Score: B+

I think this is definitely a good way to start off a new show. We have a good idea about the world and what makes the main character tick. Justice Akatsuka stands out more than just for his first name, but rather the kind of character he is. I kind of like that rather than being really freaked out about having this top secret weapon slapped on his hand….he’s more frustrated about losing in a fight. He’s someone who has spent a long time getting stronger and confident in his abilities. I’m not sure he was at the point of arrogance, but getting stomped really seemed to be a shot at both his pride and what he’d been trying to accomplish. That getting beaten so completely made him really doubt his own skill level and ability. Just someone who really hates to lose.


The big thing though with Justice or “Seigi” as his friend would call him is his family. It’s interesting to see that his father is the kind of person he is aiming to represent. Someone who presumably did the right thing and got involved in situations that he saw happening. A man who taught Justice a lot about how to live his life and accomplish his goals. So he has all these feelings of admiration for his father, but has also grown up with his grandfather basically putting his father down. Talking about how he wasn’t strong enough to accomplish the things he wanted to do and that justice without strength isn’t justice. I suppose it could be interesting examining the grandfather deeper as the show goes along. A man who basically lost his son and now has been training his grandson to the bone in order to make him strong enough to survive. Of course it’s hard to actually prevent all matter of danger and death, that’s just life.

The other main character to get some focus was the Lieutenant “Izzy” who still hasn’t had a full introduction, but we got a decent feel for her character. The girl is one impressive badass who did utterly beat the stuffing out of the MC. While of course she has a powerful tattoo as well, a lot of her strength just comes from pure ability. Pretty much outright saying that she is older than she looks. Which could make any ship teasing kind of bordering on a criminal act…But also explains why she does treat Seigi like a kid, since from her point of view he is and she isn’t. Although she has plenty of cute moments in the episode as well. The restaurant scene was pretty darn fun when she looked like a catgirl and of course her utter failure at tailing Seigi without being obvious about it. A pretty level headed person who has more problems just not beating up people too much than anything else.


The episode mostly just got us introduced to what is going on here and the stakes. Not that unusual to go with a plotline of a secret American weapon being stolen and leaked, but it works. I suppose you can buy the logics behind it. If you could create weapons that were more subtle like tattoos they would be pretty surprising to enemies. Of course in reality after a while they’d be the most obvious weapons ever and require serious responses from those who would fear them. After all they are weapons literally branded onto a person that they can’t simply take off. Maybe you can limit the user depending on what is needed to activate the tattoo, but that’s still a pretty dangerous weapon. Could see countries rather freaking out and maybe even just banning tattoos outright.

Some pretty solid action for the first episode. Justice vs Izzy was pretty good and showed how both characters are pretty capable. It was a pretty smooth exchange and you could certainly feel the damage that Justice was taking at times. Also the power of these tattoos are pretty extreme. Of course the MC has this legendary and dangerous one, but it’s not like the one that powers strength and the one that allows the creation of those air bombs are simple and peaceful. These are pretty advanced weapons and we can get the picture of how crazy some showdowns might be.

OP [Belief] by May’n : (B-)


If nothing else the OP did a pretty good job showing how many insane fighters and battles this show might have. A lot of tattoo users who probably will fit on both the side of allies and enemies to the main cast. The song was alright, felt very standard for this kind of show. Not a bad one, but probably not one that I’ll remember after the show ends. A good kind of preview OP that shows how many fights we might end up seeing.

ED [EGOISTIC EMOTION] by TRIGGER [Bluesy Fluesy (Mikako Komatsu) & Touko Ichinose (Chika Anzai)] : (B+)


The ED seemed to put a fair amount of focus on female cast. With some notable focus on the childhood friend Touko Ichinose. I’m curious how important she will be in this show. Whether she’ll get into the action or serve more as the reminder of a normal life. Could just serve as the anchor for Justice so he doesn’t get lost in this dark underworld. Of course plenty of focus on Izzy and other girls we haven’t seen yet. I think the song is a bit better than the OP. Maybe not the best in the world, but I liked the tone and how it sounded. So that’s a plus. Nothing wrong when you have voice actresses who can sing handling either your OP or your ED. Adds a little something having voices in the show singing.


There’s little chance I’ll have any time to actively blog this one. Summer is a pretty busy season, but I did want to get a first look out for this show. A good chance I’ll be watching it through to the end, but we shall see how the next few episodes play out. I think it could be a solid action series for the Summer Season. The main character seems like a decent guy and I don’t mind a bit of hand to hand combat getting into more shows. May not be in the upper echelon of new shows, but I had a good time watching Episode 1.

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