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Opinions (B+):

Contiuing on with this 6 episode review bonanza (of sorts? XD), we dive right into episodes 171 and 172.

Episode 172 pretty much focused on a bit of the reactions and fall out from the previous fights of both Laxus and Wendy, as well as built anticipation for the upcoming clash between Sabertooth and Fairy Tail. With Raven Tail out of the way, everything is pretty much primarily focused on the feud between the two most powerful guilds in Fiore.

fairy-tail-171-01 fairy-tail-171-02 fairy-tail-171-04 fairy-tail-171-03

We had Fairy Tail celebrating another round of victories that night, while members from Sabertooth looked toward the next day. We also had Mermaid Heel’s two girls Kagura and Milliana prepare to exact their revenge on Jellal, while Jellal pondered the whole issue of Zeref and his too close for comfort encounter with Lahar and Dragonbalt. Perhaps most worringly though, we had Yukino join under the army and right into the hands of the good old head of the Guard.

Now… Given that Fairy Tail had been on a bit of a role in the last few episodes, it was time for Sabertooth to re-assert their dominance on Fairy Tail…. And man was the rest of the episode a truly brutal experience.

fairy-tail-171-05 fairy-tail-171-17

It was another uncomfortable bunch of shifts in tone. Firstly, the battle we had was another Swimsuit battle. I kind of wonder if Fairy Tail throwing so much fanservice at the viewer was a last ditch attempt to get the series another renewal? Its hard to say, but given the context of the series ending soon, its hard not to atleast think of it.

fairy-tail-171-07 fairy-tail-171-08

Of course, if you thought this episode was going to be another funny, silly fanservice episode, then damn were you wrong. Although it did start out that way, all with some truly embarrasing declarations of love for Gray from Juvia. I kind of really liked how the whole issue between Gray and Juvia took center stage for a little bit again. It really gave me hope that Fairy Tail might be the shounen series to slowly start dealing with romance elements in its story. Of course, when Sabertooth’s Minnerva booted Juvia out of the arena, things changed… a lot.

With only Lucy and Minerva left, Lucy was totally slaughtered by the extremely powerful Sabertooth mage. Maaan… this one sided battle was extremely hard to watch, with Minerva being set off with Lucy’s refusal to give up. The end result was a rather painful torture session, and one that made me quite uncomfortable. Its not bad per say, just really tough to watch.

fairy-tail-171-12 fairy-tail-171-13 fairy-tail-171-14 fairy-tail-171-15

Episode 172 pretty much ended with Lucy getting the worst thrashing she’s ever gotten, and Minerva becoming the dislikable monster that she is. Its no stretch to think that things could’ve ended for Lucy had the match gone on. Luckily, since she’s a key element in whatever big plan the captain of the gaurd has planned, the match was stopped just in time.

Lucy is rushed to the infirmary after emergency aid from both Cheria and Wendy. This was another moment of great tragedy for Fairy Tail. Lucy definitely took a major beating this time, and everyone came and visited. It was definitely expected of Natsu to be the first to be at her bed side (my Natsu x Lucy shipper will take what he can get at this point XD), but even Laxus came to visit. Again, I have to comment on how much the character has truly come far. Of course, alongside Laxus was the entire Fairy Tail team B as well.

It was definitely interesting to hear, that, in light of Raven Tail being disqualified, Fairy Tail A and B team were to recombine. The end combination that Fairy Tail went with, was pretty darn bad ass:

fairy-tail-172-06 fairy-tail-172-07

Two Dragon Slayers, Two S-Class Mages and Gray (Sorry… XD). Pretty epic team all around I’d say. Beyond that, we headed back into the battles, and this final round of battles seemed to be a bunch of Tag Battles.

