While this episode didn’t go exactly according to expectations I thought it really good. For some reason really did get to me emotionally. Maybe all these episodes finally has me invested enough in these characters that seeing them all going through hell at once is having an impact. I kind of figured Banri would up and vanish pretty quickly, but instead it is still being dragged out. But that did allow for some serious drama with Kouko and Linda. Really with Banri’s existence up in the air it almost leaves no time for anyone to hold back. It’s pure chaos right now which isn’t exactly a bad thing.

Really this is the point in the series when everyone should start expressing everything that’s on their minds. This is a pretty serious crisis so it’s perfectly reasonable for everyone to start blowing their stacks. I just thought the characters in this episode were very true to themselves and it was certainly a powerful episode just watching things unfold.


Of course I was a bit surprised that Banri has lasted all this time. I figured that Kouko breaking things off would be the final straw to old Banri taking over completely. Heck in a sense Banri has been seeking his own form of suicide at times in this episode in just waiting to be erased. Really without Kouko as an anchor I’m really not sure how long he’ll be able to hold out. I’m starting to feel that the video that Chinami is putting together will be pretty key to resolving a lot of things. Still feel that Banri will vanish soon and then that video will either help bring him back or help Kouko change her thinking and come to help get him back.

The chat Banri had with Chinami and Nana just shows how deep in a hole Banri is. And how of course how could he not be? It’s like having a terminal illness and not knowing when exactly it will strike, but that it will be soon. The terror of being utterly obliterated. I was a bit surprised by the honesty of Nana. I kind of figured she’d smack Banri around, but seems like even she was taken hard by the situation. It’s hard to play the role she does and then suddenly realize things are so serious that you don’t have a clue what to do. How could anyone give proper advice to Banri in this situation? It’s such a serious mess that the only thing a person can do is be there and listen.


I can certainly understand why Banri is finding it hard to go after Kouko. Of course he loves her and of course he wants to get her back. But at the same time how selfish is he allowed to be? He doesn’t know when he’s going to vanish, just that it will be soon. Can he really try to tie Kouko to him knowing that he’ll be gone and she’ll be left alone? He wants to be by her side, but doesn’t want to hurt her by doing that. It’s a back and forth agony that he can’t find a way out of.

Of course he’s not alone there. I’m not sure exactly what Kouko is thinking, but she’s also struggling and suffering in her own way. I’m sure she was upset to see Banri not confiding everything that was going on to her and seemingly running away. But she might also be trying to protect herself. If Banri is going to disappear either way she might be trying to make it a big storm so it will hurt less when he’s gone. I’d like to get into Kouko’s head and I’m sure we will, I’m just trusting that she’s also really torn up right now.


And of course Linda. Yeah this was definitely the chance for her to really vent all the frustrations and feelings she’s had for years. She’s suffered quite a deal herself with the guilt, regrets, and tragedy. I think you can probably assume she was going to accept the confession now, but maybe it’s just how she viewed it after seeing the consequences of being late. Losing someone can make you rethink how you must have felt at that moment. Either way she was definitely on the fence for a time. In the present had to be all the more frustrating. She can see that Kouko was the one this Banri chose and if she was going to lose then he should at least be fighting to keep her. I don’t think she was in any rational state to consider what Banri is going through and the instability of his situation.

Good luck to Mitsuo who finds himself in the middle of a crazy situation. Putting aside his lack of noticing what Chinami is going through (may figure it out from her video presentation), he’s looking at these people he cares about going through some insane stuff. Plus gets Banri’s entire backstory just thrown at him all at once and really is going to need some time to absorb it. Honestly, good luck to him. He’s really getting an understanding of what Banri has been going through, what Linda has been going through, and who knows where his feelings are going to sit at the end of the day. Just pure insanity.


Honestly this episode was pretty full of emotions and drama. It was like the roller coaster was going through loop after loop and I’m not sure it’s done yet. I really did enjoy it since it was so emotionally driven. I can’t wait for next week since who knows how things are going to unfold from here on out. This episode was just crazy and not sure they can sustain that kind of thing for another full episode.
Score: A

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