Well I’ll say this had a pretty solid first episode. The episode itself didn’t wow me, but the pieces that are there should be good enough to build a nice series on. The animation had a few hiccups though Silver Link should be able to do a solid job in that respect. They made the best parts of Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya for example look good so they’ve got the ability. As it stands I am curious to find out more about the past of Kojou and his relationship with the original Fourth Primogenitor. And curiosity is certainly a good enough reason for me to keep watching XD.

As to the episode itself it was pretty solid. They pretty well focused on setting up the setting and getting us into the head of the MC a little. All in all just a guy who went from normal human to one of the most powerful beings in the world only a few months ago. Just trying to fine a way to get by after his life has been turned upside down and he became a vampire of that level. As to how he ended up like this they’ve given enough to make us curious, but not enough to really put the whole picture together. Even he seems to have less information about it then we do as shown by how he goes into that painful state when he tries to remember. It seems like he knew the Fourth Primogenitor who apparently was named Avrora. His connection to her and his past is mostly flashes that don’t make much sense right now. It seems like something horrible happened and he killed her but not before everything was passed onto him. I’ll probably stick around just to find out what is going on.


As to the episode itself it was mostly world building. This man-made island was put together in a sense as a nature preserve or a prison. Somewhere for all these mystical beings to exist where they can be monitored, researched, and simply somewhere they can live without being hunted down. Of course as we heard if they cross the line no one will really complain if they are killed. Kind of showing how there is very clearly a line drawn and how these beings are thought of by the general public. Though you wonder why anyone remotely normal would live in a place like this. Seems semi-risky to me.

Aside from getting the picture as to what kind of world this is we got to meet what appears to be our main female character in Yukina. Naturally in this kind of situation they send a middle school girl to observe this powerful Fourth Primogenitor XD. Though I suppose if she is really that damn good then you just send who you have to send. Not a bad person, though she certainly is an oddball. That kind of stalking was painfully obvious and she did make everything go to hell just because her skirt got flipped up. At the same time once it came down to actually sitting and talking with Kojou she was pretty reasonable. I suppose we’ll figure her out better as the series goes along. Since it seems like she’ll be sticking with Kujou as long as this observation situation lasts.

All I can say is the oddest part of the episode was probably Kojou actually getting aroused from sniffing Yukina’s wallet and having to drink his own blood to calm down…Well I guess such is the life of a vampire. Has to be pretty damn annoying though to have to drink his own blood and even then it’s just taking the edge off the desire to go get some blood and in a hurry.


We’ll see where the series goes, but it looks to be worth giving the 3 episode test. The main character is a decent guy all things considered and continues a decent trend that we’ve seen in this fall season. Not sure if this will be one of the series I will cover this fall season, but at least I wanted to talk about the first episode.
Score: B+

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