This episode while needed was one hell of a ride. They just went full tilt into this situation and damned all the consequences of doing so. I wasn’t sure where this episode was going to go, but I sure didn’t expect it to get this serious. Not that it wasn’t one heck of a powerful episode, just that I almost had to pause it a few times just to brace for what was coming. This did a good job though of taking on a lot of issues that the series had and pushed the characters farther forward.

You just knew it was going downhill when Kouko showed up early in the episode with Mitsuo, Oka, and Banri. I didn’t think something that crazy was going to happen. It’d been a while since we saw Kouko around Mitsuo so I kind of forgot how unbelievable things could get. Honestly I felt bad for Oka more than anyone. She got run over practically by this situation and things got pretty bad. Can only hope that further down the series things might improve on that front. That was certainly Kouko’s worst moment of the series, getting completely swept up in that negative behavior and ripping into someone that really had no idea what was going on. That really triggered everything that followed. Even Mitsuo couldn’t continue the avoidance action any longer past that point.


What can you say about that cafe scene though? I just knew it was going to be a rough scene and could sympathize for Banri who probably didn’t want to have to sit through what was clearly going to be a devastating situation. And man it was just pure devastation in some ways. This was honestly something that had needed to happen for a long time. Mitsuo needed to be as clear as he could about everything and the same really for Kouko. The situation had continued the way it had for really too long. It’s clear how completely invested Kouko had become. The timeline was really delved into here. Pretty close from a young age, but things started to spiral out of control as Mitsuo become the central feature of Kouko’s life. Her future was completely tied to him and she didn’t consider what he wanted or what other paths might be open to her.

I didn’t expect they were going to tackle this kind of situation early in the series. At the same tiem I’m glad they did. We got a lot more depth from the characters than we might have otherwise. From Mitsuo we did get some good moments. He was as clear as he’s ever been, but at the same time showing that it isn’t just anger when it comes to Kouko. Whatever things have become they were childhood friends. Just that it’s not possible for him to see her in a romantic light. Even if he had gone along with it for a while things probably wouldn’t have ended happily. Not sure I loved just quietly walking away at the end there, but figure that we got as much from Mitsuo as could be expected with how everything had gone with Kouko. What I am curious about is how things will go in the future. Things have certainly blown up quite brilliantly, but there might actually be a way to build on the rubble.


What was interesting was that Mitsuo was pretty clear about his interest in Oka. Not surprising in itself that he would fall for someone with Kouko’s presence temporarily lifted. I just wonder how solid the foundations are there and if he isn’t just falling for someone just to have a relationship after things had been so rough with Kouko for so long. Still Oka is a nice character. Having spent some time together in the same class and not seeing any negative qualities, it makes sense that Mitsuo would be interested. Probably could start off pretty well since Oka is all about beautiful people. Of course they haven’t exactly gotten together yet so I’ll be curious to see how things unfold there.

The rest of the episode was interesting aftermath. Like a switch once Mitsuo started to leave everything just hit her. What I think was a good sign though for Kouko was the fact that she was more focused on what her words might have meant for Banri. Certainly lines like “forget everything” might have had special meaning for Banri, but I don’t even think he thought about it that way until she continued apologizing. As bad as Kouko got at points in that episode it showed she does have plenty of good points as well. Not all or nothing, there’s the good and the bad there.

Another surprising turn of events though with the whole concert and the aftermath. Kouko really hit an unstable point going to that concert and eventually getting taken to Banri’s place. Not much I can say about that….concert? I’m not sure screaming and waving around chainsaws is actually music. Though I suppose it did give Kouko a chance to just completely lose herself. She really might have broken down by the time she got to the stage XD.


Still, everything just gave Kouko a chance to reflect and accept the realities of her new situation. Even Banri got a chance to grow and reflect on his situation. I still like how they are handling the amnesia situation here. Banri really uneasy about his situation and struggling to accept the current him that his family rejects. Understandably they want the Banri they’ve always known while he wants to be the person he is right now. Has to be incredibly uneasy never knowing when or if this other person is going to come back. I’m certainly glad that Kouko for maybe the first time in her life is reaching otu to someone who isn’t Mitsuo. Accepting the Banri that’s here right now and not at all being disappointed. Means a lot for Banri as well. That there is someone that needs the current him. That there is something that would miss him if he vanished.

Though if anything surprised me is that Banri came right out with that confession when he did. Instead of things just hanging in the air forever he came out and expressed how the current him felt. Certainly was a shocker for Kouko. Certainly the first time that someone expressed that sort of feeling towards her. The previous atmosphere she gave off and always hanging around Mitsuo left her without people to approach her. Naturally Mitsuo wouldn’t have said anything like that to her either. Not sure how things will unfold from here, but at least there isn’t anything hidden between them right now.

So much happened that I had to leave the Linda revelation to the end. Not that it was a surprise since I was pretty confident that she and Banri knew each other. Guess he went home thanks to Kouko’s text and also just the desire to face his old self a little. Instead of just rejecting the old Banri it might be best to face that guy. From the photos I don’t think they were dating, but certainly gives the feel of a childhood friends situation. Maybe a situation where both did like each other though and things might have developed towards dating before…well his accident.


Not sure what to say about the preview…so I’ll just wait for getting shocked next week. Hopefully Kouko doesn’t instantly revert the moment she sees Mitsuo again. That last encounter was pretty devastating so maybe things will finally have some room to improve just in terms of friendship.
Score: A

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