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This show is just the definition of consistent. The show just never fails to have me laughing and enjoying the adventures of this messed up cast of characters. I just loved the whole thing and continue to appreciate the cast for their great quirks. This episode being much more focused on Aqua and added another great side character to the mix. This sword master from another world named Mitsurugi. Someone who in a sense represents what Kazuma could have had if he didn’t want to spite Aqua so much in the first episode. Kazuma and Mitsurugi both have the kind of things that the other would like. I mean obviously that kind of obsessive worship leads Mitsurugi to wish he had Aqua traveling with him, while I’m sure Kazuma would have liked to have a real super weapon/talent. Something that could have allowed him to travel and have the kinds of adventures he dreamed of having in this world. Instead of having to play it safe and grind his way up from the bottom.

Mitsurugi really is the classic type you’d expect in this kind of fantasy adventure situation. A bit narcissistic, will destroy property to accomplish his goals, and is off fighting dragons with his cute allies. I’m sure the guy wants to be this kind of classic hero. Doing the right thing, protecting the weak, etc. But he went and picked a fight with a much more unconventional hero and his unconventional allies. The guy didn’t stop to think at all when dealing with Kazuma. The guy is this low leveled adventurer, the weakest job class. Pretty easy to make bold proclamations and challenges when you are this advanced class with an OP magic sword. I don’t think he’s a bad guy, but he just picked a fight with the wrong person. Kazuma doesn’t hold back and now the guy had to run off to try and buy back his own sword. Which should be possible. I mean he’s got money from all the questing he does and should be able to pay to buy the sword even if it costs him a mountain to do it. Not like anyone can get practical value from a sword that only Mitsurugi can use.


There is so much hilarity in this episode. Aqua as usual being this blathering, mess that just clings to Kazuma and begs him for help. Wanting to stop working part-time and thus needing a big quest to do. That quest…oh my god that was great. I love how Kazuma figures out how they can safely do the quest. Sure, maybe they could try fighting off those giant gators…but I don’t think it’d end well. Instead he takes a more rational route. Like putting someone in a shark cage, you just stick Aqua in that cage and wait. They don’t have to risk their lives and Aqua is relatively safe.

Well in theory this works XD. The result being that Aqua who constantly mocked Kazuma for being a shut-in NEET, ends up a shut in herself. Understandably though. I mean she was in that cage for 5 hours while giant alligators were trying to break open the cage and kill her. 5 hours is a long time when you are in a frantic and terrified state. Of course the pressure and making her desperately use her purification magic on top of her goddess abilities did cut the cleansing time from a predicted 12 hours to 7. My condolences for Aqua though. Sure she had the option to run, but she wanted that money. Plus at a certain point she was probably so terrified that giving up probably never crossed her mind.

At least the group decided to give her the whole reward. Spending 5 of the 7 hours watching her be attacked probably took any desire for reward out of them. They didn’t rush down there to fight either, but they did give her the full reward. It was kind of hilarious and sad seeing Aqua unwilling to leave the cage. The cage is her sanctuary, the cage is her safe haven XD. And that was a nice little song she sang in the town. Depressing as hell, but very nicely sung. Kazuma feeling some sympathy as well since even he’d admit to himself that he was a shut-in before.


It honestly makes sense that Aqua doesn’t remember the guy. First…she’s an idiot. Second, she probably has sent a lot of people over here. Though the fact that they haven’t won is kind of worrying. It’s hard to remember every single person. She might have given the impression of being this great and perfect being, but Aqua isn’t perfect. Mitsurugi probably just got caught up in first impressions and since Aqua wasn’t in a bad mood, she didn’t give away the impression of being someone who just didn’t care.

I kind of liked seeing both how Kazuma got annoyed at this guy and how his party members responded to Mitsurugi’s attitude. Even Aqua admitted to having a lot of fun in this world and not being angry at Kazuma anymore. In a sense it was fighting over a woman like people thought. Kazuma seemed bugged partly that acted the way he did when he doesn’t know Aqua nearly as well (as he does). It does show though that Darkness and Megumin care about Kazuma. That they were getting pissed at this guy grabbing their ally and being rude to him. Megumin was ready to shoot a blast in the middle of the town to end this nonsense. Although Kazuma is right that his party has a lot of flaws, I do think he misses what they can do well sometimes. One of his weaknesses.


Another ‘weakness’ is how he can get caught up when it comes to harassing people. The guy does have a sadist personality at times. He didn’t need to go that far to scare off Mitsurugi’s allies, but he went all out XD. I mean that hand motion! They just played that up to the limit and I loved it XD. Just utterly scaring the heck out of those girls and making them run for it. Just look at the expression he had when they were running. That and the reaction his own allies had. From disbelief (Aqua), to embarrassment (Megumin), to…well excitement (Darkness). Kazuma may complain about his reputation in this world…but a lot of it is earned.

I will give Kazuma props though. The guy knew how to deal with Mitsurugi who had him outclassed in terms of pure strength. He is a low level adventurer, there is no way he can beat a sword master in a straight up brawl. So he just used steal like a flashbang, stole the sword and smacked him with it. It worked perfectly. I love the finish though. Since he can’t use a weapon that is the perk of someone else…he just sold it XD. The sword has no value for him, but someone will pay a pretty penny for it.


And of course there was the ending. I was wondering last week what would happen with Dullahan. Well, we got the answer. He got tired of waiting and so appeared to basically say “WTF!” There was no reason to go fight him after Aqua cleansed the curse from Darkness. Looks like he’ll be ready for a fight this time though. Curious to see how the group will deal with this kind of situation. It should be pretty hilarious.

One other nice thing was the show making the point that Megumin was still impacted by last week’s incident. She wasn’t so eager to fire off explosions after Darkness nearly paid the price. She tried to shake it off and act like it wasn’t bothering her, but it sure seemed to be.

In the end this was another great episode. This show just continues to deliver and I’m glad to be able to watch it.

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