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  • The battle between Kagura and Yukino begins
  • Yukino is also a Celestial mage, and uses not only two of the 12 Zodiac Keys but also a 13th Key
  • Still, Kagura is able to defeat Yukino without even unsheathing her sword.
  • Later that day, at night time Erza runs into her old friend Millinana
  • Milliana turns out to have joined mermaid heel, and reveals that the sword that Kagura carries is meant to kill none other than Jellal
  • Milliana also reveals her intense hate for Jellal to Erza
  • Elsewhere, Yukino is made to “abandon everything” by the Sabertooth guild master
  • This in turn, has Yukino strip naked infront of everyone, and remove her guild mark herself
  • She later goes to visit Lucy and tries to give her the two remaining Zodiac Keys, but Lucy refuses
  • Natsu goes after Yukino to apologize for suspecting her earlier and hears of her mistreatment by her guild master
  • Enraged, Natsu storms the Sabertooth inn, and calls for the Guild Master
  • Natsu challenges him to a battle, saying that if he defeats him, then the Guild Master will leave just as Yukino was made to


Opinions (B):

Fairy Tail continues to go into new and rather uncomfortably dark territory with this arc. While the whole issue of an episode laden with fanservice that clearly pandered to the audience and fetishised its characters was upsetting and uncomfortable to watch, with episode 165, Fairy Tail has gone to a different, and slightly darker place. Its easy to forget that we’re watching a shounen series here, because some of the stuff that has happened in this show clearly belongs in a senin kind of show.

I am of course, referring to the rather disgusting treatment of Yukino by her guild master after she lost her match to Kagura. The match with Kagura was actually pretty good, though I feel I would’ve cared more about it had I known about Kagura’s backstory before hand.

fairy-tail-164-03 fairy-tail-164-04 fairy-tail-164-06 fairy-tail-164-05

In any case, it turns out that Yukino is another Celestial mage. Not only that, however, it seems she has the final two Zodiac keys, as well as a hidden thirteenth key that no one knew about. The battle between her and Kagura seemed rather one sided at first. I was actually fairly sure that Sabertooth would have another overly dominated win. Yet, much to I think everyone’s surprise, Kagura, the strongest of Mermaid Heel, was able to defeat the thirteenth spirit without even unsheathing her sword.

And while I expected Sabertooth to be unhappy with her defeat, what happened to Yukino was beyond disgusting. So… The Guild Master for Sabertooth did what I think no living person should do, let alone a leader. He had Yukino strip naked in front of everyone, and then remove her Guild mark herself. Calling it public humiliation would be horribly horribly understating things, as it was more akin to rape, and not something I really wanted to see in a show like Fairy Tail.

fairy-tail-165-01 fairy-tail-165-02 fairy-tail-165-03 fairy-tail-165-04

This kind of tactic, the kind where someone is made to look evil by doing despicable acts like this, is used by writers a lot in literature and entertainment. To truly make viewers hate someone, I get that some truly despicable acts need to be done by the villains, but this was a bit too far, especially for a shounen series. Yes, I guess this move did make me hate Sabertooth’s master quite a bit, but I also lost a bit of respect for Mashima-sensei as well. I love his work and I love Fairy Tail, which is why its exceedingly disappointing when this sort of stuff happens.

I do have to admit, I was extremely happy to see Natsu rush in and attack the entirety of Sabertooth. It was surprising, and damn ballsy, but its also why I love Natsu. He doesn’t care for the concequences, after hearing of what happened to Yukino, he goes to her guild and challenges her guild master, even though he barely knows her. That, is definitely the quality that I love about the character, and one that really made my distaste for this episode fade, if only a little bit.

fairy-tail-165-09 fairy-tail-165-10 fairy-tail-165-12 fairy-tail-165-13

I think its a nice wake up call for the rest of Sabertooth, who clearly are just as at fault as their guild master, as they stood idly by and let him do as he pleased. I am seriously rooting for Natsu to beat the crap out of him, and I’m really eager to see how Natsu’s little outburst and attack will go.

fairy-tail-165-07 fairy-tail-165-08

And while Yukino’s issue took center stage in these two episodes, we did also get some advancement on the whole eclipse plan. Seems like 12 Zodiac keys can, together, open “a gate that will change the world”. Seems the Eclipse plan is based on this old legend that Yukino tells Lucy when she goes to see her. And again, I was glad to see Lucy not accepting the two keys, as it was undoubtedly, the right thing to do.

