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A pretty darn fun episode this time around. The showdown between Deku and Bakugo really didn’t disappoint. It was a really intense showdown since Deku was pushing his brain to the limit and trying everything he could to fight back without using One for All. Not like he forgot what Aizawa told him and he knew that rationally he had to get the job done without using that quirk. The danger to killing Bakugo existed, but also he didn’t want to leave himself immobilized.

I really like how they handled this though. It wasn’t like Deku had the perfect plan and managed to execute. He did give in and perhaps make a mistake. But it was a mistake made by the same amount of passion that his opponent had. Deku knew he shouldn’t use One for All, but he had to. Not because it was completely necessary to win, but because he wanted to surpass Bakugo. For the first time he starts declaring his desires outside of just becoming a hero. All those years, all the strain, he respects how gifted Bakugo is and for that reason wants to surpass him. He wants to just overtake this guy that has stood in front of him his whole life.


In a lot of ways Bakugo is the unfortunate result of likely poor parenting, peer groups, and educational systems. Everyone around this guy just continued to inflate his ego, his whole life. Kind of sad that he was actually friends with Deku for a while. Maybe not the healthiest of friendships, but it wasn’t that abusive at the start. Everyone just kept on patting this guy on the back. Somewhat a given with the fact that he could do so many things well and then developed a very good quirk. But with no one to match him or even him out, he just got fuller of himself. With the majority of his friends just being mindless lackeys who treated him like a god, it’s no wonder he turned out this bad.

The only person who tried to treat him like a fallible person was Deku. But once Bakugo developed his quirk and Deku didn’t develop one….that was that. Hard enough to even a person out when you don’t match them, but that just made it worse. Eventually Bakugo did reach the point where Deku treating him like an equal was seen as insulting. After all everyone inflated this guy’s ego to the point where almost no one should be treated like his equal. And he believed that as much as anyone. The end result was as we’ve seen. A bully at best and a criminal at worst. Bakugo doesn’t need much in terms of his skill development, which will take care of itself. He freaking needs counseling. He’s on the road to becoming a criminal himself, not fighting against them.


At least the Iida segments were pretty amusing. I feel for the guy honestly. He has a ridiculous hothead like Bakugo paired with him and has to hang back. In reality he was the ideal person to use as an aggressive player with Bakugo the ideal defender. But, that plan was thrown out the window and they never had a shred of teamwork going for them. Of course this evened the odds nicely for Deku and Ochaco. A pretty good showdown for Ochaco though. She put up a good fight. Certainly Iida did his homework in removing all the objects she could take advantage of in the room. Heck, he even had a good strategy of carrying the nuke around. It was light enough to pull that off and all he had to really do was play keep-away with her. The new suit seems to be working pretty well for her, wasn’t nearly as nauseous as she was in the exam.

The plan paid off nicely at the end. Deku using Bakugo’s aggressiveness to create a heavy amount of destruction inside the building. All that destruction created more than enough for Ochaco to work with. Giving her the items she needed in order to fight against Iida. The good thing was that these two never forgot their goal. Getting to that “weapon” was the prime mission and they pulled that off. Plus I love her tactics there XD. Lowering the weight of the debris and the pillar so she could smack them at Iida, creating a barrage that he had to focus on and thus lowering his awareness of her position. That was enough.


A great showdown through the episode between Deku and Bakugo. You could really see Deku using every bit of information he had to fight his best. He put up an insane fight with just a well-trained body and knowledge. He couldn’t for almost the whole fight risk using One for All, and thus he had to take risks. Of course it does show that despite his character flaws, Bakugo’s physical talents are top tier. He is extremely capable and can handle himself. He even managed through the fight to use his own quirk in creative ways and surprise Deku, at least respecting his opponent enough to continually push the pace and leave him less time to strategize. Good adjustments with his suit, which creates….a pretty dangerous weapon there.

That massive punch vs punch was pretty great as well. Even there Deku was keeping his mind on the goal and winning. He did face Bakugo with all he had and he was the one who fell after all the damage he took from Bakugo and his own attack. But, Deku won. The shock of that realization far more devastating than anything else. It wasn’t about winning the fight, but the match. It was a really emotional moment for him. He didn’t plan on using that, he didn’t want to while he can’t control it, but it was the only thing he could think of.


Another strong episode. Really delved into the background of these two and where they currently stand. I honestly doubt there is ever going to be a truly strong friendship there, but who knows. Maybe well down the road they can at least tolerate each other enough to work together to get a crisis resolved. For the time being though…we’re not there. A good job by Deku and Ochaco. They got the job done and completed the job. Though it’s back to the medical ward for Deku.

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