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  • The next battle starts off with Ren of Blue Pegasus vs Mermaid Heel’s Ariana Webb
  • It is revealed that Ren and Sherry are engaged
  • Ren defeats Arianna
  • The next battle is between Orga Nanagear from Sabertooth and War Cry
  • Using his Lightning Magic, Orga quickly dispatches Wary Cry and wins
  • Jura and Jellal go next
  • Jellal and Jura seem to be mostly even, with Jellal starting off with copy Mystogan’s magic
  • As Jellal gets serious, he starts using his own Light Magic
  • Unable to defeat Jura with his first attack, Jellal prepares to unleash a new attack, one that will probably expose his identity
  • Ultear, through Meldy’s chain link, puts a stop to Jellal’s attack, and he falls unconcious, losing the battle.
  • The episode ends with Carla getting a future prophecy vision, in the form of Levy writing some kind of message to Lucy Heartfillia.
  • The message is about something really bad happening after the Grand Magic games.


Opinions (B+):

It seems like Fairy Tail is doomed to perform poorly in these Grand Magic Games. I must admit, I’m a fan of protagonists losing and being in tight spots, but the way Fairy Tail seems to keep losing, is starting to wear thin on my patience. I think the most frustrating part of these battles is that Fairy Tail hasn’t REALLY been outclassed as much as they’ve just had stupid stuff happen to them.

Last week, we had the annoying Raven Tail cheat and drain Lucy’s magic and have her lose. Again, not because Lucy was outclassed as a Mage, but because villains can cheat and get away with it. I expressed my disappointment, and I was kind of surprised to see that I was kind of the only one who was rubbed the wrong way by the scene, judging by last week’s comments XD. I apologize for not being able to reply to them. I’m in the middle of finals week, of my second last semester, so things are a bit hectic. I am reading those comments for sure, and will try to mention them in my reviews themselves if I can’t reply to them individually!

Jura vs Jellal

Magic Saints Collide!

This week though, we had Jellal as Mystogan’s big fight, and it followed much of the same pattern that Lucy’s battle did. Jellal started off as a complete badass, and man was it cool to see him in action. The more I see Jellal in the role of Mystogan, the more I want him to take on the role permanently and become a member of Fairy Tail. The love and passion that Jellal has for Fairy Tail is awe inspiring, and it was really really nice to see that on display in this episode.

First, Jellal started off by imitating Mystogan completely. It was pretty sweet to see how naturally and completely Jellal could adopt the powers of his Edolas counterpart. At the same time, I’d say the Jellal of Eathland is pretty darn strong in his own right. Given that Jellal was facing off against Jura, it was no surprise that he had to pull out all the stops and use his real magic.

And man, was it great to see Jellal in an actual position of power. Since Jellal’s defeat in the Tower of Heaven arc, we haven’t seen the guy in a state that didn’t scream “weak, depressed or confused”.  Seeing Jellal’s light magic again was a real treat, as was seeing some new tricks. The connecting dots/star constellation magic that he cast was impressive to say the least.

Of course, Jellal’s opponent was Jura, who totally kept up with Jellal, blocking and parrying his every move. I’ve got to say, Jura’s also kept his rank as a Magic Saint going these past 7 years and it really shows. At this point I was sure that the battle would end in a tie. For Jellal, in fact, things were looking seriously bad, as Jura had begun to figure out who “Mystogan” was.

I’m curious about what Jura’s end goal is with regards to Jellal and his guild. Are the 10 Magic Saints against the idea? Is Jellal still being hunted? If someone like Jura is on his tail, then Jellal really can’t afford to expose himself.

Despite that, however, we had Jellal pretty much decide to screw himself and use a new, never before seen Magic spell. I haven’t the faintest idea what that spell was, but it seemed like something completely new and different. I’m sure Jellal has an entirely new brand of magic since he formed his new guild.

Whatever it was, it seemed to catch Jura completely off guard. I’m not sure if Jellal would’ve won if he had used his new magic, but unfortunately we’ll never know. Ultear and Meldy pretty much forced Jellal to stop via Magic link.

And man… was that quite the torture session. Added to that, Jellal went from being a cool badass, to completely making a fool of himself…

Poor guy, he really did want to give something back to Fairy Tail, but ended up not being able to do much of anything. Again, this whole trend of “Fairy Tail could have won, but… [INSERT STUPID REASON]” didn’t really sit well with me. Honestly, the only one who was even remotely catching onto Jellal’s identity was Jura. At the same time, this reason for Jellal losing does make a bit more sense than Lucy’s. Then again, its even more frustrating because Jellal’s re-emergence as an actual hero has been a long time coming. Its sad that this is how his first attempt at being a part of Fairy Tail ended.

Beyond that, we had two other battles. The results weren’t surprising. Ren from Blue pegasus won his match. The interesting thing regarding Ren was the fact that he’s engaged to Sherry. Wow… subtle way to thrown in a big development wasn’t it? So apparently the two are in different guilds but are engaged and together? Pretty darn awesome. I guess Lyon should be getting a bit more hopeful then aye? Dunno if there are any Juvia x Lyon fans out there XD

The other battle, was between Sabertooth’s Orga Nangear and Quantro Cerberus’s War Cry. The match went pretty much as expected, with Orga ending it pretty darn quickly, as seems to be the trend with anything that Sabertooth is involved in. The interesting thing to note though, was that Orga’s magic was based off Lightning, much like good old Laxus. A potential battle later down the line?