On the Erza side of things, we got an interesting little development that I’m truly not sure what to make of yet. Erza runs into her old friend Milliana. Milliana was another one of the people that was used by Jellal waaay back in the Tower of Heaven arc. Unlike Erza or even Simon, however, what was interesting was that Milliana not only hasn’t forgiven Jellal, but she hates him. The hate goes as far as being her purpose for living it seems, as she even joined Kagura’s guild, Mermaid heel because of her hate.

fairy-tail-165-06 fairy-tail-165-05

It was unexpected to say the least, to learn that Kagura’s sword is actually meant to kill Jellal, which puts Erza in a rather sad position. She’s caught in the middle of a blood feud between two of her friends, one of which she’s in love with. I’m not sure how this is going to turn out, but I think its double lucky that Jellal didn’t blow his cover as Mystogan in the tournament. The entirity of Mermaid heel would be at his throat, not to mention the mental pain he’d feel after running into Milliana.

fairy-tail-165-15 fairy-tail-165-14

Finally, I’ll close up by talking about Erza’s little conversation with Gray. Maaan… Did Erza really hit the nail on the head with Gray. “Why don’t you give her a clear-cut answer?”. YES! YES! YES! Thank GOD! While I’m beyond a bit sad that she didn’t pursue it, at least it was given attention to. Maybe that’s about all the romantic development we’ll get in a shounen series, but I honestly wouldn’t mind it if even Gray at least, stopped beating around the bush and honestly answered Juvia.

Overall, I think these were a strong couple of episodes, as the story got interesting for sure, but at the same time, the fact that Fairy Tail is starting to go into new and dark places kind of scares me.


fairy-tail-165-p1 fairy-tail-165-p2

Next week, we get the conclusion to Natsu’s rampage against Sabertooth! I can’t wait! See you all next weeek!

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  • Justin Miller

    I wasent sure what to expect with Yukino’s fight against Kagura i was surprised when Yukino dident stand a chance against her. whats more interesting is that The last 2..or 3 keys have showed up

    It seems that sabertooth has a Victory at all costs Mindset as poor Yukino find out

    I wonder what Jellal could of done to get on Kaguras bad side..i mean for milliana it was Enslavemen and killing Simon..i guess we will find out soon.

    Erza did nail Grey with a question i thought i would never hear..why dont you just answer her Grey?

    i agree with Lucy not taking the keys it was the right thing to do
    It seems Arcaedos is a Zeref worshippeer..thats scary

    Going on a rampage against sabertooth is so Natsu and so awesome cant wait to see what goes down

    p.s you wrote sabertooth as Raven Tail a lot

    • setsuken

      Thanks for the info on the Sabertooth/Raven Tail stuff, that has since been fixed.

      And yes, I’m quite interested to see what Kagura’s relation is with Jellal.

      AND yes yes yes! I wish Gray would answer Juvia, but this is shounen at the end of it all. =/

  • FlareKnight

    I think it’s understandable that you mixed up Sabertooth and Raven Tail a lot. The series is going back and forth on which I currently hate more. It’s like a series of trying to one-up each other. I don’t know which I hate more at this point. First hearing that the Sabertooth dragon slayers killed their parents annoyed me. What Flare did to Lucy really got me annoyed and then this from Sabertooth’s guild master put them near the top again.

    I can understand not liking where things went here. Of course things have gotten dark at points. What Gajeel did to Shadow Gear wasn’t pretty at all. It was just done offscreen so the impact wasn’t as extreme. Think Fairy Tail has tapped into these sorts of things at times.

    Either way I was all behind Natsu when he charged in there to fight Sabertooth head on. I think anyone in Fairy Tail might have reacted the same upon hearing that story. For them a guild is a family. For Natsu Sabertooth really isn’t a guild. A group that has a master that would do that and members that would not take action don’t deserve to be called a guild. I have no idea how his desperate attack will turn out, but hope he really cuts loose.

