There’s a lot of shows that have been strong from this season, but this one just makes me smile each week. Majimoji Rurumo is just a show that has an old-school feel and makes you think back to more optimistic times. So often shows get pretty dark and trying to invert troupes, but this show just seems content with telling a nice story with a pair of likable lead characters. It really feels like a throwback to a time when magic in anime was just magical. You weren’t really worried about how it all functioned, just that it did. This just feels like a show you can stop and watch, letting the story unfold in a steady and enjoyable manner.

Plenty of reasons exist for why this show shouldn’t have much attention. It’s not the most visual stunning and has an older feel to it. There isn’t a ton of fanservice though there is some on occasion. The story doesn’t sound like anything that would wow you either. But yet it all just seems to work with this show. Majimoji Rurumo has managed to create a fun show that does have serious aspects to it, but doesn’t let that drag the show down.


The core of what I enjoy about this show comes down to the lead characters. Kouta certainly has that initial impression of yet another perverted main character that is just after the girls. Certainly he has that aspect to him, but at his core he’s a really good guy. The first episode had him taking an action that was almost certain to lead to his death. But he couldn’t let Rurumo go through something terrible because of him so he took action. That can be found within most of the early episodes. He has a self-sacrificing nature when it comes to doing the right thing. He looks out for and does care about Rurumo. While he can get swept up in being all about the girls, he recovers in a hurry when it’s needed.

Rurumo also has aspects of herself that could feel cliche without her background added in. The quiet character who isn’t the best at expressing herself and also isn’t the most coordinated. But it doesn’t play up her lack of coordination for just laughs, but rather shows how that has impacted her life. How her aptitude for interaction has lead to her suffering and being deceived. But here comes this guy who really does look out for her and is truly kind to her and that means something to Rurumo.

Watching the growing connection between these two is just honestly fun. I like both of them and want good things for both characters. Every episode has me smiling for some reason and looking forward to more.


The supporting cast isn’t overly deep right now, but they can be pretty entertaining to watch. Can’t say I’ve seen the kind of mother Kouta has for quite a while. Always seems to be worried her son is up to something and ready with a knife…to deal with him if he is. I’m not sure if a yandere mother is a thing…but she’s definitely a scary individual. Kouta’s friends aren’t the most distinctive, but it’s a few episodes in and I can respect focusing more on the main characters.

Right now just getting a feel for the cast. The morals committee that presumes Kouta is always up to something, which he kind of is. Of course they can also go insanely overboard so it’s a mixed thing. Chiro is Rurumo’s familiar who is very focused on getting Rurumo’s training period finished even considering the price that must be paid. While Rurumo is very unorthodox in some respects, Chiro seems to regard the system that exists as being just fine. Tanako just showed up in the cast and added some real personality, though who knows how involved she’ll be in the series overall.


The plot as a whole feels like a throwback concept. We’re not talking about Nanoha where magic has a scientific aspect to it or Madoka where it’s just purely depressing. The magic here is pretty fantastic in that it can do quite a bit and we haven’t really seen its limitations. But there is a cost when it comes to dealing with humans on Earth. Basically one of those “wishes you better be prepared to die for” kind of thing. The witches appear to be close to immortal or at the very least very long lived as Rurumo isn’t nearly as young as she looks.

The biggest problem is of course that Kouta and Rurumo are left on opposite sides of the line. Rurumo needs to use her magic to complete her training and Kouta needs to not use up all the tickets. I don’t expect it will all be resolved in this show, but it will be fun to see how that will be handled. Right now it’s just fun watching Kouta and Rurumo interact as the story slowly puts itself together. Only 4 episodes in at this point, but I’m enjoying it. The story is focusing a lot on Kouta dealing with Rurumo entering his life and how that really changes everything.

OP [Seiippai Tsutaetai!] by Suzuko Mimori: (A)


I’m not sure if calling an OP cute sounds weird, but honestly that’s the first word that popped into my head. This is just a really cute OP. It fits the show really well as something fun to watch with a good beat to it. It covers the various members of the cast, shows key plot points like the magic tickets and just sounds really good. Ending the way it does with the hand holding, the Rurumo smile and everyone gathering around her is just nicely done. In my opinion it all just really works.

ED [Futari no Chronostasis] by Yurika Endou: (A-)


The ED doesn’t fall far behind the OP in terms of being enjoyable. Tells a nice little story of Rurumo learning to ride a bike. Something that might seem a bit random until the third episode it starts to make some sense. Rurumo is someone with serious issues when it comes to coordination. Something like a bike wouldn’t be easy for her to pick up and it’d be slow going. But Kouta was right there throughout to help her and eventually she takes off. I wouldn’t say I loved the song the same as the OP, but it’s still really nice.


As things stand it’s just a really enjoyable show that I feel should have more attention than it does. It may not stand out visually, but it doesn’t look bad or low quality. It’s not trying to change anime or a genre, just tell a fun story with likable characters. I think something can be said for a show that leaves you smiling at the end. It’s not pure positive, some unfortunate things have happened to characters in the story. But it still has a good feeling about it and even with the stakes set up by the end of the first episode. I think it’s a show that is really worth checking out. Watching even just the first episode should give a good feel for where it’s going. The OP/ED fit really well and make me eager to see how the themes contained in them may connect to the show as a whole. I think this really is one of the nice hidden gems of the season.

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