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  • The battle between Mirajane and Jenny ends up being a Bikini Showdown
  • All the other female participants decide they want to get in on it, and every girl is in their bikini by the end of it, much to the joy of the audience
  • As the Bikini Battle concludes with baba-sama showing off her own swimsuit, Mirajane uses her most powerful Satan Soul to beat down Jenny
  • The next battle begins, between Kagura (Mermaid Heel) and Yukina (Sabertooth) begins.
  • Meanwhile, the Captain of the King’s gaurd reveals that the Eclipse Project is almost done and that all he needs is a celestial mage.
  • Yukina suggests they bet their lives on this battle.
  • The episode ends as the battle is about to begin.


Opinions (B-):

What did I just see here? For a moment, I really did question if this was the same shounen series I had come to love and enjoy week for week for week, for the last 163+ weeks.

Depending on who you ask, this episode would get an A+ or a D, but my opinions are that it kind of sits in the middle for me. This, IMO, wasn’t the best episode of Fairy Tail I’ve ever seen. In terms of Fairy Tail quality, its kind of in the low end for me, especially given that I respect Fairy Tail for its characters, action and battles and story, more so than for its fanservice.

fairy-tail-163-06 fairy-tail-163-05 fairy-tail-163-07f fairy-tail-163-08f

Yet… we got a good half chunk of this latest episode dedicated to all the female characters in sensual poses, in as little clothing as possible. Add to that, in a very tongue and cheek kind of way, Fairy Tail covered all the bases this time, tackling a variety of fetishes:

fairy-tail-163-10 fairy-tail-163-11 fairy-tail-163-12 fairy-tail-163-13 fairy-tail-163-14 fairy-tail-163-15 fairy-tail-163-16 fairy-tail-163-17  fairy-tail-163-18 fairy-tail-163-19

No one is safe! Not even Baba-sama nor Asuna-chan. EVEN little Asuna-chan? Is that even legal? O_o

And while I appreciate a bit of fanservice as much as the next person, I have to wonder if this is really the kind of show Fairy Tail should be. The answer, will vary from person to person, but I think what’s important to recognize is that, at least in Japan, this is what sells. This kind of stuff is what boosts popularity and blu-ray sales. And honestly, I’ve seen series as good as Fairy Tail stop midway through their adaptions, fall flat and stop.

Its easy to hate on Fairy Tail, when its currently airing and its easy to take for granted how luck it is for fans to be able to see that kind of thing. While I’m not a huge fan of this kind of blatant pandering to the perverts in the audience, I’ve come to accept this as kind of necessary. A necessary evil, and one that perhaps myself and a lot of the female fans of Fairy Tail would be uncomfortable with.

That said though, I did appreciate the careful poking and proding for the all the various potential couplings in Fairy Tail:

fairy-tail-163-c1  fairy-tail-163-01

Ho! Ho! Elfman and Evergreen get teased!

fairy-tail-163-c3 fairy-tail-163-c4

Gray and Lyon fight over Juvia. This is a love triangle I can get behind!

fairy-tail-163-c5 fairy-tail-163-c6

Ah yes, the classic Lucy x Natsu, with the unrequited love of Lisanna. There’s a bit of Locki there too! XD

While I was kind of let down by how Mirajane’s battle was a “swimsuit battle”, I will say this though, it was quite nice and somewhat redeeming for Mirajane to ultimately win the battle with her strength, not her looks. Fairy Tail has some of the strongest mages and some of the most interesting characters as a series, and a good chunk of them are definitely female.

fairy-tail-163-20 fairy-tail-163-21

That said, while the first half of the episode was squarely focused on Mirajane and most of the female cast of the series in their swimsuits, the second half got back to getting things going.


First of note, was obviously that Carla picked up on the fact that it seemed waaay to strange for Raven Tail to use a bunch of bandits to try and kidnap Lucy. Indeed, even if she was spurred by her own vision of the future, Carla is definitely on the right track her. The fact that she continues to ignore and run away from her visions though, is probably going to come back to haunt her. Given that its been revealed that nothing anyone does can truly change the future, the only one who’s probably going to be tortured by this whole thing is Carla herself.