    I was surprised by the Milliana stuff. I’d almost forgotten that Jellal was such a bad guy when being brainwashed by Ultear. Sadly not everyone got the memo about what happened. I’m not surprised that girl held onto that grudge, though sad to see how much it has consumed her. I do wonder what kind of connection Kagura has to Jellal though. It seems inevitable that Erza will have to face this person since Jellal would probably let anyone who has a grudge against him kill him.

    Things are building up pretty well. All this talk about the Celestial Spirits, worlds gate, and Zeref.

    • setsuken

      Agreed as far as Milliana goes. I think its easy to forget Jellal’s past crimes, because he is a really likable character now. I think its interesting that Mashima-sensei chooses to throw in Milliana to remind us of Jellal’s past actions and remind us of the fact that he isn’t exactly about to escape his past actions.

      • FlareKnight

        It really is easy to forget about things like that. A lot of the villains in this series got redeemed in some manner. Gajeel, Jellal, Ultear, etc. But just because they have changed, doesn’t mean perceptions of them have and the effects of their actions aren’t just undone.

        It was interesting to pick Milliana of all people to show this though. Pick someone that upbeat to show how anger and a desire for revenge can affect a person. I think it just proves how correct Ultear, Jellal and Meldy were to make this guild. You can’t undo your past, but you can still do something.

        Unfortunately explaining things is tough. Anything Erza said would just sound hollow like she was getting manipulated by Jellal.

  • Kid Kaos

    I’m Liking to see how the relationships are advancing here. since i’ve been watching more Seinen than Shonen lately i really didn’t get offended by the Yukino stuff (but it did pissed me off a lot). i can only guess how Natsu’s raid will turn out, i hardly doubt he’s gonna beat Sabertooth’s master though (it’s feels too early for that). as for the rest of Saber, while I’m getting the impression that Sting it’s also a bastard, i kinda noticed how Rouge seems to realize what’s wrong there (he seems to have deeper connection with his cat, cheering him up while Sting and Lector just walk off as if they don’t even care).

    as for Gray, FINALLY! it’s nice too see that they his whole deal with Juvia is actually stepping out of the “Comic Relief Zone”. i am rather curious about his answer, since FT seems to be taking Romance to a higher zone than most Shonen. (even now i remeber almost flipping the table when Erza and Jellal DIDN’T kiss)

    I can’t blame Milliana for hating Jellal, but it’s kinda sad to see the impact that had in her personality, i mean, even when she thought Erza betrayed her friends (back when she still believed in Jellal) she was still all happy and Cheerful. now she’s there giving evil grins

    • setsuken

      I watch a decent amount of Senin as well, but I dunno, it just seems out of place and weird in Fairy Tail. Even more so, just the act of public humiliation like that sickens me. Its even worse in the manga from what I’ve seen since… and well, I can’t say I’m a fan of what went on.

      Yeah I definitely liked how Rouge seems to have somewhat of a conscience, although Sting is still pretty messed up.

      Yeah I do agree with the Gray thing, but I think that while its being given a bit more authority, I don’t see the progress happening any time soon. I doubt we’ll see much more development than that for now. Maybe as the manga’s story closes up, whenever it does, we might.

      • esprit-follet

        Anime and rape culture. That’s all that needs to be said, really. No one should be complacent with watching any of it, really.

      • Kaitou Kid

        I think you are overreacting a bit. It’s not like he hit her. He just threw just juice on her and had her strip. It only becomes extremely offensive if three conditions are met

        1. He only does this to women, but as far we know he’s never said that. And even called Sting out on his crap. The only reason Sting wasn’t next to her is because he didn’t lose a battle just a competition.

        2.He does something more dramatic, I mean the public humiliation is terrible but there was practically no violence involved. I’m sure in Yami/Dark Guilds if you lose to much or do something wrong they probably hurt you AND toss you out. It’s likely something that happens in the FT world just has never been expanded on.

        3. And third, She got her ass whooped. She didn’t even remotely put up a fight, despite coming in the match arrogant as hell(I mean she fooled both you and me to thinking she had a fighting chance) and she was outclassed from the jump. If she had even damaged the Sword girl the punishment might have just been similar to what Sting received. If he were to literally kcik everyone out of the guild for every failure he’d have no members. There has to be some hierarchy or method to his madness. Perhaps losing in front of like 100,000 is what sets him off?