Well they did a decent job combining up a battle against the Septentrion of the day and setting the stage for what’s to come. There was a need for the majority of the characters to finally be brought up to speed about what is going to happen. Of course they weren’t given much information about the actual battles, just Yamato’s intentions for after those battles end.

It’s definitely a questionable choice since this is creating a real conflict within the forces trying to survive here. They have to keep moving forward considering that Yamato’s interests and views on what the world should look like are very different from everyone else. I’d have to agree with Hibiki that Yamato’s views are simply too strict. He may be purely the most powerful one there, but it may not work out so well if he really decides to become humanity’s enemy here. The real problem here being is that in order to survive they need as few distractions in the back of their minds as possible.


Just a reminder though of how so much is hidden in shadow here. What will really happen when whatever survivors face Polaris? Will having survive be enough for this being to say “oh sure, whatever you guys want?” I just don’t know. We’re talking about a being that has viewed humanity as unneeded and pushed this terrible disaster upon them. It might actually be easier to push for a new world order rather than trying to restore the original one. And who knows if they might not just have to outright fight this being and hope for the best.

I do wonder though if that Kanno person is actually human. She’s even more detached than Yamato. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if that guy surrounded himself with a bunch of sociopaths. If there’s one person who hasn’t given a damn about the casualties as much as Yamato it’s that woman. Nothing big with her this week, just that her one line about the chaos being interesting, kind of pissed me off.


Of course what could be lost was the battle against the Septentrion this episode. If you go by simple results they got the win fairly easily. A pretty odd tactic to be fair summoning two demons and having one destroy the other along with the Septentrion. Of course a quick look into the mythology behind Shiva and Kama pretty well explained how this tactic was supposed to work. Of course a bit of light-hearted stuff with how Hinako’s dancing brought forward Shiva and Airi…showing some skin, summoned Kama. Well getting tied up and then blown away should teach Kama not to get tempted that easily XD. It was a bit silly and my condolences to Airi for taking up such an odd role in order to get the job done.

Unfortunately the plan didn’t at all care about stopping the falling remains of the Septentrion. Who knows if they could have done anything about something that massive falling, but it’s just an ugly situation. They evacuated only the people they need going forward and left all the civilians to get crushed and die. Weak people aren’t needed in Yamato’s world, so not a big deal to sacrifice people to get the job done. The hits just keep piling up for Airi who keeps seeing everything she has a good memory of being destroyed. Jungo really has to keep himself alive here or that girl might just fall apart entirely. Keeping a strong front can only carry you so far.

I suppose it was nice to see other characters have a chance to step up though. So often it’s just been Hibiki or even Yamato getting the job done. Goes to show there are more ways to take down these enemies than simply relying on the big guns.

This isn't going to end well is it?

This isn’t going to end well is it?

And of course what comes up is the expected discussion about Nitta being a sacrifice. It’s not like it’s such a surprise that they had to end on this cliffhanger. It’s been clear for a few episodes that JPs was looking at their summoners to see who could fulfill necessary roles for their strategies to crush the remaining Septentrions. I don’t know what exactly they are going to have Nitta do that will kill her, but could very well relate to the Spears we saw in the previous episode. I’m surprised Makoto of all people is delivering the tactics to Nitta on this. I don’t know what she’s thinking at this point. That survival for humanity really is best? That she’ll just follow Yamato’s orders to whatever end? I don’t know, but the question now comes down to whether they can save her.

I have no doubt that whatever tactic is used will bring down the next Septentrion. I just know that Yamato really doesn’t give a damn other than that result. Hibiki is going to have to make some kind of decision out there and I just hope they can find a way to save Nitta. There are just enough sacrifices that have been made here. Certainly, losing Nitta would be an effective ploy for the viewers since she’s been here from the start. Unlike Ronaldo and company this would have a much more emotional impact. But at the same time I could do without that kind of impact. I just feel that Hibiki is going to have to do something since I can see Nitta going along with it for the sake of people she cares about getting to survive.


Also, it doesn’t appear like Yamato is in a great condition there. Not surprising that pulling off the insane stuff he does would have an impact on his body. Will have to see how things turn out since he’s definitely setting up a final conflict between himself and Hibiki. If he actually has the nerve to go and sacrifice Nitta as well that could be the final straw. Yamato may have some sort of innate respect for Hibiki’s power, but he does have to be stopped before the end.

That chat with Alcor was interesting. Alcor really does seem to be about choices. He lost interest in Yamato when he closed off possibilities and only could see one kind of future. Hibiki is stressed and strained, but he isn’t making a hardline decision about what they have to do. He’s accepting that Yamato’s views have validity to them, but he’s not willing to just bend and accept what Yamato wants as right. I do wonder if the only hope humanity has though if if Alcor can break free of Polaris? He has helped humanity out, but they may need him to outright defy him in order to win.


Next episode should be intense regardless. I mean this has to be the Septentrion that they expect Nitta to sacrifice herself against. Ideals and feelings are all going to come to a head here as this next battle may have a painful loss. Hibiki has suffered a lot for the deaths that have come, but if Nitta is killed as well that could really just be too much. The same for Daichi who obviously likes Nitta, but hasn’t been able to actually say anything on that front. I’ll just have to hope for the best here.
Score: A-

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