We also slowly began to learn a bit more about the Eclipse Project. Seems like Lucy is in a bit more danger than originally thought. Her life is stake, and unfortunately I’m curious to see where this all goes. I’m going to stay that Lucy has plot armor, but its in intense moments like this that shounen manga can truly shock and surprise.

fairy-tail-163-24 fairy-tail-163-23

Especially since our good old captain of the guard seems to be ready to become “Kami/God” for his king and country. How that twisted logic works? I’m totally unsure of.

With all that said and done, we move onto the next big battle, between Kagura Mikazuchi and Yukino Agria. I think for most of the audience, who are seeing these characters for the first time, there really wasn’t much investment in their little battle. It was interesting and a nice change of pace, to really see Yukino suggest they bet their lives in this battle. I’m pretty sure that is actually not going to happen, but it is a nice way to raise the stakes a little bit.

fairy-tail-163-26 fairy-tail-163-22

All in all, I’ll restate my opinions by saying that this wasn’t Fairy Tail in its finest hour, but this sort of thing that we saw in this episode seems to be a dominant part of Japanese culture these days. While I can say that I’ve been okay with it up till this point, I did think that Fairy Tail went a little bit too far. When I watch Fairy Tail, I watch it for the awesome character moments, the epic battles and the cool plot twists. I do not watch it primiarly for the fanservice. There are shows like Ikkitousen and To Love Ru out there if that’s your thing.

Hopefully we’ll see what the audience and Mystogan are anxious about next week, why nothing has happened so far with regards to the Eclipse Project yet. XD


fairy-tail-163-p1 fairy-tail-163-p2

Next week, we go for the Kagura vs Yukina Battle. See you all next week!

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  • Justin Miller

    the fanservice bit for me wasent that great..i found it hard to watch..horay for Obaba ruining the moment lol
    Yukino and Kagura hmm i wonder what kind of magic they use.. Kagura looks like she is a swordswoman.. and yukino..summons stuff? from the episode preview thats what im getting but im also worried..i wonder what happens to those in sabertooth who do lose dosent sound good
    the only thing that got my attention was the mage who said Good luck Kagura!
    …she cant be who i think she she? they look so similar

    • setsuken

      Agreed on the fanservice. Hopefully this kind of trend doesn’t continue… Shounen just doesn’t need to sell on this kind of stuff.

      That said, I haven’t the faintest idea which angel you’re referring to here XD.

      I doubt its her, but I don’t doubt that Yukino has some form of a relation to her.

      • MCAL

        There may be one more big piece of fanservice comming up perhaps in the next episode which is pretty tasteless (It’s supossed to be tasteless, but that doesn’t make it right). A-1 may cut it out though.

  • FlareKnight

    Yeah, certainly this wasn’t the show’s shining moment. Fairy Tail is usually good at sprinkling its fanservice into episodes without being a blatant fanservice episode. Certainly not something I’m too shocked at after recalling Lucy and Cana soaking in an herbal recovery spring…

    I just treat it as something that isn’t terrible to have on a rare occasion.

    As to the plot itself, things are building up. I wish Charle would pick one way or the other. Believe in your vision and tell people or just completely brush it off. If she thinks there is something suspicious then bring it up. Maybe they can’t change everything, but they could be more on guard against the right threat.

    Oddly enough I got a kind of Meldy vibe from that Yukino girl. Just a feeling from her personality though. Clearly Sabertooth has high expectations both from the crowd and within. This should be a wild matchup.

    Oh also wanted to say….”now you show up Loke?” Where was this popping up at your own convenience when Lucy was actually in trouble?

    • setsuken

      I think the delicate balance of fanservice, action and character moments was kind of killed today. I definitely was shocked, because while random “bath” or onsen episodes are fairly common in all forms of anime, this episode had an entire fetish bonanza going. It was just… a bit too much.

      Carla ‘s in a tough spot I think. I do agree that she needs to do something about it rather than just run away from it, but that would be the sensible thing to do wouldn’t it XD

      Ah yes, I can see where you’re coming from with the Meldy comparison. I think Yukino’s a lot less robotic than Meldy was though.

