This was another nice episode to kind of pull back after the intensity of the Sisters Arc. Though to be fair this ties in somewhat with the arc and answering a few questions people might have still had. It’s also a good chance for Mikoto really to relax after one of the most stressful and emotional times in her life. After all that happened she had been really isolated and this ‘study session’ was a good chance to reaffirm the bonds with her friends. Nothing like familiar faces after a stressful situation.

It was nice though to find out how the clones are doing. Kind of startling to find out if things were left alone they’d only have a couple years to live tops. That’s insanely short and had to be upsetting as hell for Mikoto to hear. Though makes sense since they were only supposed to live long enough to get killed by Accelerator. Don’t need a long life to manage that. At least this doctor will be able to give them a better shot though we still don’t know exactly what their life expectancy will be now. Still, anything is better than what they had before and good to know they’ll be spread out outside of Academy City. That place is just too dark and the further away they get from it the better.


Otherwise this was just a cute episode to pull back to Mikoto’s more normal life. Certainly has to have been a while since she could just relax at the dorm and eat a meal there. A good reminder as well for her how Kuroko has been carrying on without her while Mikoto has been doing such crazy things. It’s not something that could be helped, but not something that can leave her smiling either. Just a reminder that everyone was worrying about her all this time even though it was something Mikoto felt she had to do alone.

The little party was a nice scene. It’s kind of a fitting conclusion for Mikoto who can celebrate for a different reason and start moving forward again. Though does show how her sense of normal is a bit different from others with her bringing a ton of expensive meat. That had to be a pretty good hot pot when you think about it. There was nice balance with Uiharu handling vegetables and Kuroko….bringing the turtle. As someone who has a pet turtle that seemed a bit weird. I get that people do eat turtle, but just seemed to be a rather random addition to the meal. Even more so when Kuroko actually tried to have Mikoto drink turtle blood, mixed with apple juice. If people really do this that’s just weird.

While the clones are still around things are starting to drift back to normal for these characters. That sense of normalcy really was lost for a while. Though perhaps all the darkness we ran into is just normal for Academy City. But the little things are back to normal. Kuroko being crazy and getting shocked as a result being one of those things. Has to be a relief for her and Mikoto that things are no longer as strained. While I think Mikoto could do without some of Kuroko’s craziness, it’s still better than what she was dealing with before.


Speaking of crazy though was that brief encounter with ITEM. I suppose it’s not impossible to run into that group, but did lead to a lot of chaos. While I’m sure Mugino would like another crack at Mikoto she’s not crazy enough to pick a fight in public. Besides that was also work and appears to be too professional to just fight on her own time. Though Frenda clearly isn’t the type to take it easy and let things go. That led to one heck of an unusual argument with Kuroko. Both clearly believing in their respective Level 5 though of course Kuroko doesn’t know that Mugino is the Meltdowner. That argument sure got personal in a hurry though XD.

One nice little scene though was the one that expanded on Mikoto’s cookie baking. Clearly Saten isn’t naive enough to not know that Mikoto had a certain person in mind for whom she was making those cookies. While she wasn’t accurate about there being a boyfriend (as of now) her feelings on it were mostly accurate. Gives Saten something to tease Mikoto with for a little while. Still, probably a good idea that Mikoto turned to Saten to borrow a kitchen rather than doing it at the dorm. The rumors that would start up would really expand far beyond her little circle of friends. Also proves that Mikoto while clumsy when embarrassed doesn’t appear to be a bad cook at all. Just needed somewhere private to actually do the baking.

OP [Eternal Reality] by fripSide: (B+)


It’s not “Sister’s Noise”, but it’s not a bad OP overall. I actually like the song overall and the visuals seem to pain a picture of what will happen in the remaining episodes. Seems like there will be a lot of mech based combat which makes some sense since easier to have flashy action and not have these girls killing people with their esper abilities. I like the idea that we’re going to have her friends more involved again since they aren’t bad characters at all. At least doesn’t appear like we’re in for a boring remainder of the series. Overall, it’s a good OP just not as great as the last one.

ED [Links] by Sachika Misawa: (A)


First thought is that the ED is pretty cute. I actually like this one a bit more than the main one we had for the last arc. Brings Mikoto’s friends back into focus and that’s nice. I really do like the song itself, just has a good feeling to it that makes me think I’ll be listening to it each week without fail. Visually I thought the focus on Mikoto and the others in those white dresses was pretty striking. They all really looked quite cute in them. Nothing deep in this ED, just a nice focus on friendship.


I’m not sure where the rest of the series is going to go, but should be nice. The OP probably gives us a good idea of what kind of arc we’ll be handling in the remaining episodes. Likely something that will be more like the first season and tie Mikoto’s friends into the plot as well. Can’t expect anything as absolutely awesome as the Sisters Arc though with the episodes we’ve got left. But should still be plenty enjoyable.
Score: B+

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