So this is how the series decided to go out. While some might not like it I actually appreciate this sort of farewell to Rozen Maiden. They do a good job wrapping many things up for Adult Jun who has been the main character of this season while making clear that the adventure isn’t even close to being over yet. There really were a few ways they could have ended the series. They could have just stretched things out and focused on wrapping up the current state of Jun’s life, they could leave on a cliffhanger, or they could have just hinted heavily at what was to come. This time they decided to go more on the cliffhanger route and make it clear that things are still plenty serious and older Jun isn’t done dealing with the Rozen Maidens quite yet.

However, I have no idea whether we will actually see a second season. That first episode really could have hurt the chances for this series to get attention. Still I think the series ended on a better foot than it started. We have a good idea of where things stand for Jun and how things are actually looking up for him. Though obviously the younger Jun had a tougher go of things with his first steps outside of the school leading to tragedy and the necessity for a major rescue effort to be made.


Since the series really has been about Jun’s journey I have to say it was nice to see how things are slowly coming together for him. This guy started off the series as someone who had no hope and felt his whole world was closed off. Just living day to day resenting the world around him and how his life had turned out. Quietly expressing his malice for those around him instead of trying to interact with them. From that guy he’s turned into someone who is trying to find his place in the world and has a lot of things going on. I’m not surprised that the acting troupe was interested in him staying on to help them fulltime. He’s found a place where his creativity can be accepted and relied upon.

But it’s not only the acting troupe that wants him to help out more. It was nothing but pure bliss to see that stupid manager getting owned by Saito and then by his boss. It’s not a surprise that management was having issues with how poorly this store was being run. That manager spent his time doing nothing but hitting on the female part-timers and slacking off whenever possible. I’m surprised it took this long for someone to pay a visit on that particular branch. Full points though to Saito for taking advantage of the situation to give Jun a hand and put that manager in his place. Jun himself wouldn’t do something like that and so he needed someone like Saito to take action. The meeting later with Jun and that head honcho was a lot of fun to watch. The manager listening in and pretty much hearing how his job was going to be given to Jun at this rate. Goes to show also that Jun had a limited view of the world around him. While dropping out of University isn’t a positive, it was shown that there are many paths for people to take. You can rise up if you have the skills and do a good job. I’m not sure whether Jun is going to stay there long enough to become a new manager, but it does give him an option.

Saito really just continues to provide some great moments and reactions. Even I had to join her laughing at the manager’s attempt to act superior and cool. Who knows maybe that guy is trying to make sure Jun doesn’t can him when he eventually gets his job XD. Also I like how Saito approached Jun’s university situation. Of course not wanting to get in his way, but also having good advice for how he could handle his situation. All Jun really has to do is build himself a place. He managed to do that in his work and the acting group so really it should be possible for someone like him to build himself a place even in that University. Jun has a lot going for him and I’m sure he’ll figure out what he wants to do with his future. The only downside really was that nothing official has happened with Saito, but I suppose there is always possibilities in his future.


I suppose Jun’s sympathy for Kirakishou points out a similarity between them. Both had felt abandoned and that others considered them unnecessary. Kirakishou certainly was a warped being, but could say she was so warped because of what their ‘father’ did. Never given a body of her own yet she had a Rosa Mystica. Though she would have likely only caused harm I have to think she felt some connection to Jun. Maybe she felt they were similar and just didn’t have a good way to express that. The rejection from Jun must have been most painful of all. Of course from what we’ve seen she still needs to be stopped. She won’t stop hurting others or targetting mediums until she is put down for good. Maybe Kirakishou is a pitiful being, but one that has done too much harm already. Hinaichigo’s loss won’t be forgotten by the dolls and if Kirakishou had her way they would all be devored by her.

Switching gears things clearly aren’t looking up for younger Jun. Maybe seeing his older self gave him the push he needed to finally go outside and return to school. If he could go out and get a job, go to university and work in an acting troup then certainly his younger self could do the same. Could also be that Jun could feel the regrets that the Jun who didn’t wind the key had in regards for taking too long to go outside. He missed out on a lot and it hurt him long term. You could feel the difficulty he had once he really got outside. Hard to turn away from the trauma of that school humiliation and hiding in his room for so long. Even with a childhood friend there to support him there is a limit.


What happened to Jun is still a mystery but there is a good chance that Kirakishou is connected in some way. They only have so many threats out there and Suigintou is more focused on recovering Megu than anything else. One downside to ending the series like this is that we won’t get to find out what happened to Jun unless we get another season or people give in and track down the manga wherever it may be.

A pretty crazy way to end things though. I mean actually contacting older Jun through a video call and convincing him to come and help. I’m sure it was quite the moment for everyone to see each other again. Jun himself hasn’t completely let go from what happened and for Souseiseki, Shinku, and Suiseiseki it was quite the reunion. You could see that Jun still had some growth left since he didn’t immediatly have the confidence that he could do much to help. Though there is plenty of hope for him since you could see him ready to stand up and take action at the end. Even though the idea of taking action was doing something crazy like going to another world!

The last episode did have a rushed feel at times since they were setting so many things up at the end. It clashed somewhat with the calm pacing for most of the series, but I really don’t mind it too much. It was a good reminder that Rozen Maiden isn’t done yet.


Final Thoughts:

This series really has been a strange clash of parts. The first episode was so rushed that it was quite the shock when the pacing slammed on the breaks in order to take things slowly for most of the remaining episodes. Although I liked that pacing since we really got to know the older Jun and see him develop slowly but surely. Jun was a character I really liked since he’s pretty relable for some people. There are often regrets that we carry when it comes to the past and it’s easy to get trapped by that. We can see the possibilities we carried close before us and can feel like there aren’t any possibilities left. But what Jun learned is that there are plenty of possibilities if you try to find them. It’s not easy at all, but it is possible to do. Jun grew a ton through the course of the series and I’m quite impressed by where he stood at the end in comparison. The arrival of Shinku and eventually the others changed his life for the better.

While this series really didn’t focus nearly as much on the dolls as other Rozen Maiden series it did give them quite strong characterization. We could understand Shinku’s dilemma and feelings through the slower pacing of the series. Even Kanaria got a chance to impress by acting in a more serious light considering the situation. While she can be a comical cahracter at time she can really come through in a pinch. Was good fun when Jun was joining in on her “perhaps” saying later on XD. I just felt like it was possible to understand where the dolls were coming from. From Kirakishou’s broken sense of abaonment and need to exist to Suigintou’s dilemma in regards to the Alice Game and how she and Shinku were going about it.


This series was more about character development than action, but there was sprinkles of it which I appreciated. The combo of Shinku and Suigintou had a good little clash against Kirakishou who felt nearly invincible until Suiseiseki’s tactic really paid off. The various powers of the dolls were interesting to see in action. The combiantion of the twin dolls was just as impressive as any fight really.

Overall I think the series was really quite solid. The visuals were an upgrade on the past even if they weren’t the most powerful. The artstyle was interesting in that almost painted kind of way. The dolls themselves looked good and I thought the moments when they really showed the size difference between them and the world around them was pretty comical.

I’ll say Rozen Maiden was an enjoyable series and I was glad to see this series return. I’m not sure if we’ll ever see another series, but even if we don’t this series was worth seeing. It sends a good message about how people can get trapped by their own view of the world and yet still have the potential to open up possibilities. There were flashier series, but this was a good example of slow character development and taking time to tell a good story.
Score: A-

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