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Well on the positive side, this time Qwenthur’s habitual sexual harassment actually served the greater good. I wouldn’t exactly say what he did was a good thing, but it at least temporarily helped in this singular situation. Though I would have liked to just have Frolaytia handle the issue herself. But in the end there isn’t a bad thing to be said about a person who needs help being given that help. It might be an embarrassing solution, but it’s not like Frolaytia hasn’t already made a serious decision with her career plans and her avoidance of personal relationships. Though I can’t help but thinking it might still be a bad result in some ways. Frolaytia already has the troubles she has, it’d be a disaster if people actually starting to believe she was a loose person who sleeps around.


Props to Havia for handling things around the dam so well. Just a mess really that he had to handle. Being attacked by his “allies” because he wouldn’t let them do something as insane as blowing up a damn and killing thousands. What a jerk really. Luckily I suppose the stupidity that led that group to do something this extreme also made them too stupid to fight with intelligence. They are part of the “Clean War” group so they probably have limited tactical training. The kind of training that would teach them to change frequencies or stop using the radio to communicate when you are fighting someone on the same frequency.

Bilany ended up being a pretty over the top and dangerous person. The moment Havia got in the way she shot to kill. I don’t mind as much the bit about her being so hard line in terms of “negotiation” since well they are in a military. Somehow I can’t imagine troops that were in this level of disagreement would try to take a calm and flexible approach to settling the dispute. The problem in the first place being that her plan is so extreme and insane. She’s told openly that it won’t work, she’s told that Baby Magnum isn’t going to be there, and reminded that this isn’t their country or land. Destroying a dam for no actual reason and for no benefit is basically terrorism.

Well...probably not

Well…probably not

Things once again got pretty dangerous though Qwenthur did luck out this time with the slow reaction speed of that Object. I suppose the pilots of that thing never imagined close combat or having to deal with individual soldiers on the ground. Either way it was a lucky break that her survived. Plus, kind of impressive that Qwenthur knew how to use his gun shots to pass along a specific message XD. That was a pretty bad situation, but it turned into an awesome victory for the group in short order. Not that it would have mattered anyways, but it was a pretty bad situation there for Qwenthur. Trapped on the ground with both his legs in rough shape. While people are basically helpless in front of Objects in the first place, he was especially vulnerable in that state.

Pretty nice job done in the end to bring down the Break Carrier. Milinda was on the ball in a hurry and took her shot when she had it. Though I’m not sure it’s necessary to try and fire through a tunnel with that kind of weaponry, but I suppose the limited amount of force being shaved off by firing through a mountain is still worth it. It was a pretty nice shot XD. Once again a good bit of teamwork brought down a powerful Object and they avoided getting themselves killed.


Though maybe the most disappointing part of all this was that Halreed, the noble elite pilot managed to survive. I suppose someone that trashy would manage to avoid dying similar to a cockroach. What’s really silly is that his getting owned actually moved him up to the top spot. Goes to show how dumb the nobles are in this Kingdom. Guy nearly gets killed before ever managing to do a single thing on the battlefield and that somehow gets him credit….ok. At least Qwenthur helped make the current first candidate willingly drop out, but in the end it hardly changes the reality of the situation. It’s just a gesture that he cares.

Another important point made was that the mystery stealth Object still hasn’t been seen. Break Carrier clearly didn’t have the stealth tech needed. A crazy thing to think that this group actually managed to make such a super stealth Object, but maybe not too bad. I mean if that thing hasn’t been willing to fight openly and has instead just powered turrets then it probably isn’t that powerful in a straight up fight. Though I suppose in the end our main cast will have to face that thing sooner or later.


Not a bad episode I thought. The plan to take down this Object made sense and was a pretty close call. Even Frolaytia got pretty messed up by being too close to the explosion that occurred. No complaints about her giving Qwenthur some punishment for taking those kinds of dangerous actions against her orders and punishing him in advance of the stunt he pulled at the end. He should just hope that Milinda never finds out about this or he might end up on the wrong side of an Object’s main cannon. Looking forward to the next arc and seeing how things turn out. The main cast has survived another crisis, but that doesn’t mean they are out of the woods. With this show continuing on into the winter season we’ve got more of this ahead of us.

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