      I gotta agree on the Loke bit as well, though it hardly crossed my mind. I was kind of excited by all the couple teasing that was going on XD

  • Kid Kaos

    This episode was kinda of a let down, i like Fanservice but come on! at least have it while moving the plot forward!

    I did feel bad for Lisanna there. I’ve always been more NaLi than NaLu. and the fact that this was at least a (wasted) chance to develop their relationship at least a little (or forshadow some confilct between her and Lucy) annoys me even more.

    and is it just me or the Cat girl in Mermaid heel team looks like Milliana? (Erza’s friend)

    • setsuken

      I agree. I like fanservice in spades, I’m a guy and all, but damn… This was just a bit too disgusting, with all the fetishing and nearly every character going on a parade of fanservice…

      I dunno, Lisanna and Natsu just doesn’t click for me as much. It seems more like Lisanna was more enamoured with Natsu than the other way around. Added to that, I think the companionship that Natsu and Lucy share just works more for me. I think neither Lucy nor Natsu really realize how well they MIGHT go together.

      I think Lucy does every now and then, although its ussually just filler moments where we do get that stuff. In the end, given that this is Shounen and given that we rarely see too much romantic development in shounen series, I doubt we’ll get a proper conclusion to this whole thing. Groove Adventure Rave does give me hope though! XD

  • Ana

    Hope you had fun my pals, I didn’t even bother to watch that episode. You males always get the fun, not fair. I’m starting to get terribly disgusted of Fairy Tail.

    • setsuken

      I think any reasonable human being would’ve been a bit put off by what went down in this episode. I think its sad because, at least in my mind, Fairy Tail is kind of above this kind of stuff.

      I mean, I know we got fanservice every now and then, sometimes it probably offends the female demographic, but its still kept in some degree of moderation.

      What I saw in this episode was blatant fetishization and a mockery of the entire female cast of character in Fairy Tail.

      I’m assuming this whole scene wasn’t present in the manga, was it?

      • Ana

        Not probably, my friend, it indeed greatly offend us. This was supposed to be a clean shounen.When is not fanservice, is glorified armor plot bullshit to Natsu.

        You know what? I’m sorry but I’m done. Completely done. I don’t even care anymore. I don’t know anymore. What’s the point for me following a series which story never improves? What’s the point to see a series that only gives a damn to characters which I hate? Fairy Tail is nothing but fanservice and shipping fuss.

        It’s not the exciting and adventurous Fairy Tail I know and love anymore.

        I still love Jellal but I feel terribly sorry for him. He ended up in the wrong series. I bet he’s gonna die. Just like his ancestor from Raven Master. Cuz all the coolest characters always drop dead, I’m used to that.

        Game over.

        Sorry Setsuken, this was the only series which I know from your articles and in this time I have no time or interest to pick others animes or mangas to watch, that’s not a hobby for me anymore.

        I really enjoyed these almost 3 years here, your reviews are very entertaining to read. You were always very patient to my underrated tastes. I liked that, it’s rare to find such a mature mind in whatever fandom. Most of people stuck in their OTPs or whatever and find anything else offensive what’s not inside their little worlds. I got so fed up of that…

        Guess this is goodbye. I may visit this site in a time or another though I don’t really expect to get the time to follow new series, I’m very busy myself. If you find any series which have cool characters, hot males (not kids please) and less stupid brainless mains, feel free in telling me!

        See you someday!


        • setsuken

          Sad to see you go, but to each his own. Good luck for the future and in whatever you end up doing!

          It was a blast having you follow both Fairy Tail and AE’s blogs for it.

      • Justin Miller

        in the Manga only Mirajane vs Jenny fan serice was there and the whole cast jumping in wasent did happen in the special pool issue though..but that was actually pretty good we will probably see it soon

  • Jeremy Roan

    i will now be skipping this episode when i get to it thanks for the warning! Ana it’s japan they do that stuff because they like it. really its one bad episode chill out a little, if i quit watching a show every time i saw a bad episode i would have never finished a single series of any anime i have watched. if you want fan service i’m sure there is something out their for women peace!

  • Shfhs Vomvolakis

    If you want to see a good anime that is not sexist avoid the famous anime. watch anime like Death Note, Elfen lied, Hellsing, hell girl.

  • Yu Ra Young Kim