what is at stake. Does she leave and allow the world to end? Does she stay captive to whatever fate awaits her? Now that question has to be answered by Illya, by Bazett, and by Kuro. What do they value and how can they wrestle with something like that? Illya has stood on the idea that she will save her friend no matter what. Well now the “no matter what” aspect of it is leaving this world to die. From an outside point of view they would be considered the villains of this world for trying to intervene. I do look forward to next week and seeing the characters tackle this.

I’d still save Miyu XD. If for any reason is that I’d rather risk the end of the world than put my trust in that bunch of lunatics. Look at the Ainsworths…they are absolutely nuts. They don’t care about a person’s mind or soul, only the physical form. They can kidnap and rip minds out of bodies without a care in the world. It is completely over Erica’s head why Illya was upset in this episode or why Miyu wasn’t pleased with what was done to Illya. They simply see people as tools and objects. I wouldn’t put the fate of the planet into the hands of these people. Look at some of the most evil people in history, I wouldn’t trust any of them just because they were trying to save the world. I’ll take my chances with a dying world thanks. And yes, I don’t want to see Miyu die either. As much as not trusting the Ainsworths I wouldn’t leave her with those people if I could help it.


Of course I did enjoy seeing Illya being courageous and getting herself out of that mess. Just getting her body back was a huge step forward. If it didn’t work she might have been completely messed up by the feedback of having that toy body cut to pieces. At least getting back her body allows her to take some action. It is also interesting to see Illya using Sapphire. I will say that both girls are suited to their usual sticks, but this is a good combination for the time being. At least until everyone can get there to try and do something. It does feel like this fight could spiral out of control as more people get involved in it.

It was a bit silly seeing Illya fighting Rin and Luvia like that. Though it kind of shows how utterly weak those two are XD. They had to be armed with those weird fake noble phantasms in order to even be a threat. It is ironic as well that the Ainsworths are a family using a generally weak magic. Heroes of justice using magic that is normally seen as useless…..hmmm haven’t heard of that before. Of course they are using them expertly. The whole idea of the cards is taking their magic to the extreme. Replacing a person (or part of them) with part of a heroic spirit. Not to mention when you can move and deflect where attacks go…that isn’t weak magic. On its own their magic may have limits. But added to the powers of someone like Gilgamesh, then they are powerful beyond belief.


I can’t wait for next week. Illya has to make a decision and fast. I think we can figure out how some of the other characters might respond to this. I don’t think Bazett will care in all honesty. Bazett is the kind of person who gets the job done, no matter how extreme her actions must be. She was willing to do a lot of harm in 2wei just to fulfill her job of acquiring the cards. Kuro I think will act emotionally no matter what. She is using the Archer card which is interesting in this conflict. How Kuro and Illya respond will likely dictate how things move going forward. I just hope that they don’t take too long to figure this out or Angelica might kill them before then.

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