Beyond the battles, we had some good old “foreboding” plot elements introduced. First, there was the whole thing with the captain of the guard, who as we learned in the last episode, seems to be working under Zeref. What surprised me is how he mentioned that “She was rippenning”. I’m not sure if this was related to Lucy or not, but all things seem to point to it.

Even Carla had another one of her future prophecies, and it was slightly different this time. Instead of seeing a flash or vision, Carla actually heard Levy’s voice or words. Seems like something really bad is going to happen right after these Magic games. Now… given that the Carla’s visions have not been changed so far in the series, I guess this is nothing more than a tease of what’s to come in the future.

All in all, this was a good episode. Fairy Tail is definitely going strong these days, and while I am personally sad at Jellal losing his battle, I can’t say I didn’t enjoy this episode a lot. Here’s to see what happens next!



Next week, the Grand Magic Games continue. Seems like Natsu, Gajeel and Sting will be going head to head in a “Chariot” event. See ya all next week!

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  • FlareKnight

    I think Jellal did alright trying to copy Mystogan, but I assume he’s just not as good at it. Makes sense since everyone has their own strengths and to fight this Jellal had to use his own magic. Think the old Mystogan could have put up a good fight, but oh well.

    Sucks for Jellal that things worked out like that. Unfortunately going up against one of the strongest in this tournament he couldn’t hold anything back. But he had to since exposing himself here would put himself and Fairy Tail into a bad situation. Though I think Ultear could have made it a bit more subtle.

    Certainly some foreboding elements this time around. I’d hope that for once Charle’s visions actually help avoid a problem rather than just freak her out for little reason. Seems like the series has only begun picking on Lucy. Let’s hope these games don’t get any worse for the guild that has really been suffering here.

  • Clinton

    Jura is said to be as strong as Gildartz. Honestly while Jellal could win in an extended fight it could go ether way and would take a while. Even if Jellal had been able to use his spell (Apparently it’s one that only he knows how to use which is why it would have given him away.) I doubt he would have been able to finish Jura off with it. A true fight between them would last longer then 10 minutes which is the magic games time limit.

    Added on Jellal was being rather stupid there if he had given himself away not only would he be on the run again he would have gotten Fairy Tail disqualified for not being a member or worse due to being a know fugitive.

    Also on Orga it should be pointed out that he used Black Lightning were have we seen someone use a Black version of an element. Just to inform you this is not a spoiler as nothing as been revealed about Orga’s powers yet.

  • Kid Kaos

    Daamn…. Ultear ended that fight in a damn Dick Move

  • Ana

    So as you see Fairy Tail is not getting a pretty beginning. Call me insensitive if you want but that sounds me pretty realistic. Excuse me but I rather this than they winning like mary sues in the first day. The world is full of cheaters, you guys expected what? No matter how dirty is that, it can happen to anyone. Think of this as character development. Naturally the author did this to implant hate from the watchers to the villains so nobody would care how cheaply would Fairy Tail would kick their asses later. You know how shounen works.
    Of course I would like to see Fairy Tail getting a fair lose, but do what? People are willing to not play clean so that shows how wide the world can be.
    Now regarding the Jura VS Jellal’s fight.

    Well at first was nice to see Jellal being able to imitate Mystogan not just by looks :P That made me wonder how the REAL Mystogan would react if he ever learns someone is cosplaying as him XD

    Yes the fandom pretty bitched around for Jellal losing in that way. Is that sinful I found that closure extremely amusing? I mean, uau! We managed to see Jellal losing his cool! He is like the last character to ever manage to put himself in a silly situation! I never expected to laugh in his cost! I may have underrated tastes, I don’t care, but for me, silly scenes for the most serious characters are the funniest.

    Natsu you are fired, Jellal proved to be a better monkey butt joke than you XD

    Yeah while most episodes are fancied by the fandom for armor plot glory for mains I loved the second half. Sue me :P

  • Justin Miller

    I dont have mutch to say about Ren and Orgas individual fights..i do hope Laxus get to fight orga though.
    I definatly like how Jellal Copied Mystogans spells but he eventually realised he couldent beat Jura without his real magic and it was awesome to see Meteor and Seven Star Sword again even if Grand chariot is cast differently since we last saw it at the tower of heaven

    His cover blowing spell was Called Se-Ma or Star Destruction.. and im not sure Jura would of been able to stop it but i do think it was for the best Ul and Meldy stopped him after all if he did blow his cover then FT would of been disqualified for having a fugative participate in place of a guild member and Jellal possibly captured by the authoraties.

    Also about Meldy stopping him it was Hilarious even if it did completely Humiliate him I have never seen Fairy tail sound as shocked as they did right then especially erzas 0.0 voice and Juras Huuuuuuuhhhhh!?!?!? 0.o
    Jellal: I dont even have any words to respond with…* poor Jellal lol