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Fridays are definitely back to being memorable, as Fairy Tail continues to build on the momentum of not only the first episode, but the first series as well.

I really have missed this, the story and build up that Fairy Tail is just so darn good at. It takes real confidence, and the kind of confidence that only Mashima-sensei or Hunter X Hunter’s Togashi-sensei have, to just ignore action and have the characters and the plot take center stage.

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Some may argue that its the second episode, and we still haven’t gotten any major action yet, but I can say that I’ve just been hooked, glued to the screen at every second of the episode. More importantly, a ton of important questions are being answered, and the whole idea behind this arc… Which indeed may become the Eclipse arc before long, is becoming clearer.

I’ll admit, that as the episode started recapping stuff, I had nightmare flashbacks to when One Piece began doing the same thing. Of course, thankfully the recap was concise, quick and well done, and we got right into the thick of things following the OP. 41 seconds is really not bad as far as recaps go, and that’s a breath of fresh of air in the shounen space at least.

So what happened in this latest episode? The big thing I’d say, is we got the low down on what the Eclipse Project was. I admit, the answer was a lot more simpler and elegant than I was thinking; Time Travel.

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Now… Time Travel is a rather large can of worms for any story to open up. Time paradoxes, characters displayed through time e.t.c, and its something that Fairy Tail has largely avoided. We’ve had a time skip for sure, but actually traveling back in time changes a lot.

That said, however, I can’t even contain my excitement on the possibilities that time travel does bring to the story. The first thing is, of course, that Mashima-sensei has a great track record of handling time travel or at least time related stuff in both this series and his older manga, Groove Adventure Rave.

Secondly, I think the time travel thing is what’s going to provide a nice gateway for us as viewers to understand the core history and mythology of the world of Earthland. Zeref for example, was apparently mortal at one point before he turned immortal, and the story behind all of that would be pretty solid.

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As for the plan by the Captain of the Cherry Blossom Holy Knights (what a mouthful!) Arcadios, its definitely a very risky plan. Going back time and killing Zeref before he gains immortality is okay in theory, but the ramifications would be extreme.

Its no stretch to say that Zeref has shaped the world as it is now. Most of our characters are some how related to Zeref in some way, I mean, Gray’s entire tragic backstory is based on Zeref’s creation deliora. If Zeref is destroyed, then Gray never loses his family, and never meets Ul and never trains to become a Mage, and never joins Fairy Tail e.t.c.

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You get the idea, and Zeref seems to be related to our main man Natsu too, so who knows what impact Zeref has had on Natsu. With all of that in mind, If I were one of the people living in the present at Earthland, I’d be widely opposed to changing the past.

As Lucy rightly points out when she’s in captivity with Yukino, there’s no guarantee that the world will change to be the way you want it to.

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Speaking of Yukino, we get her whole backstory this week, and while its tragic, I can’t see her motivations as all together smart. The fact that her family was torn apart because of Zeref is tragic, but I’m not sure if eliminating Zeref will fix the fact that people can become fanatical and do horrible horrible things as a result.

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And of course, there are quite a few in the Royal Army who share my opinion on this, as Arcadios is labelled a traitor in this very episode. He’s sent to prison alongside Lucy and Yukino, with the other members of Fairy Tail unable to do anything because of the Eclipse Gate itself.

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In retrospect, going with Arcadios wasn’t the best of ideas, especially when the guy admitted that he had tried to capture Lucy earlier.

With Lucy in captivity though, Natsu and co are told that if they win the Grand Magic Games, then the King might spare Lucy, since he’s quite fond of Fairy Tail.

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Of course, that sounds about as legit as a businessman in a dark alley. I really liked the way Makarov and the rest of Fairy Tail actually sat back and thought for a bit. It makes sense that Natsu would be roaring to go, but often times most of Fairy Tail has been pretty quick to rush into things.

When you’re dealing with a kingdom, however, it makes sense to be a bit more cautious. The eventual plan that Makarov goes with, is pretty solid I’d say.

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Laxus, Gray, Erza, Gajeel and Juvia head to the final of the Grand Magic games, while Natsu, Wendy, The Exceed Trio and Mirajane head to rescue Lucy behind the scenes.

At one point I was thinking the whole business with the Eclipse project would overshadow the finals of the Grand Magic games, but this setup lends to an added weight to the finals.

And MAN! That killer team of 2 S-Class Mages, One DragonSlayer and Gray and Juvia? That’s a team I’d definitely pay to see.

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Speaking of teams, I think this week more or less confirmed what happened in Sabertooth last episode. Lector is definitely dead, as is the Guild Master. It’ll be interesting to see how Gajeel deals with Sting and Rogue?  I’d love to see Gajeel dish out some double hurt much like Natsu did in the last battle.

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The little introduction of each team served to reacquaint us with everyone, but it felt less artificial than that bar scene from last week. It made sense, and it was good to see how things are going to go. More than anything, as Mavis stated, its a war on two fronts, and one that makes for great and exciting storytelling.

Things are definitely coming to a boil, and we’ll have to see where the Eclipse Project ends up leading us. Is that dark dreary landscape the current present changed? is it the future? Or maybe even the past?

Fairy Tail S2 - 02 - 26 Fairy Tail S2 - 02 - 27

As everything does come to a boil, Its hard to not get excited. Fairy Tail is definitely firing on all cylinders. Its still unclear if the action can match the quality we saw from the last series, but given how well everything else is going, I’m pretty optimistic.

Also, the fact that Mavis and Makarov have nicknamed each other “Number One” and “Number Six” is both extremely cute and pretty hilarious! XD


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Okay, I’m excited to see who the Fairy Tail Tactician is, and whether she’s on team Rescue Lucy or  team Grand Magic games. See you all next week!

