Thank you Dog Days, this is exactly what I would expect from Leo’s marriage interviews! Just a lot of pure action and showing how darn hard it will be for Leo to get married XD. This was a nice opportunity for world building as well and it felt like a very Dog Days episode. The third season has been interesting to this point, but this felt very normal for what you get with this show.

It’s very much the world of Dog Days to turn anything into a big event and this was a great chance for it. One might worry a bit about having a new part of the ruling family chosen through pure combat, but considering combat is a very good economic part of this world that actually can be a good thing. Not like Leo would back down even from someone who could ‘probably just barely’ beat her in a fight and having more firepower would let them win more war games also. Plus this just shows the kind of person Leo is. She respects strength a great deal and couldn’t settle for someone who is weak.


The episode itself was pretty well action from start to finish. The lead up to the fighting was full of great atmosphere and the fights themselves weren’t bad. Of course there was only one really competitive fight, but even seeing Leo one-shot guys was still fun. Plus it just shows how darn strong she is. She could fight all these people with little rest and still do that well. Certainly she was having a good time getting into that many battles in a row and fighting with various weapons. Kind of a god of the battlefield that’s for sure.

Was also fun to get all the commentary. Got a good laugh from Cou’s comment that Leo might never find anyone to marry her if she’s that overwhelmingly powerful XD. Nothing wrong with a bit of jesting between friends for sure. Even the commentary wasn’t holding anything back with Gaul mentioning how Leo has all kinds of stupid strength.

The light-hearted aspect of it carried towards the after event. I’m not going to complain about an excuse to throw the various characters into formal wear. Though heavy focus coming in for Eclair, Yuki, Rico, Nanami, and Becky. While Shinku was pretty roughly dressed in a sense, it was kind of nice to see the hints of hero mode in Becky and Nanami. Both definitely dressing up well for the event. Even if Nanami seems more eager to conquer the buffet than romance XD.


The story with the Leaf kid was pretty nice. No wonder she ended up making that kid fall for her back then. Though really says something for his determination that he kept on training so much that he actually turned into a pretty young powerhouse. Down the road that kid could really be unstoppable. Even if he didn’t realize what a marriage interview was about (though in some ways not sure Leo does either) his feelings for her are genuine and he just wanted a chance and opportunity to speak with her again. Came pretty close to getting more than he bargained for there XD!

The fight between them was great. Had the early portion when they were just getting used to what each other were capable of and Leo getting rid of the cloak. Then it just went into a full blown brawl where both did a great job. It was a bare minimum win for Leo at the end of the day. Says something for a competitor when they can blow away her clothing. A kind of win that everyone could enjoy I guess XD.

In a sense it is just nice to have a better view of how large this world really is. We’ve seen characters like Vert around, but no real signs of their own countries. Now we can get more of an impression of the number of nations that are out there, just not very close by. This episode was good for that kind of thing and good for letting the cast members just hang out. Watching Leo fight really is fun as a spectator. Also just that little scene with Gaul and Shinku talking shows that yeah these two do still hang out and are friends/rivals.


I thought that was a fun episode. The fights weren’t too even until the end, but it was fun. We got some mentioning of various countries that are out there and got to meet some new faces. No sure what to expect from the next episode. The title not giving as much away. Maybe Leaf will make another appearance? We do have one legendary hero in this series, but not sure what possible connection could be there. Something to look forward to at any rate.
Score: A-

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