I’ll say this about the first battle before the much awaited battle between Fairy Tail and Sabertooth, was exceedingly stupid and downright silly XD

fairy-tail-172-09 fairy-tail-172-08

First lets talk about Ichiya and Nichiya…. Wow. Just… Wow. I have no meare words that can describe the weird sensations of the experience of watching that whole battle. It was weird, it was akward and I won’t discount that it wasn’t funny. The whole Ichiya joke was definitely taken to its logical and illogical extreme. I just know, that this series can never push beyond this point, there’s nothing left. The Ichiya and Nichiya joke will probably haunt my dreams for a few years too. I must say that I was just so… taken a back by what I was shown on the screen that I didn’t even care that Ichiya won the battle.

fairy-tail-172-10 fairy-tail-172-11 fairy-tail-172-13 fairy-tail-172-14

My only complaint about the whole segment, is that it really felt like it was taking up precious time, precious time for a series that’s soon to end and could better spend that time focusing on other things.

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  • Kid Kaos

    i don’t really think Fairy Tail is gonna end for good, after checking the manga, it turned out that the anime is dangerously close to the manga again, so it’s likely that they are only going in a hiatus for a while like it happened a few years ago (specially considering Mashima’s tweet). personally, i’d rather have an hiatus than sitting through another ridiculously long filler like the one we had to stand not long ago. (who knows, we might even get some blood when it comes back. the movie had it so why not?)

    as for the episodes, the swimsuit battle was okay, though i just couldn’t help but flip the table in anger when Juvia got kicked out in such a ridiculous way (she was fighting on her own territory! i just couldn’t buy it),

    I am getting kinda interested in whether Hiro will or not give romance a larger room in the series, the Gruvia and Jerza are nice, but if there’s gonna be something with Natsu in it i’d wish that he made some conflict involving Lucy and Lisanna (otherwise, what would be the point of bringing Lisanna back into the story? we could see that Natsu’s bond with her were as strong as his bond with Lucy now).

    as for the Ichiya and Nichiya thing…
    Oh God Why…. õ_õ

    • setsuken

      I am really not sure about the whole romance thing. I know I’m waiting for SOME shounen series to actually perfectly implement romance and battle stuff together. Given Mashima-sensei’s track record with Groove Adventure Rave, it could be possible.

      And yes… Ichiya and Nichiya, what could have ever gone wrong with THAT pairing? XD

  • FlareKnight

    One thing I haven’t liked as of late is using Lucy as a punching bag. I mean yeah everyone gets hurt in fights, but Lucy more often than not seems to be just purely beaten. Just putting her through hell to make you feel bad and just hate whoever is doing it. Give Lucy a break and also, keep her powers consistent. If her spirits can open their gates and come out on their own…where the heck were they!? I mean come on, anyone else writing this episode would have had Loke pop out and beat the stuffing out of Minerva. It doesn’t matter if her keys get taken if they come out on their own.

    I kind of felt the same about the combined teams. Amazing characters….and Gray. No offense to Gray, but honestly unless he gets close to Ul’s level he’s just not as impressive as the other characters. I would have put Juvia in over him, if not Mirajane. But he’s got this one-sided score to settle with that Memory Make user so…yeah he’s in.

    So yeah….Ichiya and Nichiya. My…god, what was that!? That was…something. I suppose it does show that Ichiya does deserve the respect he has within Blue Pegasus. He is definitely one of their most powerful members. A pretty disturbing tactic he used to win….but he did win….

    • setsuken

      Yeah Lucy’s definitely had it pretty rough throughout this arc. I think half the reason that’s happened though is because in many ways, Lucy is probably a fan favorite, and therefore its easiest to incite emotion by putting a popular character through the wringer. XD

      I totally totally agree with the whole Gray thing. I didn’t want to say much about it, but at the moment Juvia and Mirajane are definitely better candidates. Gray has literally done nothing all too impressive this arc… or for a while really XD

      And yes… Ichiya and Nichiya. I’m sure the anime producers had some serious fun crafting that scene. I’m sure they just laughed their asses off after it went off and scarred millions of fans… Heh.