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  • Krelra

    I am getting glued to the screen to. I was downloading the episode to watch it the following day. Ofc I ended up watching it all that night instead.
    The ost in FT is still the same awesome Irish/themed music I have some to love.

    • Yeah my review ended up a bit late, but its safe to say that this was the highlight episode of the week for me.

      The OST in Fairy Tail is definitely unique, and its interesting that you see Irish qualities in it, I haven’t exactly seen that myself, but I can see where you’re coming from.

      I’m still thinking the hooded figure is Levi, but it could be Lucy too. At this point its hard to tell. Its a mystery reveal that Fairy Tail’s keeping for later, so its bound to be pretty important.

      The green haired girl, we see her a bit in the preview, but I think its a good bet that she’s part of the royalty. If she is the minister’s daughter, that would provide some context into his actions, especially why he’s so against changing the current present.

      I’m honestly not too worried about the Grand Magic Games, I’d say Fairy Tail has it in the bag, even without Natsu and Mirajane there XD

  • CaptainPancakes

    To be honest I was sort of bored this episode and last episode because it was just really long exposition without substance. The dialogue was a bit shabby IMO, because the writers felt like each character had to had a line explaining what we already heard. Like “we’re baking brownies!”

    “We need chocolate!”
    “And eggs!”
    “And water!”
    “I see. So we need those three things for brownies.”

    That’s more of a personal issue though and it’s nothing new in FT so I’m going to have to get past that eventually. IMO though it can take away from exposition when it’s like that because the flow is messed up entirely. It makes it feel like I’m watching a 12+ Dora the Explorer in the Japanese language.

    (But then again that’s a personal thing.)

    Still bored though and unlike other exposition episodes (like the Edolas one where the new characters were revealed), there wasn’t much attempted humor or drama to balance anything. It was just “talk talk talk” and am I supposed to get this or be interested? Time travel is interesting I guess. But I wasn’t like “:O” when I heard it because after a walking city destroying a ghost town guild and an alternate world where there are alternate versions of yourself, it sort of loses impact when you realize it’s just as far-fetched as the others were.

    So yeah not a very exciting episode but then again I’m not really into exposition episodes in the first place. Just thought it went on for too long and nothing really happened. Lucy got arrested. And is helpless. Again. So there’s that.

    And p.s. the character designs are really grating me right now lol I swear there was one scene where Wendy’s eyes extended from the bottom of her chin to the tip of her forehead.

    • Exposition can definitely be something that pisses some people off.

      Unfortunately, the series paused mid-arc, and we were left hanging with a bunch of questions that need answering in order for the plot to move forward and the fights and battles to come in.

      Again, as I said in the post, certain people might be bored of this, but for me, learning more about the plot, world and characters is always one of the most exciting bits of storytelling. It makes the eventual fights more compelling and interesting.

      And yes, not enough Erza this episode, but I’m sure we’ll see her next episode, in a big way.

      Again, with the character designs, I personally find it more interesting, since it really DOES match the manga a lot more closely. People who’ve been used to the old series though, I can see how it’d grate a bit XD

      • CaptainPancakes

        Well it’s not like exposition in general “pisses me off” but moreso this episode was rather boring for me. IMO Fairy Tail has built up its world enough so this formula of explaining things and explaining things is getting tiring to me.

        To be fair though I finished Season 1 sooner than you probably did so I didn’t have to wait a year like you so that may have changed my opinion on it a little bit 😛

        • Agreed. I think the fact that you didn’t have that one year break makes quite the difference in experiencing the plot right now.

          For me, I haven’t seen Fairy Tail in a year, so a few episodes of exposition don’t bother me as much, as its very much Fairy Tail getting back into groove for me.

          I can imagine that the rhythm has slowed down a bit if you were watching this as a complete arc. XD

  • C

    On Yukino’s back story and sister Sorano. Don’t we know someone who was looks like her and was captured by Zeref cultists and was a slave in the Tower of Heaven.

    • I’m going to edit this comment, not because you blatantly spoiled anything, but because the Anime might reveal or hint at this later. I’m sure when this does get touched on, it’ll be a pretty big surprise. XD

      I assume that you’ve read the manga, and if you have, then please keep spoilers out, even little hints can ruin the fun for everyone else.

      I do appreciate your comments though, feel free to discuss other aspects of the episode. =D

  • FlareKnight

    Yeah, nothing like time travel to make things confusing. I agree the ramifications of going back in time to kill Zeref are honestly pretty insane. Affecting the war of the dragons and history in general over the centuries. I can’t exactly support this kind of plan either.

    Of course can see why Yukino would jump at this. Right now she has almost nothing. Thrown out of her guild like trash, a backstory that is a series of tragedies and loss, of course she’ll jump at it. Rationally one would be worried about the implications, but for Yukino she probably feels that things can’t get worse for her in doing this. She might get her family back. Honestly she just seems to need a chance to grow as a person, something that isn’t easy to do in Sabertooth.

    The plan makes sense. Split up their forces and pull off a rescue. Fairy Tail has more than enough talented people to field a strong team for the competition and save Lucy. So might as well make use of that.

    • Its a rather dumb plan, and I think there’s personal stakes involved with both factions. Much like Yukino, I’m sure our Captain of Knights has his own reasons for why he wants to end Zeref, and I’m curious to see what those are.

      That’s a good point on the Yukino thing, right now she really has hit rock bottom. Its unfortunate, because I could totally see Fairy Tail taking her in and giving her a place to be.

      Yeah, I’d say its a well thought out plan for Fairy Tail, as they usually do just rush into conflict when it comes to their own.