Oh I can feel the roller coaster building up once again. Things are moving and I have to say this episode surprised me more than I have been the past few episodes. Maybe it was the lack of Ghost Banri, but this was pretty enjoyable. The revelation of Mitsuo and Linda getting together was pretty surprising. In some ways I can kind of see how it could work though. Did meet up through that weird job they did and both have people they’d like to forget about and going out with someone different could work for them.

The episode as a whole was pretty good. It was nice to gather up a group of characters that wasn’t just the usual group. Chinami and 2D-kun honestly helped to bring a bit of energy back into the series that had been lacking the past little while. A good thing since I’m sure things are going to get pretty hectic going forward. We’ve only got 10 episodes or so left so it’s not like they can afford to slow down or stop slamming us with revelations. Probably only a few huge things they can show off before we start hitting the final arc.


I do wonder how the situation with Mitsuo and Linda will affect things going forward. It’s just a situation that leaves everyone on edge. Wouldn’t surprise me that Linda is trying to forget about Banri and Mitsuo forget about that ‘rejection’ from Chinami. Though on the Mitsuo side I just sigh since if he really wanted to go out with her all he needed to do was keep going after her. Randomly confessing in the middle of a gathering like that would of course backfire on you. Doesn’t mean she wasn’t actually interested. Right now you can see Chinami is unsettled by the new information, Banri is obviously unsettled thanks to his conflicted feelings and Kouko is unsettled mostly because Banri is. Lot of feelings to take into account and I’m not sure how it will all work out at the end of the day.

Was surprised to find out that Chinami’s family moved out. Talk about a tough situation with the family leaving and her having to find her own place to live. That’s a lot to take on no matter who you are. Living alone sounds cool until you actually have to do it. Plenty of uncertainty in that kind of situation and a variety of stresses to deal with. Hopefully finding a place and moving all works out for her. A good thing that Banri and company showed up since she clearly could use the company.


I will say the chat with Chinami and Kouko was probably the highlight of the episode for me. With the series often being told through Banri’s eyes it is nice to have a moment without him. A chance for Kouko and Chinami to chat, bicker, and express their feelings a little. Though a lot of that came from Kouko who had a chance to vent. It’s easy to think simply of her when you see the flash and the silliness. But underneath all of that she is someone who is easily hurt and thrown off. All the more so because she is aware of the conflict that Banri is dealing with. Combine that with her own insecurities and there’s plenty of reasons for Kouko to be stressed.

Not surprising that non-kiss from the previous episode did come into play. Obviously for someone who has spent so much time chasing around Mitsuo this kind of situation is pretty foreign. Not surprised that she’s trying to just dodge the family trip and spend more time here with Banri. It’s a tricky situation trying to develop the relationship without going too far too fast.

At least the whole swimsuit fun was pretty entertaining. In the end random selection is putting Kouko and Chinami in school swimsuits for the trip XD. Those two are pretty fun together with the banter they can have. Kouko won’t go easy on Chinami and Chinami actually breaks out of the pure sweetness when it comes to dealing with Kouko as well. And I’ll give Kouko credit, she does have a flare for the dramatic with her outfits.


In the end a pretty good episode that is building up for something big to happen fairly soon. I can’t predict how things are going to turn out, but it’s bound to be chaotic. Just relationship wise we’ve got Banri, Kouko, Linda, Mitsuo, Chinami all going through a lot and I’m not sure how things will turn out in the end. Banri has to deal with his past and literal ghosts in order to move forward but I’m not sure how exactly everything will work out. Here’s hoping everyone gets through this as well as can be expected. It should be interesting, though I’m sure at times it will be tough to write about.
Score: A-

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