Another episode of Dog Days and another female character falling to the charms of Shinku’s harem power XD. My condolences to the princess of the forest people, but you have no chance. This was a good episode though and pulled the focus back to Shinku and the Biscotti characters. It’s good to spread out the focus though. And they are keeping the focus on this season to the demons which can give the impression there is a more serious series of episodes ahead, perhaps being saved for the finale.

This episode was a good mix of world building, fanservice, and some actual action. Seemed like they wanted to cover a lot in this episode and did a solid job of it. I’m curious to see where things might go forward from here. Also, full props to the show for giving us Eclair in a full blown jealous rage mix. You just knew that with her coming in late she’d arrive at a terrible moment. It’s a bit too bad she’s been held out the fights (mostly) to this point, so hopefully she gets some focus in coming episodes.


I will say that it’s a bit strange how much they focused on bouncing Yuki’s chest in this episode. Not that it’s never happened, but they didn’t do sound effects with it in the first two seasons. I don’t think it’s that her character was too subtle before. Hopefully they don’t have that merging into action scenes since that would be silly. Still, she did keep it normal during combat which I’m glad for. It was kind of funny having Yuki act as translator for the forest people though it makes sense since she is a special existence herself. Easy to forget that when she fits in so easily with the rest of the cast.

This episode was chop full of fanservice. I’m not sure if it’s more than the second season, but either way they are certainly having fun with the fact that Dog Days is full of great female characters. This opponent being surprisingly tough with it’s throwing ability and just the amount of sticky goop it could throw around. It didn’t blow away their clothes or anything, but did get them stuck in awkward positions and unable to help. Kind of lucky for Shinku that he was just sent flying instead or they really would have had trouble there. Instead just a lot of good fanservice from Yuki, Becky, Millhi, and even Rico. Everyone got their moment to be stuck.


The action itself was fine. Everyone got a few good moments and this opponent a bit trouble some to deal with. It had surprisingly strong hits that busted Shinku’s weapon and was able to snipe Rico from a long range. Even Shinku had to pull out some major hits when he got eaten by that thing. This was a good episode to show how Shinku has continued to grow from the first episode where he became a hero for Biscotti. His abilities and skills have grown a lot and he didn’t even have to use the hero crystal to finish that one off. Well on his way to being a great hero for Biscotti and they might need that in the future.

This episode also did some good world building. We are getting a feel for how these countries run their economies. Certainly an idealized kind of green economic system they have going. Able to just use as much as is safe for the environment and let the rest grow. Probably easier to do that in these kind of monarchies where the rulers can control so much and are on good terms with each other. Allows them to have strong control over things and keep everything moving in a healthy direct. Probably also a factor when you have literal spirits of the land that you need to stay on the good side of.

And it all just ended with Shinku passing out drunk XD. The forest spirits had a nice gift for him. After he saved their princess I suppose that’s only fair. Though it did leave him in quite the hilarious situation. Everyone having to look over his past out self and then Cou and Eclair showing up at such a time. Kind of funny how everyone got scared of Eclair in that situation even her own Princess XD. Not a bad way to wrap things up.


Not the most epic of episodes, but a solid one. It did some work on building up this world a bit more and showing the relationship the people there have with their environment. And it was fun to imagine another strange combination with Leo and Eclair. I do kind of wonder if we’ll see any of those actually happen during the show. Either way, it was another nice episode and I’m looking forward to the next one.
Score: B+

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