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Opinions (A):

Oh man that felt so darn GOOD. After quite a few episodes of taking some serious downtime, team Service Club was back in full swing this episode.

I mentioned an episode ago that I expected Yukino to cut through all the bullshit and just say it like it is, followed by some softening of the blow by Yui, and true to form, it all happened this episode.

The student council issues were more or less dealt with this episode, and we finally got that stupid student council president getting his ass handed to him by the combined logic of Hikigaya and Yukino.

In general, the service club in general was just firing an all cylinders and felt like it really had not only gotten its mojo back, but had gotten better.

Hikigaya’s meeting to properly discuss the event before dealing with the other school was a pretty smart idea, and then taking on said other school on a unified front was just great to see.

Beyond just that though, with the schools splitting off and doing their own thing, Hikigaya was able to help Rumi a bit too by making her part of their school’s play. And as anyone who’s been involved in a play can tell you, there’s no way you can’t not interact with people when you’re involved with something like that.

And I think the best thing to come out of this episode was Iroha. The episode opened with the fallout from her little confession, and I think my respect only grew for her from there.

It made sense that Iroha was affected by Hikigaya’s little declaration. In essence, Hikigaya’s little speech has moved three girls to act, one of which has become the better person for it.

Iroha and Hayato were never really going to work, or happen, so its better for her to cut her losses and move on. Which, in turn, has her focus on other things in life, like being a good student council president for one.

After the whole issue with the other school is resolved, we really do see Iroha finally coming into the role of student council president.

“Youkai da Kaichou” (Got it President) from Hikigaya as Iroha headed towards the light was a pretty solid moment. And with that I’d say Iroha’s gone from “sleezy” and fake, to one of the more endearing characters to come from this show yet.

As to whether her and Hikigaya have any romantic prospects… I don’t really see it. I like the yin and yang dynamic the two of them have, and that Hikigaya is really like a senior/older brother that she seems to tease quite a bit.

But while Iroha might not be gunning for Hikigaya, it seems pretty obvious now that both Yukino and Yui are pretty much ready to.

Despite Hikigaya’s realization, it seems his speech has spurred both of them to follow through with their feelings and go for him in earnest.

There’s a heart warming quality to watching the three of them interact now, and its worth mentioning that both of them seem to have some pretty active chemistry with Hikigaya at the moment.

First there’s Yui, who ends up going on a date with Hikigaya to buy a present for Yukino’s birthday. While all we get of the date is a quick montage, its pretty obvious that the two of them have a good time. At this point I’ve been listing at length why I’m firmly in camp Yui but I have to admit the moments between Hikigaya and Yukino did have me waver a bit.

The few scenes between Hikigay and Yukino oozed romantic tension too. Yukino is starting to throw hints at Hikigaya too, and while he’s too dense to notice, the effort is definitely there.

But before we can get to whoever ends up with Hikigaya, there’s two pressing matters that need to be dealt with.

The first, is obviously Yukino’s issues with her family, which she ends up running into thanks to Yui and Hikigaya running into her sister and Hayato.

And speaking of which, there’s Hayato. Hayato’s a character that I haven’t looked too kindly on, as he’s the depressed goody two shoes so far. He’s frankly not had much development, and its high time we understood what happened between him and “Yukino-chan” (As he accidentally ends up calling her).

Three episodes left to go, and I feel like we’ll be focusing on Yukino’s issues for the remainder of the season. Not a bad way to end it, though I am curious to see if we’re actually speeding to a conclusion.

The fact that this episode had not one, but two montage bits (one of the christmas event, and then the Yui/Hiki date) has me wondering if we might just end up skipping through things a bit.

While I didn’t really mind it that much, I did feel like those scenes themselves could’ve easily used an entire episode each. Then again, we’ve only got 13 episodes this season, unfortunately.

In any case, this was another solid episode in a season that keeps on giving. All that’s left to do is enjoy the ride, and see where we land.


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The Hayato episode eh? All right, I’m game, bring it Yahari.

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